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JANESSA AFTER DARK Is Back For Season Two!

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JANESSA AFTER DARK Is Back For Season Two!

Miss Jaye is back in her home studio, and she’s bringing you season two of her podcast, Janessa After Dark!  And while always entertaining, this season promises to be a special treat for horror fans!

Episode one kicks off the season as Miss Jaye spends a little time defining the three pillars of her “brand” – Glam, Geek, and Gore!  And this season is going to be especially focused on gore as our very own scream queen has lined up some amazing guests.  The first is none other than indie filmmaker Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions!  The director of Dolly Deadly and the forthcoming Kill Dolly Kill: Dolly Deadly 2 (produced in association with cult studio Troma!) talks about her life, her inspiration, and all of the crazy mixed up stuff that goes into making surreal and frighteningly good horror flicks!

Another indie director finds himself in the spotlight for episode two!  After spending some time talking about the crazy, mixed up gender that is central to so many horror classics, both canon and campy, Miss Jaye introduces Tommy Faircloth from Horse Creek Productions!  The two talk drag queens, making great horror on a budget, and his upcoming film, A Nun’s Curse, featuring legendary horror icon Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp infamy!  There are also some great tidbits for aspiring filmmakers and creatives to help them realize their creative visions!

You can find Janessa After Dark on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher, and we’ll include helpful links below to get you started.

Season Two, Episode One feat. Heidi Moore

Season Two, Episode Two feat. Tommy Faircloth

And stay tuned – new episodes will be coming soon with other great horror luminaries!

And check out Miss Jaye’s SoundCloud profile HERE to catch up on all 10 Season One episodes!

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