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GoFundMe Campaign Giveaway, Supporting Atomic Cotton’s Zack!

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GoFundMe Campaign Giveaway, Supporting Atomic Cotton’s Zack!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!

I’m sure many of you are in the midst of holiday mayhem, eating delicious treats and wrapping presents and trying to hook up with one of Santa’s more well-endowed helpers…oh, just me?  Well anyway, this is a time of year to not only buy fun presents for others (and a few for ourselves…just me again?  I doubt it!), but also reflect on the things and people that we’re thankful for.  Yeah, yeah, I know we just did that last month, but it’s sort of a whole season kind of thing.  And I am very thankful to have friends like Zack and Erica Kauffman from Atomic Cotton.

Zack recently had to spend about a week in the hospital; he has diverticulitis and was treated for two small abscesses in his sigmoid colon (I’m taking that report from his post – I’m too pretty to science, but it sounds bad!), and as an independent business owner he and his wife are always hustling to keep working, keep the lights on, and keep chasing after their dreams.

Zack recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to help out with the bills that could be coming in the mail any day now (Merry fuckin’ Christmas, amiright?!), and it’s doing very well!  This is a wonderful time of the year to do a little charitable giving, and support has been great.  I wanted to do a little something to help nudge people who might be on the fence about contributing and challenge people to get involved in supporting two creative, wonderful people.

So I decided to do a very special giveaway to people who contribute to this campaign from my page.  I’m calling it the “Diva for a Day” giveaway!

I have photoshoots planned with Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions at Days of the Dead in Atlanta January 25-27 and in Indianapolis this coming July 5-7.  I don’t have anything scheduled yet with Miranda Roen in the Grand Forks or Fargo area, but it’s a safe bet that a shoot will be happening with her in the first half of the year.

Every person who contributes at least $25 to the campaign will be entered into a giveaway for a cameo spot in one of these photo shoots!  Here’s what the prize includes:

  • A cameo in one of the photo shoots listed above: DOTD Atlanta, DOTD Indianapolis, or a photo session with Miranda Roen to be scheduled in the first half of 2019.  Presentation is up to you – from jeans and a tee to full on cosplay, we’ll make some gorgeous pictures.  If you want information before the shoot about colors I’m wearing, what sort of props I’ll have available, etc. to try to coordinate, that can be provided.
  • Three fully edited images from your shoot with me; if you would like, one of them can be a solo picture – a great option if you want a new headshot!
  • A random prop from the shoot, chosen by me, to keep as a souvenir!  I won’t know what sort of props I’ll have until I plan each shoot, but I often buy small handbags, jewelry items, toys, or other props for use in the shoots, and one of them will be gifted to the grand prize winner!
  • A one-of-a-kind jewelry piece hand-crafted by yours truly!
  • An exclusive image from one of my shoots that isn’t being released publicly and will only go to those involved in this giveaway!

If you enter and don’t win the big prize, you’ll still get something pretty cool: everyone who donates at least $25 and is eligible for the drawing will receive the exclusive image that isn’t being released publicly.  That’s right, y’all – we’re going to create a special image that will NOT be on this website, it will NOT be in my yearly calendar, and it will NOT be posted on my Instagram!  It will only be given out electronically to those who are a part of this campaign giveaway!

Can’t give $25?  That’s alright, every little bit helps!  If you want to donate even $1, or even if you want to donate more than $25 but you don’t want to be entered into the photoshoot giveaway, you can just include “photo only” in your comment below, and you’ll get the exclusive photo.  I’ll explain how to get yourself entered here in a moment, but first a few “cover-my-ass” caveats:

  • This giveaway only covers the things listed above, and does not include any travel to the locations for the shoots, hair or makeup services, costuming services, or any sort of monetary compensation.
  • If you win and are unable to attend any of the shoots, you are allowed to “gift” your prize to someone else.  The cameo is for one person only; if you do decide to gift it, we can discuss whether you want them to also receive the prop and the jewelry item and come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.  Just know that if I have to ship your prop, it’s going to be a smaller one.  This bitch ain’t postal service rates rich, y’all!
  • The shoots are being scheduled between the photographer and myself; while we will do our best to accommodate preferred times, we will expect you to make yourself available during the time of the shoot.  Don’t worry about missing out on DOTD activities – we can get your part of the shoot done in 15 minutes or less!  If you are from the Grand Forks or Fargo area, there will be much more flexibility in terms of time, but once a schedule is established, we will need you to be on time!  Brooklyn and Miranda work hard for that money, and especially at DOTD there may be multiple shoots booked in a day so punctuality is super important.  This is a Miss Jaye photoshoot, not a Kardashian photoshoot, so we run this show on time y’all!
  • If you have any concerns about this, let’s talk it out.  I’m not a professional-contest-writer type person, and I’m certainly not trying to do something shady.  I’m just trying to help raise money for some people I love, and give back a little thank you to those who get involved.  Donating at least $25 will get you the exclusive photo, and enter you for a chance to win the grand prize.  Donating any amount will get you the exclusive photo.
  • The exclusive photo will be from the shoot in Atlanta, regardless of where the winner chooses to take part in the photo shoot.  It will be delivered electronically to the email of your choice no later than April 30, 2019.  I know, I know; the shoot is happening in January, but we need some time for editing and making it all pretty ‘n stuff, plus time to email it to all of you.  We’ll send it to the email you provide, but we’re not responsible if your spam folder decides to eat drag queens.  We’ll make sure to announce on social media that the photos are going out so you know to look for them
  • I reserve the right to extend this incentive at any time – I may choose to add more winners or add additional goodies, but I won’t take anything out of the giveaway as currently described above.  If something from the prize description listed above isn’t available (though it’s all stuff supplied by me, so I don’t know why it would be) I reserve the right to substitute something comparable in its place.  If something were to happen that would prevent me or Brooklyn from attending the Days of the Dead event that you wanted to do the shoot at, we will work with you to figure out an alternative arrangement or prize.
  • The exclusive image will not be posted publicly by me on my website or social media, but I can’t control what anyone who receives the image does.  I will encourage people not to share it, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get posted somewhere.  Just know that it won’t be posted by me or my team.

So how do you take part in this fantastic opportunity?

First, visit the GoFundMe campaign located HERE.  Donate any amount and you’ll get the exclusive photo; donate $25 or more and you’ll get the exclusive photo AND be entered for a chance to win the photoshoot grand prize listed above.  Donate $100 or more and get the exclusive photo plus three chances to win!

Second, after you make the donation, come on back to this page and leave a comment at the bottom: “Janessa sent me!”  If you want to make a smaller than $25 donation or if you just don’t want to be entered into the drawing for the photoshoot prize, leave the “Janessa sent me!” comment along with “Photo only.”

Finally, please share the campaign on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your Nana’s holiday newsletter, whatever!  Just spread the word.  That’s NOT required, and it won’t get you any additional chances to win the prize, but I would really appreciate it and I know the Kauffmans would too!

The fact that this campaign already had well over 80 contributors by the time I started writing this post is a testament to what kick ass people Erica and Zack are!  If you already donated to them, you aren’t left out – just add your comment below and you’re included!  If you donated less than $25 and want a chance to win the photoshoot package, just go back and donate at least the difference and then comment below (i.e., if your first donation was $15, go back and donate $10 to make $25 or donate $85 to make $100) – simple!

This contest will be open through January 20th!  That ensures that I have time to pick the winner in case it’s someone who is going to be at DOTD Atlanta!  And if photo shoots aren’t your thing, I’m also planning to do a fundraiser with my hand-crafted jewelry in January, so keep an eye on this site and my Facebook for an announcement about that!

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