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JANESSA AFTER DARK Is Back With The Biggest, Boldest Episode Yet!

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JANESSA AFTER DARK Is Back With The Biggest, Boldest Episode Yet!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!  We’re pretty proud of the work Miss Jaye has put in to the Janessa After Dark podcast, but believe us when we see: Season 2 Episode 3 is the best yet!

Miss Jaye starts off by talking a little bit about the grand re-launch of the World of Champagne (that’s this site right here!) and some of the trials and tribulations – and unexpected joys! – that lead to our complete overhaul after six successful years!  Then she gets into a discussion about transphobia in films like Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and Sleepaway Camp, and offers some alternative interpretations of the films that will hopefully open up a larger dialogue about what these films are really saying with their gender and sexuality politics.

After the commentary, Miss Jaye sits down with iconic scream queen and horror genre darling Felissa Rose!  Rose’s first role ever was as Angela Baker in the controversial slasher flick Sleepaway Camp; since then, she’s been featured in a wide range of horror films including two films (Family Possessions and the upcoming A Nun’s Curse) by Miss Jaye’s last guest, Tommy Faircloth!  The two break down her cult classic first role, talking about gender and sexuality and the role of bullying in the film’s narrative, they talk about some of her current and upcoming projects (including Death House, releasing this December, which features some of the biggest names in horror!), discuss Rose’s love of conventions and fan events, and more!  And after the interview, Miss Jaye shares the story of how the two met at Days of the Dead Indianapolis in 2016!

This is our biggest and boldest episode yet, and we’re thrilled to have you join us!

You can search for Janessa After Dark on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Stitcher!

Or, for your convenience…

You can find Season 2 Episode 3 feat. Felissa Rose on SoundCloud HERE!

You can find Season 2 Episode 2 feat. Tommy Faircloth on SoundCloud HERE!

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