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Hear Miss Jaye On Other Fabulous Podcasts!

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Hear Miss Jaye On Other Fabulous Podcasts!

Miss Jaye has been hard at work on new episodes of Janessa After Dark as well as planning and recording a new limited series podcast called Miss Jaye: The Renovation – the first episode of that series is available now on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!  But in between takes, she’s also found a little bit of time to be featured on other people’s podcasts!  We thought we’d share some links for you to discover her fun and fabulous guest appearances!

First up, Miss Jaye was featured on a recent episode of The Upside Down Podcast with Ash and Tori:

Stranger Things Day (listen for her at the very beginning and the very end of the episode!)

This isn’t Miss Jaye’s first time on that show; she did a hilarious “dramatic reading” of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night” for this episode:

Steve Wears His Sunglasses At Night

Miss Jaye also contributed one of her favorite Christmas memories to the Christmas Past podcast, which you can listen to here:

Episode 32: The War on Christmas

Miss Jaye was interviewed by the fun folks over at Podscure, which you can listen to here:

[Editor’s Note: the interview is happening December 23, but since one of the episodes on the list is Christmas-y in nature, we decided to release this early!  As soon as this episode is up and available, we’ll update with the link!  Stay tuned!]

And before the interview, Miss Jaye got some pretty fabulous shout outs in previous episodes, here:

Podscure Episode 028 – The Cult of Podscure (no guests on this “bantersode”)
(sorry we don’t have a time stamp for this one, as Miss Jaye has been running around like crazy.  It’s a long episode, but this is a fun show so feel free to listen – you could even give us the shout out timestamp below if you were so inclined!  Once we have time to listen and find the timestamp, we’ll go ahead and update this post.)

Podscure Episode 024 – A Different Kind of Taco (feat. the creators of The Pop Culture Shitshow)
(the shout outs come at 21:26 and again at 23:06, where they discuss my recent episode featuring Felissa Rose!)

Podscure Episode 023 – Theatre of the Mind Knives (featuring the creators of FriGay the 13th Podcast)
(the shout out comes at about 25:00 and is part of a really great convo about drag queens and pronouns)

And here is one of the first interviews Miss Jaye did, with Alexander Laurin of the Podcaster’s Coach:

The Podcaster’s Coach: Janessa Jaye Champagne & Janessa After Dark

Miss Jaye is still new to the world of podcasting, but she’s having a great time learning more about the medium and having a chance to talk with other podcasters about their shows!  Check her out on these great shows and show them some love – don’t forget to like or leave a review, or share the episodes with your friends!

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