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I’m Shining Bright Like A Diamond, Thanks To Lemonhead LA

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I’m Shining Bright Like A Diamond, Thanks To Lemonhead LA

Y’all, Lemonhead LA was already one of my favorite places to get glitter – in my mind, no one will ever beat Lit Cosmetics for loose glitters, but the Space Paste and Space Jam glitter gels from Lemonhead have totally changed my glitter game.

Well, recently I was looking at their site, and I don’t know if this is a new service they offer or if I just had never noticed it, but you can have them create your very own custom glitter blend.  What?!  How fantastic is that!  I’ve always wanted to have my name on a makeup product, and even if it was just for me, this was my chance!

Once upon a time, I used to have a loose glitter from the brand Tony & Tina (which as far as I can tell is long gone, sad face) that was stunning.  It was called Higher Love, and it was this really pretty combo of baby pink and minty, seafoam green.  I’ve always loved that color combo: it reminds me of the 1950s, and I always swore that if I every had my own makeup line I would have a glitter that combined pink and green like that, adding in some opalescent shimmer.  I think I might still have a little bit of that T&T glitter hanging out in a drawer somewhere – as old as it is (easily 12-15 years!) there is no way I would have decluttered that shade!  I couldn’t find any really good pictures of the shade – it photographs pretty much just pink, but in person it is such a great combo shade.

When I saw that I could make my custom glitter dreams come true, I decided to go for it and create my Higher Love-inspired fantasy shade!

The first step is to email the Lemonhead team and tell them your vision – and more than just tell, they wanted you to show them!  They ask you to send a mood board of what you’re hoping to get.  So, inspired by my love of pink and green and also thinking back to when I launched the World of Champagne in 2012 and my first photo shoot with the amazing Miranda Roen, I sent them this:

I included one of my shots from the photo shoot, pictures of pink and green glitter as well as one of Lemonhead’s own Space Jam’s in Seapunk.  I also included a couple of random things with the sort of tones of pink and green I wanted, and some pictures of the sort of opalescent glitter I wanted.  I also wanted stars in the mix, so I included a picture of a glitter mix with stars. Kind of a random assortment, but this picture just makes me happy!

They emailed me back and were excited to get started.  At that point, they gave me a code to enter into the website to generate a page to purchase my glitters.  I had two options: one jar for $50 or 3 for $100.  It seems a little pricey, but it is a custom blend.  I opted for the 3 for $100 option, meaning that each jar came out to $33, only $5 more than any of their other Space Jams (if you haven’t shopped with them before, Space Paste are glitter gels with smaller, more uniform particles and usually retail for $22 while Space Jams are the larger, chunkier particles and might have shapes like hearts or stars, and usually retail for $28).  I even asked if they could put Miss Jaye on the label and they obliged!

Here’s some swatches of the final concoction:

Isn’t she lovely?!

Obviously, $100 worth of glitter isn’t going to become a weekly shopping experience (gawd, wouldn’t I love to have the sort of life where it was?!) but I’m glad that I ordered this little custom creation.  I have the one that I’ve already started playing with and one tucked away as a backup for when this one runs out.  As for the third one…maybe a giveaway?  Maybe something for a fund-raiser?  I’m still percolating, but I like the idea of having a product that is unique that I could find some way to get into the hands of a World of Champagne supporter!

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this whole custom glitter thing.  Would you ever order your own custom shade?  If you did, what would your mood board look like?  What’s your favorite way to wear glitter?  Sound off below, fam!

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