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Get This Party Started: Melt’s Latest Palette Expands On The She’s In Parties Stack

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Get This Party Started: Melt’s Latest Palette Expands On The She’s In Parties Stack

Melt is at it again: after expanding their Rust and Radioactive stacks into palettes, they’re doing it again with the She’s In Parties stack.  The idea is simple enough: take the 4 or 5 shades from the original stack, add new shades to double the number of colors, and put it into a palette for roughly the same price as the original stack.  I haven’t tried the Rust palette, but I did pick up the Radioactive stack and found that while the new shades were a little tricky, it was an interesting palette.  Now with She’s In Parties, Melt is offering a darker, plumier gothic vibe – and I think it’s the best one yet.

I reviewed the Amor Eterno palettes from the holiday collection last year (you can refresh yourself on that review HERE) and I wasn’t that thrilled with the formula; the color stories were divine and the packaging was absolutely stunning, but the shadows just weren’t as user friendly or blendable as I wanted them to be.  I went into the She’s In Parties palette knowing that I may face some of the same disappointment.  But this is the sort of color story I’ve always been tempted to work with (even though it intimidates me to my core – I’m a pink & pastel Easter clown!) and I thought it would pair nicely with the KVD Lolita palette, so I decided to jump in and give it a go.

For the swatches, I did them over the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is the swatches under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Skeleton Kiss, Strange Love, Total Immortal, Last Caress

I’m not sure what the inspiration is for the shade names, but I’m loving the spooky vibes – we are almost in October and Halloween after all!  Skeleton Kiss is a buttery yellow champagne shimmer.  Strange Love is a gorgeous shimmer, sort of a mauve with cool lilac tones and a silvery sort of reflect.  Total Immortal is a pale greyed out pink matte.  Last Caress is a deep gray plum matte.  This one struggle with the primer a little, but was generally better than any of the mattes in the Amor Eterno palettes.

These shadows were wonderful!  The mattes still have a dry formulation, but it’s gor a little bit more silkiness to it than the coarse mattes of the Amor Eterno palettes, and these shimmers have a nice slip and smooth application to them.  This was an instant improvement in formula over the other palettes that I have from the brand.  Well, except for Smoke Sessions which is a creamy dream!

L to R: She’s In Parties, Sleep Walk, Meanstreak, Lost Control

These shades all look much more distinct in the photos – in person, I had to look twice because they seemed really repetitive.  Luckily when applied you see a more varied set of shades, and they photograph beautifully.  She’s In Parties is a rich ruddy brown shimmer with a strong red shift.  This one is really pretty.  Sleep Walk has a similar reddish tone in the base but it’s a little deeper and a little bit more of a purple-leaning brown.  Meanstreak is deep Bordeaux wine matte.  Lost Control is a brown shimmer with red shift and even hints of gold.

I’m so happy that this palette performs as well as it does – if the Amor Eterno palettes were this creamy and easy to work with, I think I would play with those palettes all of the time!  These colors are definitely a little more limited than some of Melt’s other collections, but if you want smoky and wine-infused, this is the perfect palette for you to consider.  I’m glad that they are going in this direction – the Baby Girl stack is one I’ve had my eye on for a while, and that as a palette could be stunning, especially with new shades added!

Melt Cosmetics is one of those indie brands that just has a mystique around them.  Some of their products are great, some are a little iffy, but they are always trendy and well designed, and they just hit my makeup sweet tooth in exactly the right way.  If this palette is any indication of things to come, the party is just getting started as they begin to make the quality of the product match up with the quality of the design.

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