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Getting A (Mild) Sugar Rush From The Bombshell Cosmetica Sour Blast Palette

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Getting A (Mild) Sugar Rush From The Bombshell Cosmetica Sour Blast Palette

Bombshell Cosmetica is a brand I discovered through one of my newer favorite YouTubers, Nerdy Girl Makeup, around the time that they released their Candylicious palette.  It was the same size and shape as the Box of Crayons palette from The Crayon Case, but seemed to get much less love on YouTube (which is a shame because it’s a pretty good palette!).  But even though I really enjoyed that palette, I was skeptical when they announced three new candy-themed palettes: Sour Blast, a rainbow palette modeled after sour gummy worms; Oh Hubba Hubba, a mix of mid-toned neutrals, pastels, and orangey peach shades modeled after bubblegum; and Carmelized, a warm neutral palette with a pop of deep blue meant to evoke your favorite candy bar.  It wasn’t the selection of shades in any of the smaller, 12-pan palettes that made me think twice; it was the price.  Although the pans were smaller and there were fewer of them, they debuted at a whopping $50 each!  At that price, the only one that really intrigued was the Sour Blast palette.

I love color and I love rainbow palettes, but even Nerdy Girl Makeup’s good review wasn’t enough to get my to pull the trigger.  However, I was on the Bombshell Cosmetica site recently looking at their newest collections, and saw that they had the palettes on sale for $16.99.  I decided to pick up the Sour Blast and see how it goes.  If I love it, the Oh Hubba Hubba is also cute, and while that particular sale is over they are currently listed only a little higher at $20 each.

There is a full rainbow in this palette, though it’s definitely a bit heavier on the cooler end of the spectrum.  It’s definitely heavy on the matte shades with 8 and only 4 shimmers, which is kind of a shame because their shimmer formula is bomb!  And, as we’ll talk about in the swatches, the matte formula in this particular palette isn’t the best (and doesn’t live up to the Candylicious palette!).  It’s not the worst formula I’ve ever tried, but it’s nothing special.

The swatches are done over the OMFG face primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top picture is my studio lighting with no flash; bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Frosty, Bananas, Gummy, Melon

Frosty is a shimmery pearl white, very silvery and the consistency is amazing.  These shimmers really are the highlight of the palette.  This one has less opacity than the other shimmers, because of how light it is, but it’s still pretty good.  Bananas is a bright matte yellow, a little patchy and was somewhat hard to build up with the brush, but not totally unworkable.  Gummy was a bright Barbie pink with a pretty good opacity, and it blends out nicely.  It’s also a little tricky with the brush, but it builds up fairly well.  Melon is a pinkish popsicle red, nice and opaque and blends out nicely.  This is one of the standout mattes for me, I really love that color and the way that it straddles pink and red.

L to R: Bom Bom, Lime, Lollipop, Sweet

Bom Bom is a pretty baby blue, but it’s definitely hard to work with.  It went on ok, but it was hard to get much opacity, and it has a lot of powder fallout.  All of the mattes are pretty powdery, so be aware of that when using the palette – may have some pretty significant fallout!  Lime is a pretty yellowy spring green, and the shimmer is pretty.  This is a rare shimmer where the brush swatch was actually better than the finger swatch!  It felt even a little softer than the other shimmers, but it wasn’t a pain to work with.  Lollipop is a fun, bright green, but it took a lot – I mean a LOT – of building with the brush to get it even as good as it looks in the picture, which isn’t stunning.  It’s definitely one that’s going to need some patience, and probably a sticky base.  Sweet is a bright, beautiful purple shimmer with a silvery glitter.  It’s really gorgeous!

L to R: Cavity, Sweetheart, Sugar Rush, Rainbow

Cavity was definitely a disappointment.  For something that looks so similar to the shade Melon, the performance was totally different!  With a brush, I went over it 5 or 6 times and still only got the level of color that you see in the pic.  The finger swatch was a little better, but that still took about 3 passes.  I don’t usually like to wet mattes, but maybe that would make this perform better?  The same problem affected Sweetheart, perhaps even moreso.  The brush swatch was seriously about 8 different passes, and it’s still patchy and sheer and inconsistent.  The finger swatch is better but it’s still not great.  It’s a pretty color, but not really worth all the effort I had to go to to get that swatch.  Sugar Rush is pretty, a royal blue shimmer, and it performs pretty well though the brush swatch was a minor struggle – this one could probably benefit from a wet brush.  Rainbow swatched beautifully with a finger, but the brush swatch was pretty tragic.  Another one that might benefit from a wet brush, but I’m surprised that their matte shades are so inconsistent, especially with shades that are similar in just different tones.

Do I hate this palette?  No.  Do I love it?  No.

It doesn’t live up to the quality of the Candylicious palette, so if you compare it to that you will definitely be disappointed.  And there is no way that this palette should have ever retailed for $50!  Now at $20, I’m willing to play a bit more and do some finessing, so if you are interested in this, I wouldn’t necessarily tell you to steer clear but there are definitely more rainbow palettes out there to choose from and many of them have a much better performance.  But this one is kind of fun, and I love the very slight gummy worm smell – I am a sucker for scented makeup!  I’m glad that I added this to my collection, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t still considering the Oh Hubba Hubba palette!  I’m glad that I found this brand and I’m excited to see what else them come out with.

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