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GlamLite’s Pizza By The Slice Palette Option Is A Grungy Green Dream

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GlamLite’s Pizza By The Slice Palette Option Is A Grungy Green Dream

Recently, I reviewed the GlamLite Cake palette (you can check that review HERE) and because I

A. am obsessed with green makeup, and
B. am a cheap bitch who hates to pay for shipping

I decided that I needed to also add the Pizza: Veggie Lovers palette to my order.  This 10-pan palette is an offshoot from the infamous Pizza Palette that really made the brand go viral when a bunch of YouTubers, including Jeffree Star, all reviewed the brand.  It’s not clear if any or how many of those reviews were paid for (we were still on the edges of the murky times where people were not always disclosing sponsorships), but people generally seemed to like the palette.

That palette was cute, but the color story was a little all over the place and none of the shades really called out to me.  I did pick up their Burger palette, which I liked, so when I saw the grungy green dream of the Veggie Lovers slice palette, I figured that was the best option to get me up to that free shipping mark!

(Editor’s Note: As I’m linking things and getting this ready for publication, I didn’t see anything on their site that stated what the free shipping threshold is, or if they have.  It’s possible I missed it somewhere, or it’s possible that I had a coupon code that gave a discount plus free shipping if you were over a certain amount.  I can’t remember and I deleted all the emails, so I wasn’t able to confirm.  Be sure to read the site carefully if you go shopping!)

Like all of the GlamLite palettes, this packaging is absolutely adorable!  It made it a bitch to photograph for swatching, but that’s a small price to pay.

All of the swatches are done over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Jalapenos, Carmelized Onions, Yellow Peppers, Olives

Jalapenos is a lovely medium green shimmer with a gold reflect/glitter.  Carmelized Onions is a bronze brown shimmer.  Yellow Peppers is a matte mustard Yellow.  Olives is a medium olive green.  The shimmers were all great; the mattes were ok, but Olives was a little bit touchy.  It wasn’t unworkable, but it did take a little finessing to get the swatch.  Yellow Peppers is not as pigmented as might like for such a gorgeous deep mustard, but again it wasn’t anything that would turn me off from the palette.

L to R: Garlic, Green Peppers, Basil

Garlic is a bright, metallic and brassy gold shimmer.  Green Peppers is a lovely forest green shimmer with almost a hint of a golden tone.  Basil is a deeper matte green than Olives, more of an army green.  These all performed really nicely with both the brush and the finger.

L to R: Spinach, Mushrooms, Black Olives

Spinach is another deep green shimmer.  It has a little bit more of a golden shimmer to it, and the green itself is less yellow.  Mushrooms is a reddish brown matte.  This is a nice color, and it is pigmented as all get out, but I’m surprised that they went with such a red undertone to pair with greens.  I need to play with it to see how they all blend together, but since red and green are opposite on the color wheel, there could be some bumps in the road!  Black Olives is a matte black, nice and pigmented.  With a finger, it almost has a satin kind of finish when applied, and looks more deep gray, but the brush swatch was deep and beautiful.

I really do like the GlamLite palettes, and I’m digging on the food theme.  Some people have complained about how many they have done, but we had to look at like 5 years of mermaid and unicorn shit, so I’m not upset about it.  I think this sort of palette is where they really shine: it’s a smaller, more curated style with a nice mix of mattes and shimmers that all work together.  The payoff and blendability are both good, and I like that they do little capsule collections of lip colors and lashes with most of their palettes to give you a fun coordinated set of products that you can use to create a coherent face.

There are two slice palettes – if you have Veggie Lovers, you know you have to have Meat Lovers too!

I didn’t pick it up on this order, but the palette is only $22, and there are often sales or coupons – are you interested in getting meaty with it?  Might be fun to do a review, and maybe do a Face Friday with meat on one eye and veggies on the other?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

During this wild time in our history, I’ve been trying to focus my “discretionary spending” on indie brands like GlamLite.  This is going to be a rough time for a lot of our favorites; heck, it’s going to be a rough time for us too, but I think this is a great time to remember independent businesses when we’re ordering food, makeup, and really anything that can be sourced from an indie owner or creator.  It’s something that we can do that is easy enough for us, and can make a big impact to a business owner.

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and safe!  XOXO – Miss Jaye

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