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Glam Ghoul: Lime Crime Gives Spooky A Wet Cherry Sheen For Halloween

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Glam Ghoul: Lime Crime Gives Spooky A Wet Cherry Sheen For Halloween

I’m doing what I can to have some Halloween-themed makeup content this year, but y’all – it’s been tough!  Luckily Lime Crime decided to drop a bundle of new, limited edition Wet Cherry gloss shades to celebrate my favorite holiday!

L to R: Monster Cherry, Poison Cherry, Spooky Cherry, Cherry Potion

They all have the same sweet cherry candy scent of the regular Wet Cherry line (I know it’s divisive, but I was kinda hoping that they would give them a candy corn scent, or maybe something else appropriately festive) and come in the traditional colors of the season: green, purple, black, and red.  Glosses are never the most exciting product to me, but I was glad to have something to celebrate the season so I went with it.

I was a little sad that Monster Cherry wasn’t more of an opaque green – Lime Crime had a holiday Carousel Gloss from quite a few years ago called Holly Gram that was very similar – deep emerald green with holographic glitter – and it was almost as opaque as Serpentina lipsticks.  This shade is nicely pigmented but it does have some sheerness to it.  It’s does have the most deeply pigmented base of the set.  Poison Cherry is another one with a pretty solid base pigment and some great blue-purple sparkle.  Spooky Cherry looks black in the tube, but it sheers out to a light gray with a wash of subtle glitter.  This one may look extreme in the tube, but it’s actually the most subtle in its final effect.  Cherry potion is a red gloss with holo glitter, less opaque than the green and purple shades but more opaque than the black; it’s right in the middle.

Look, I’m never going to get that excited about a gloss.  I love these: they have a great scent, they are thick by not sticky, and they do all of the things that I want a gloss to do.  It’s just that glosses are rarely that useful for my stage looks.  I’ll put them on for a photo or if I’m just playing with makeup, and they can be great, but they don’t have the staying power if I’m performing, flapping my yap on the microphone, etc.  So they will never be a staple of my go-to makeup routines.  But for what I appreciate in glosses, these are some of the best.  I love a thick gloss that you can feel when you apply it but that doesn’t feel all sticky and glue your lips together.  MAC used to describe the texture of their Lip Glass as “honied” and that’s what I love – like a layer of gooey honey on the lips! – but with out sticking together and creating those gross trails when you open your lips.  These are amazing for that!  They slip and slide beautifully, but they are thick enough that I don’t worry about them ending up all over my face.

Lime Crime also collaborated with LinaBugz (I’m not sure if she is YT or IG – I actually don’t know her) to create 4 looks for the four colors:

I love the variety of looks that she created – but there is no way she got those black vampire look with just the gloss!  I’m sure she put a liquid lipstick underneath it (probably Lime Crime’s Black Velvet Velvetine.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that she used opaque bases under all of the colors, but I’m a little more likely to believe it from the other shades.  Regardless, I love the looks she made, especially that Frankie Stein – I’m a closet Monster High fan!

So what do you think of the idea of Halloween makeup collections?  Should we be asking for them – or is it just too much considering that holiday releases start bombarding us in the middle of August?!  Should holiday have to wait until after Halloween has had her moment in the spotlight?  What creepy collections would you love to see?  Which brands are you dying to see get their freak on?  Let me know in the comments below!

Personally, I’m a little bummed that I don’t have more creeptastic cosmetics to share with you, but I’m glad that at least a couple of brands made some effort for this holiday.  Like all things, the trend of Halloween-inspired makeup might ebb and flow, but as long as I can get a couple of glam ghoul treats – without any bad product tricks! – then I’m devilishly delighted!

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