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Having My (Cup)Cake & Eating It Too

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Having My (Cup)Cake & Eating It Too

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had Glamlite on this site, and we’ve missed her!  I have almost all of the food palettes; I never picked up the original Pizza palette and I decluttered a couple of the mini palettes in my 2021 Declutter series on my YouTube channel, but in general I really do love the Glamlite formula.  When I saw the pinky red goodness of the Cupcake palette, I knew I needed to add it to my collection!

I know that some are going to say that this palette is late to the party, and they aren’t entirely wrong: that wave of pinky purple palettes that included the Natasha Denona Love palette was around 2 years ago, and this feels like that vibe – except that I think it does it better than a lot of those palettes ever did!  Not to spoil too much of the review upfront, but this is definitely one of the better palettes int he Glamlite lineup!

As always, the packaging is adorable!  Like the Cake palette, the Cupcake palette comes in an “oven” box and the palette has the same style as the Ice Cream Dreams palette with the 3D sprinkles on the cover.  Inside the palette are twelve shades of pink, red, berry and purple that are really gorgeous and saturated.

The swatches for this were done over the Ulta Matte Eye Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Cream Cheese, Buttery, Dazzling, Confection

Cream Cheese is a pale peachy pink shimmer with some golden notes.  This is really pretty, especially as a highlight shade.  Buttery is a soft pink matte.  This one has perfect coverage and is so easy to blend!  Dazzling is an interesting pink and purple duochrome shimmer with rusty red undertones at the base.  This one can be a little tricky to work with, but it’s not bad and the color is absolutely gorgeous so it is worth putting in the effort.  Confection is a medium orchid matte, pretty good coverage, and as you blend it you see some of the reddish tones at the base a bit better.

L to R: Cake Mix, Cupcake, Red Velvet, Decadent

Cake is a pastel cool pink with strong silvery metallic shine.  This one is a little bit chunky, but it blends out nicely so you’ll barely notice.  Cupcake is a slightly more mauve matte shade than Buttery.  This one definitely has a more bluish base to it.  Red Velvet is a gorgeous electric popsicle red matte shade.  The coverage on this is really beautiful and it’s got a fantastic neon presence!  Decadent is a raspberry base with hot pink and red metallic shimmer and a touch of glittery reflect.  Red Velvet and Decadent are easily my favorite shades in this palette – this would be an amazing two shade combination for a complete look!  use a really rich black liner, spiky lashes, and a glossy red lips?  Sex on a stick!

L to R: Sweet Kravings, Baked Goodies, Kisses, Super Moist

Sweet Kravings (not sure why the Mortal Kombat K for Kravings, but whatev…) is a light dusty pink with a very neutral brownish base.  Baked Goodies is a bright medium pink shimmer with reddish notes at the base and a cool, almost bluish reflect.  This is a fun, dynamic shade.  Kisses is sort of a black cherry shimmer with bright pink metallic reflect in a blackened red base.  Super Moist is a deep orchid purple matte, a little inconsistent with a finger but absolutely gorgeous with a brush.  This one will probably give you some staining, so just be ready.  That can happen with any of these pink and berry shades, but this is the one that gave me the most staining.

I’m in love with this palette!  So many brands have put out this sort of color story – trust me, I bought most of them! – but I’m being serious when I say that for me, as someone who loves saturated, vivid colors, this is the best of the bunch!  I personally thought the shades in the Natasha Denona palette looked washed out and kind of dusty; if you had the same reaction, this palette may be exactly what you need to bring those pink and purple fantasies to the next level!

Fairly recently, I ranked all of my Glamlite foodie palettes in a Makeup Thunderdome.  If I had to put this palette into the ranking, I would easily put this in the top 5!  I think it’s probably in the number 5 spot, though if I play with it much more it might just overtake the Cake palette for the number 3 spot!  I was a little suspect of most of the mini palettes in my review, but this is the best of the minis so far and I am definitely holding onto this one!

If this is what’s on the menu, then I am definitely here for whatever Glamlite is cooking up!

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