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JANESSA AFTER DARK Is Finally Back In Business With A New Episode Featuring The OG Judith Myers!

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JANESSA AFTER DARK Is Finally Back In Business With A New Episode Featuring The OG Judith Myers!


This year has been putting us all through it, and it definitely has been putting me through it!  I’ve been slacking on the podcast for a while; in January or early February, I sat down for an interview with the amazing Sandy Johnson, Judith Myers from the original 1978 Halloween by John Carpenter!  We did the interview…and then life happened.  Things have been crazy at work, Mean Miss Rona set up shop.  It’s been a trash fire.

All of that is just excuses, right?  But I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have some good new: that “lost” interview with the amazing Sandy Johnson is finally available for you to hear in my latest episode of Janessa After Dark!

Here’s the pro photo from when I met Sandy at Days of the Dead in Atlanta, 2019.  Left to right, Nancy Loomis (Annie), Sandy’s friend who attended the con with her (and I wasn’t able to get her name before this post went live!), big ol’ me, PJ Soles (Lynda), and Sandy Johnson (Judith).

I start off the episode with a light life update and some housekeeping note (a more detailed life update is coming soon, in the next episode of Miss Jaye: The Renovation!), and then I spend some time thinking about the idea of the “first girl” – not the “final girl” who gets to survive and defeat the killer (even if temporarily) but the first person who has a major death on screen at the beginning of the first film in a franchise.  I think that if you examine the “first girl” scenes from the big three slasher franchises – Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street – I think that first death not only introduces you to the killer, but also tells you a lot about what this film, and indeed the franchise that grows out of the film, is going to be about!

Once I’m done getting geeky with it, I dive into my interview with Halloween “first girl,” Sandy Johnson!  She talks about the role and how she got it, her other film work, her experience in Playboy, her newfound love of conventions, and more!

Sandy is an absolute delight and I’m sure you’re going to love my time talking with her.  And you’ll get a couple of other tidbits soon when I release the next “Sloppy Seconds” episode featuring outtakes from my conversations with Sandy, burlesque performer Katie Kadaver, and horror author Crystal Connor!

You can find the episode on SoundCloud HERE!

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