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Give Your Lips A Pop Of Summer Color With Lime Crime

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Give Your Lips A Pop Of Summer Color With Lime Crime

I mean, I know that summer is low key cancelled thanks to Mean Miss Rona, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the season with some fabulously tropical looks.  Here to help us get a juicy pout, perfect for any socially distanced summer soiree, are the new Lip Pop Satin Lipsticks from Lime Crime.

Before we get into the actual swatches, let’s talk about this packaging.  I’m easily amused, and these lipsticks amuse me!  They have a button on the bottom that you push to make the lipstick pop out of the tube.  Twist the base, and the lipstick pops back to its original position.  It’s a simple gimmick, but I’m a simple human and I love it.  I love that you can put the lipstick out as far as you want it to get the application style that you want without having to worry that you will accidentally push one time too many, that the product will get mushed in the cap, etc.

These lip swatches are all done over bare skin with no primer.  Top photo is my studio lighting with no flash, and bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.  The swatches appear a little more opaque than they look when applied to the lips, but my lip swatch photos didn’t work out.  Sad panda.

L to R: Retrograde, Lime St., Macaroon, Firecracker, Gold Star, Sangria

Retrograde is a bright, grape kind of purple.  Lime St. is a bright spring green.  Macaroon is a slightly pink-leaning peach.  Firecracker is a bright, popsicle red.  Gold Star is a deep coppery gold.  Sangria is a bright berry red.

I feel like these lipsticks are the 2.0 version of those blotted lipsticks that were a huge trend about two years ago.  Remember the NYX Powder Puff Lippies, the ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lips, and even Lime Crime’s own Plushies?  Those were all liquid formulas that dried down to a pigmented but sheer finish.  I know that sounds like a weird description if you aren’t familiar with these products, but basically they were liquid lipsticks that had a lot of color, but not a lot of opacity, so you still say the lip beneath the wash of color.

Well, these feel like a stick lipstick version of the same sort of product.  There is a lot of color payoff, but they finish is somewhat sheer so you still see the lips beneath.  It’s definitely more color than something like a tinted balm, but it’s in that vein.  It’s a nice finish, and it will be a welcome addition for those who like the blotted lip look but don’t like products that dry down all the way, but it isn’t really the type of formula or coverage that I prefer.  I’m interested to try these in conjunction with liquid lipsticks to see if they reactive the formula, which could be a swampy mess, or if they will lay down a juicy overlay of color that can transform the overall look.

For me, they are fun, but I’m definitely glad I picked these up when Lime Crime was having a BOGO Free sale!  This is a great option for colorful lips that have some sheen and aren’t too heavy or dry. If you are looking for super full coverage, this won’t be the product for you, but I do love how much color these have for also being so sheer.  They are cute, and I think for the right person these could be a staple product, but I prefer much more opacity in my lip products.

I’m just a full coverage bish living in a wash of color world!

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