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Illumi-Not-Me: Am I The Only One Not Completely In Love With The Conspiracy Palette?!

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Illumi-Not-Me: Am I The Only One Not Completely In Love With The Conspiracy Palette?!

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

Alright, so I know this is the stalest tea in the world, but I finally got my hands on the Conspiracy palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson, and even though this palette is like 9 months old, if I pay over $50 for a palette you know I’m going to get some content out of it!  So, if you’re still thinking about whether or not you should pick up the Conspiracy palette, or if you just want to know my thoughts, here is my super late to the party review!

So…let me just incite the stan rage right away and say that I’m just not super into this palette.

I like the idea of the packaging, but there is something in the actual execution that just looks sort of…cheap?  The metal SD logo on the cover looks nice, but it seems out of place with the rest of the cover that just feels sort of cheap.  I’m generally a fan of Jeffree Star’s over the top packaging, but this one just doesn’t have the same quality feel of the two previous “trunk” palettes (Blood Sugar and Blue Blood).  And while there are some interesting shades in here (swatches below), I feel like each row sort of feels like it’s own mini palette and they don’t really seem to go together all that well.  In terms of the color story, this is where I think you see more of Shane: say what you will about Jeffree Star, he knows how to curate a fierce and coherent color story!

Let’s take a look at the swatches and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.  The swatches are done over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Ranch, My Pills, Tanacon, Diet Root Beer, Just A Theory, Spiraling

Ranch is a pretty basic pearly white shimmer.  It’s fine, but it’s not as good as Cullinan from the Blue Blood palette.  My Pills is a beige matte, very pale and great for a transition shade for pasty bitches like myself.  Tanacon is a light tan matte.  Diet Root Beer is a more medium warm-toned brown matte; it reminds me of the root beer flavor of those soda pop cap candies – anyone else remember those?  Just a Theory is a lovely beige brown shimmer, probably my favorite from this row.  Spiraling is a deeper brown shimmer, fairly deep, and neutral in tone.

This feels like it would have been a perfect neutrals mini palette.  For those who like warm to neutral nude shades, it’s got a nice range from light to dark, and has a couple of really nice shimmers.

L to R: Conspiracy, Pig-Ment, Food Videos, Trisha, Cheese Dust, Flaming Hot

Conspiracy is a pale olive gold shimmer.  It doesn’t look as greenish in tone when it’s just next to the pink, but in the palette it goes seem to lean a little bit green and would pair well with green shades like Illuminatea.  Pig-Ment is a bright pink matte, and it’s a little patchy and hard to work with.  I’m not sure why – good quality pinks are a dime a dozen, and Jeffree has done quite a few gorgeous pinks in his other palettes.  Food Videos is a bright neon yellow; this is the shade I heard people complain about most in reviews, and it would definitely do better with a white base underneath it, but I don’t think it performs that differently than most neon/bright shades of this kind of color.  It’s a little tricky, but that’s the nature of that kind of color, nothing to do with this palette.  Trisha is a hot Barbie pink shimmer, and I love it.  It definitely was better with a brush, but I think you could use a setting spray and get a really lovely foiled application.  Cheese Dust is a deep orange shade, and it’s a pretty good bright matte.  I think it would also be brightened up with a white base, but as you can see you can get a pretty good color payoff even without it.  GFlaming Hot is a neon popsicle red matte, and it’s my favorite from this row.  It’s a little bit drier and more powdery than some of the other mattes in the palette, but I loved the color payoff.

This row feels like a bright, summery sort of color story.  If Conspiracy was more of a true golden yellow, this would be the perfect beachy summer mini palette.

L to R: What’s The Tea?, Diet Cola, Not A Fact, Sleep Paralysis, Illuminatea, My Ride’s Here

What’s The Tea? is a matte pale cool-toned green shade, like scrubs or the Statue of Liberty.  It’s pretty, but very chalky and needs a lot of work to build up.  Diet Cola is a pretty solid silver metallic.  A lot of silvers will tend to darken and get very gunmetal when applied, and this keeps a lot of its brightness.  Not a Fact is a matte wine burgundy shade, and it’s lovely but very dry and very patchy.  I really had to work these swatches to get this kind of coverage.  Sleep Paralysis is a lilac-infused taupe with golden shimmer.  This is a really unique shade, and I’m not sure I quite got the description right, but it’s lovely!  This was a bit of a surprise, and it’s one of the standout shades in the whole palette.  Illuminatea is a forest green shimmer, nice depth and a good metallic sheen but nothing spectacular.  My Ride’s Here is a matte black, and while it’s got a good deal of pigment it’s a lot softer and more powdery than the other mattes in the palette.  The finger swatch was a nightmare, but as long as you stick to brush application you should be able to wrangle it.

This mini palette would be like an answer to the Venus Immortalis from Lime Crime – cool toned, gothic, sort of cool neutral with pops of greens.  I love this color story on its own, but I have a hard time figuring out what to do with it next to the middle row.  I think even just putting that top row of neutrals in the middle might have helped this palette feel less chaotic.

Overall thoughts?  I mean, I love the Jeffree Star formula so I’m sure I’ll love this one as well.  The color story is chaotic and not terribly cohesive, but it’s also a collab with someone who hasn’t been a part of the beauty community until his recent friendship with Jeffree Star (I’ll let you make your own conclusions about whether or not this would qualify as a “cash grab” – I have no problem with non-beauty insiders collabing on products, and if it was a cash grab it was nothing if not effective!).  At some point I’m going to pick up the mini palette as well, but I want to wait until they’ve added in that gorgeous green shade.

At the end of the day, this just isn’t the palette that is made with me in mind, and that’s ok.  I really do love the Jeffree Star formula and I have no regrets about purchasing it, but it’s definitely not my fave.  It’s probably not even in my top 5 – though it still beats Thirsty, know what I mean?  After Cremated comes out, maybe I’ll do a video a la Paige Koren where I rank all of my Jeffree Star palettes?  I think that could be fun.

And now I’ll just go back to counting the minutes until we finally get a green palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics…

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