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Glam Ghouls 2020: Is Peachy Queen’s Halloween Palette A Sweet Dream…Or A Beautiful Nightmare?!

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Glam Ghouls 2020: Is Peachy Queen’s Halloween Palette A Sweet Dream…Or A Beautiful Nightmare?!

Hello again Champagne Dreamers, and welcome to my final Halloween-themed makeup review of 2020!  What a shit year this has been, so it only seems appropriate that the performance of this last palette is…less than ideal.

Don’t get my wrong: I generally like Peachy Queen, and I have quite a few of their palettes (you can check out some of my previous reviews of their products HERE, HERE, and HERE!) but this Sweet Dreams palette was just not the business.  I got a fairly decent look out of it for my last Face Friday post, and as we’ll see the red and green shades are pretty decent, but overall I just don’t feel like this release is up to the same standard as their previous palettes.  It’s pretty clear that Peachy Queen is ordering customized white label palettes from China, but I’m wondering if they are working with a different supplier.  A lot of their newer releases have switched from the larger 36 mm pans to the more standard 26 mm size (they’ve had 26 mm pans before, but most of the palettes, including the semi-viral 90s Baby palette were 36 mm) and this new palette has a very different quality overall.

The swatches I did were over the ABH primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Dream, Sleep, Nightmare, Afraid

Dream is a golden buttercream shimmer.  This is one of the few shimmers in the palette that has any real metallic finish to it.  Most of the shimmers are barely a satin finish.  This has nice shine, but it’s also fairly chunky.  Sleep is a satin shimmer in baby pink, and it’s fairly weak all around.  You can get an ok swatch with a brush, but it takes some building, even to get the level of coverage I have here.  The finger swatch is barely there and super patchy.  Nightmare and Afriad are very similar and it seems like a waste of a shade to have both of them.  Nightmare is a rusty red satin shimmer.  Afraid is a similar satin finish and a slightly deeper, more maroon shade of red.

This whole row is a bust for me.  Nightmare and Afraid are almost indistinguishable from one another, and all but the Dream shade are sort of this wimpy satin finish.  Maybe people want subtler options for their eyes, and I don’t think there isn’t a place for satin finish, but these just don’t have any presence or excitement about them.  It’s like they want to be shimmers, but just can’t get there.

L to R: Scream, Slash, Never Sleep Again, Elm

Scream is a bright red shimmer that is a little more shiny than the other satin shimmers in this palette, and seems to have a little touch of microglitter, but it’s still pretty underwhelming.  Slash is a maroon red matte that still has an almost satin finish.  Are there multiple finishes in this palette?  Can anyone stay awake long enough to find out?!  Never Sleep Again is the first of two pressed glitters and while I’ve made it clear that I’m no fan of pressed glitters, let me be clear: these are atrocious.  If you’re going to use these, make sure you have some sort of glitter glue, a lot of patience, and a pact with the dark lord.  The medium that these are pressed in is stiff and doesn’t move at all.  It tends to chunk up and it will take off shadow beneath it if it’s used over another color.  I really had to fight to get my Face Friday look, and it there was a lot of tinkering and fixing to even get it as good as it was (and I only succeeded because I left most of the eyelid bare.  Elm is a pretty bright matte green, a little patchy with a finger but with a brush blends out well enough.  This one is one of my favorites in the palette, not just because it’s a green but because it was one of the easiest to blend out and work with.

L to R: Killer, Steel Claws, One Two, Red Door

Killer is another satin shimmer that has a little more shine to it (like Scream) and seems to maybe have a touch of microglitter.  It’s nice and even, and the satin shine is nice, but I just wanted more.  Steel Clawns is a shimmery champagne gold that is chunky with a brush.  It’s not the same color as Dream – this shade is lighter and much more yellow in tone – but it’s similar enough that I wish they had included a different shade.  This is called Steel Claws: why not a silvery shimmer?!  It’s just a waste of space, and could have been a great silver moment in this palette.  One, Two is the green pressed glitter and I feel the same way about this one as I did the red.  This set of swatches looks better than the red, but in using them for the Face Friday post I found the performance to be pretty much the same.  This is just the sibling who knows how to calm down for two minutes to take a picture!  Red Door is my other favorite, a bright cherry red matte that is blendable and has great coverage.

This palette does not excite me, it doesn’t make me excited for Halloween, and it definitely doesn’t stand up to the previous quality that I’ve seen from Peachy Queen.  I think you could have easily done this as a mini palette: give us Elm and Killer for the greens, Scream and Red Door for the reds, and then pair it with a really chrome silver shimmer and a rich matte black.  That would have been a simple, easy statement that really calls on those statement colors from Nightmare on Elm Street.  It’s also a little Christmas-y, but that’s the risk you run when you pair green and red together!  In fact, I’d skip this one and pick up the Give Me Glow Merry Christmas palette if you want a fun, functional green and red moment with some metallics.

2020 has been a weird year, and I’m hoping this palette is just a momentary blip on the quality radar and not a sign of things to come.  I’ve really gone out of my way to defend Peachy Queen from people who want to denigrate their inspired-by-but-clearly-not-actually-licensed palettes.  I want to be there for them…but this palette totally put me to sleep.  let’s hope I can wake up and find out it was all just a dream…

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