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Indie Brand Leaves Me Dazzled & Completely At The Mercy Of The Queen Of Stone!

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Indie Brand Leaves Me Dazzled & Completely At The Mercy Of The Queen Of Stone!

So, I love the color green, I love the Medusa myths, and I love makeup.  Who knew that a casual scroll through Instagram would connect me to a brand that would give me all three: Dazzle Me Dead Cosmetics.

I’m sometimes a little wary of the random brands that show up in my IG feed.  You never know which ones are legit brands with good products that the algorithm is correctly placing in your path, and which ones are scammy bootleggers with ground up chalk trying to get their hands on your hard-earned coins.  But when I happened across the Medusa palette from Dazzle Me Dead Cosmetics, I was in love!  It combined so many things that I love in one convenient place.

I decided to place the order because they offered Paypal, and I knew that my purchase would be protected if I didn’t get the product.  I know that it’s an extra expense for small businesses to have to pay the fees to use Paypal, but to me it’s definitely worth it.  I’m so much more likely to shop from a small indie brand I’ve never heard of if I know that I’ll get the Paypal protection.  In fact, I decided to order a couple of other things as well: Zombae lashes and an Alien lipgloss!

This palette is one of a series of three (currently) palettes in the Morgue series.  They are described as “mini” palettes, but these give you a ton of product!  They are the same size as one of the Juvia’s Place 9-pan palettes like the Warrior or the Zulu, or the Alien Cosmetics Summer on Earth palette.  And unlike the Summer on Earth palette, there are no pressed glitters in this one – thank you, JAY-sus!

Swatches are done over the Ardell In Her Prime eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Serpent Queen, Scales, Vile

Serpent Queen is a true green matte, nice color and good opacity.  These are a drier matte formula, not silky to the touch but not gritty either.  They blend well with other shades.  Scales is a deep forest green metallic with nice shine.  Vile is a pretty solid matte black.  It’s not the blackest black out there, but it’s definitely not a deep gray.  This blends nicely, and will work to deepen other colors.

L to R: Stoned, Hermes, Beheaded

Stoned is a nice brushed nickel metallic shimmer.  It’s not super reflective but it has a nice subtle satin shine.  Hermes is the weakest shade in the palette.  It’s not bad, but like a lot of neon/bright shades, it’s very shear and you really need to work with it.  I would suggest a white or similarly colored base to get the most color.  It blends fairly well and it’s a nice bright chartreuse, so I think it’s worth the effort, or you could just use it to blend out the edges of one of the deeper greens to give it a swampier look.  Beheaded is a gorgeous glittery blue shimmer that almost seems to have a greenish teal undertone, especially around the edges.  The photo captures a bit of the metallic shine, though it’s much prettier in person!  There is also some silver microglitter in the shade that the camera doesn’t really capture.  This is a gorgeous shadow!

L to R: Perseus, Gorgon, Versace

Perseus is a light pistachio green matte, very lovely and pigmented and blends out beautifully.  It’s not the most opaque right away, but the pigment is there if you just work with it a little.  Gorgon is a bright kelly green matte.  Versace is a orange-leaning golden shimmer, very metallic and glittery.

Serpent Queen and Gorgon look almost identical in the pan, so I wanted to swatch them next to each other so you could see the difference.  Serpent Queen, on the left, is much deeper and doesn’t have the same brightness as Gorgon.  Also, I did this quickly and didn’t lay down any primer, and you can see that it has a more sheer application without a primer to grab onto.  That’s something to keep in mind when purchasing, depending on your preferred application method.  Personally, I would have preferred one of these shades to be a green shimmer so that there would be a green shimmer option lighter than Scales, but these two are different enough that it isn’t exactly wasted space.

I picked up some lashes from the site as well: ZomBae.  These are ridiculous in all the best ways!  They are super long, very drag-friendly, but they have that uneven spiked look that I like.  They are thick enough to make a statement, but also thin enough that they don’t cover up your entire look.  I’m planning to do a green Face Friday in March with this palette, and I will absolutely try out these lashes as well to see how they perform.

And even though I knew that this gloss, To Serve Man, wasn’t going to be the lime green deliciousness that it looks in the tube, I still had to have it!  It was only 5 dollars, and it’s one of those glosses that have a sheer hint of color and some glitter sparkle.  My only complaint is that I would have liked more glitter, but it’s a nice smooth formula and it has a pleasant scent that I like.

They also threw in a bunch of fun stickers and promo cards.  I love to see little extra goodies like this, especially stickers!

I was pretty impressed with this palette as well as the lashes and gloss.  The Morgue series has two other palettes, Mothman and Kumiho, and though Mothman isn’t really a color story that appeals to me, the peachy goodness of Kumiho is very tempting, especially now that I know the quality of these palettes.

After receiving this palette and playing with it, I am definitely dazzled by this brand!  I love the fun, monstrous themes, and I’m excited to see what else they come up with.  It was also a great reminder that sometimes jumping in and trying something new is absolutely worth it!

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