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Glamlite’s Latest Foodie Is A Nudie Cutie Patootie (I Know, I Hate Me Too!)

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Glamlite’s Latest Foodie Is A Nudie Cutie Patootie (I Know, I Hate Me Too!)

Sorry about that terrible rhyme, but I think I’m on a sugar high: Glamlite’s most recent Foodie Box collection is taking us on a trip into the Chocolate Factory?  Got your golden ticket?

The Foodie Boxes are something that Glamlite does from time to time to introduce or promote one of their collections.  I think they may have had exclusive items in the past (though I’m not totally sure on that), but for the latest release, the Chocolate Factory, all of the products were available at a discount in the box, or also available separately.

The box was a pretty good value at around $50, as it contained a mini palette with 9 shadows and 1 highlighter, 2 lip products, a 3-pan face palette, and 3 pairs of lashes.

Let’s start with the eyeshadow palette: the Chocolate Donut.

This palette has 9 neutral and brown shades with a couple of surprises, as well as a golden highlight shade in the middle.  This is the same basic shape and layout as Glamlite’s original Donut palette as well as the Pie Palette.  I have a review of both of those palettes coming in two weeks, so be on the lookout for that!

For these swatches, I did them over the Ulta brand Matte Eyeshadow Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.  Since this palette is round, I tried to roughly cut the palette in half, so the first set is the 5 shadows in the top half of the palette, and the second set is the bottom 4 plus the highlighter.

L to R: Chocolicious, Chocolate Sprinkles, Sweet Filling, Marble, White Chocolate

This is why I hate reviewing neutral palettes – I’m going to run out of ways to say “brown.”  The first shade, Chocolicious, is a bright warm brown, a little sheer but blendable and buildable.  Chocolate Sprinkles has a similar base color with a little bit of a red tone and a lot of golden glitter shimmer.  Sweet Filling is a medium tan matte.  Marble is a deep brown base with golden glitter.  White Chocolate was the most fun, as it just looks sort of champagne in the pan, but it’s got this gorgeous plum base with a lot of yellow gold shimmer.

L to R: Chocolate Glazed (highlight), Boston Kreme, Eclair, Double Chocolate, Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Glazed, the highlighter, is a lovely golden champagne shimmer, not super blinding but it does have nice payoff and the sparkle is pretty and wet-looking.  Boston Kreme is a medium cool-toned brown base with a golden champagne shimmer.  Eclair was the only shade in the palette that really struggled, and it’s a little patchy.  it’s a light to medium matte brown, warm in tone.  Double Chocolate is a slightly deeper matte brown.  It’s not that different than Eclair, and the performance is way better, so I would have rather seen Eclair be swapped out with another interesting duochrome shimmer like White Chocolate.  Sweet Tooth is a bright brassy gold shimmer, very metallic.

This is a nice mini palette, and it’s cool to see Glamlite, a brand known for their vivid brights and sweet pastels, take a shot at an all neutral palette.  The shades are mostly a hit, with only one being a little bit wonky.  I’m living for their food themes, and I think this is a great addition to their lineup.

The other palette in the collection is the S’mores palette, a 3-pan face collection.

As you might expect, the packaging is made to look like a graham cracker, with the binding of the palette looking like chocolate and marshmallow.  inside the palette are three face products: a matte bronzer/contour and two highlighters.

Since these are face products and not eyeshadows, I did them over a light layer of the Uoma Beauty Say What Soft Matte Foundation in T3C.  There is a finger swatch on the left to show a representation of the color once it’s built up, and a diffused brush swatch on the right.  The lighting is the same as my previous swatches.

L to R: Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham Cracker

Chocolate is a medium to light matte brown, nice pigmentation but can be sheered out for a more subtle application.  Marshmallow has a white base with yellow gold shimmer.  When it’s diffused, a lot of the whiteness is lost (which is usually a good thing, so you don’t get a white ashy cast in photos!) and it’s just the pale gold shimmer left over.  Graham Cracker is a bright metallic golden shimmer.

The two lip products, S’Mores and Hot Chocolate Lips, are both pigmented glosses, though S’mores is more of a glitter gloss and Hot Chocolate Lips is more of a creamy gloss with no sparkle.  These were swatched over bare skin with the same lighting as above; the picture on the left is without a flash and the picture on the right is with the flash.

L to R: S’mores, Hot Chocolate Lips

The S’mores gloss has a nice brown base, though it is a little sheer if applied thinly.  There is bright golden glitter throughout.  The Hot Chocolate Lips is a pale peachy brown cream gloss with no glitter but lots of shine.  it is fairly pigmented, but can also be more sheer if applied lightly.  They both have a pleasant, vaguely chocolate-y scent.

Finally, the collection had 3 pairs of lashes.

As of this writing, I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet (though one or more pairs may have appeared in a Face Friday post before this post goes live – come through, scheduled post realness!) but I have really been loving Glamlite’s lashes!  The Double Cheeseburger Sl-Eye-Der lashes are amazing and I have loved all of the pairs I have tried from them.

The Chocolashes seem the most like what I typically go for, as they are more separated, spiky lashes, though they are a little thinner than I typically use.  I’ll probably try these out with a more graphic eye look so I get the false lash effect without too much volume to hide the eye look.

The Marble Glazed Chocolate Donut Lash is a nice full lash, a dramatic lash without being too drag-y.  I will probably try this as a bottom lash in an upcoming look to see how it performs.

The Chocolate Candy Bar lash is a great spikey lash, but a little thinner than I would normally use for top lashes.  I’m definitely going to give these a try on the bottom to see how they look.  These remind me of a thinner version of the Monroe lashes from Lena Lashes, one of my favorite bottom lash pairs ever, so I think these will be a great option when I want that look with a little less fullness!

I love this collection, and I think they can be a great way to try several types of products from the brand at a discount.  Unlike a mystery box, you get to see everything that’s included before you buy, so you can select the one that you really want or that you think will jive with your makeup style, and if you don’t want the whole collection you can still pick up any of the pieces that you want (for this collection at least – again, I can’t remember if some of the previous Foodie boxes had exclusives or not!).

I’m here for what Glamlite is serving: sweet treats with fun themes, good quality products, and a wide range of categories to keep us interested!  This Golden Ticket was definitely worth it, and I’m sure I’ll be back for more helpings of their confectionery cosmetics in 2021!

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