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Janessa After Dark: Photo Set By Roen Photography, Summer 2017

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Janessa After Dark: Photo Set By Roen Photography, Summer 2017

Hey friends!  When we relaunched the World of Champagne, we had to rebuild a lot of our content, including photo galleries.  As I was going through and looking at what had been reposted, I realized that I forgot one of the galleries – and on top of that, it’s one of my favorites!  This gallery includes images from a photo shoot I did with Miranda Roen of Roen Photography in the summer of 2017, and these images were part of a series that I took to promote the launch of the first series of my podcast, Janessa After Dark!  I’ve slowed down production on the podcast recently (though we’re still going!) and have turned my attention more toward video content, but I still love these images and how excited they made me to embark on a new creative journey!  A lot of these may look familiar to you, as I love to use these for promos across my different projects, or maybe these will be brand new.  Either way, please enjoy!

I’m already working on scheduling my next shoot with Miranda and I have some fun looks planned…including my first shot at a series I’ve been planning in my head for a long time!  Can’t wait for you to see them!

If you’d like to listen to any of my podcast episodes, you can find them HERE!

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