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Glitch, Please! Is Ofra’s Liquid-To-Baked Eye Palette A Top Performer?

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Glitch, Please! Is Ofra’s Liquid-To-Baked Eye Palette A Top Performer?

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am obsessed with Ofra’s highlighter formula.  Like, obsessed.  When there was a sale over the holidays, I stocked up on no less than 9 shades of the shimmery, gorgeous baked powder formula.  I wish that they had a wider range of colors available, especially when it comes to wilder or more vivid shades, but I generally think they have a solid collection of colors that meet most of my highlighter needs.

I’ve also heard some not so complimentary things about their eyeshadow formula so I steered clear – that is until the Glitch palette which is supposed to have a “liquid-to-baked” formula that is similar to their amazing highlighters.  I was picking up some things from Ulta recently and they had the palette, so I decided to give it a try and see if it was the same performance.  The color selection was bright and I’m never afraid of an all shimmer palette, so I added it to the cart and waited for it to arrive, and hopefully change my life.

My first impression of the palette is that while I love a holographic moment, the inside is…weird.  I can appreciate that it’s magnetic so you can rearrange the shades, but this foam base for the shadows feels cheap and there is way too much empty space.  These could have easily fit into something the size of the ColourPop monochromatic 9-pan palettes, but instead it’s this super bulky thing with a cheap piece of foam in the middle.  I’m going to rearrange the shades and see if a new layout convinces me to keep it, but I may end up popping these into a magnetic palette and throwing this bulky mess away.

For swatches, I did them over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Arcade, Y2K, Dial Up

I’m so predictable: I love Arcade!  It’s a lovely pastel green that is sort of cool-toned but has a springy-ness that I really love.  The shimmer adds an almost silvery tone to it, but it really is lovely.  Y2K is a yellow gold, not super metallic, so for those who don’t love really metallic golds, this is a good option.  Dial Up is a deep navy shimmer with a sort of silvery tone to is.

L to R: Mood Ring, Rhinestones, 4Ever

Mood Ring is a lovely silvery turquoise.  Rhinestones is a pearl white shimmer that is a little bit inconsistent.  I didn’t love the lever of sheerness I was seeing.  4Ever is a deep royal purple.

L to R: Beeper, Easy Bake, Ice Ice Baby

Beeper is a gunmetal silver/gray shimmer.  Easy Bake is a pastel pink that almost tips over into orchid.  Definitely very blue-toned.  Ice Ice Baby is an icy silver.

Overall?  Meh.  They aren’t the worst shimmers out there, but they aren’t really anything special.  There is a fair amount of kick up in the pan and I feel like I had to do a little more finessing with a couple of the swatches than I typically like to do.  They aren’t bad, but there are just so many other great shimmer formulas out there.  I don’t think you’ll be mad if you pick this up, if there is something about this that you just can’t resist.  And based on what I’ve heard and seen of the rest of the eyeshadows from Ofra, this does seem to be an improvement, but would I buy this over a Juvia’s Place palette?  Never.

It’s great to see a brand take the criticism of a product and try to make improvements, but there is still a glitch in the matrix, and it’s going to take more than this somewhat disjointed collection of pastel shimmers to get me back on board.  The powders are nice, but nothing special and the payoff is just good, not great.  Sorry Neo, but you’re not the One.

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