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Gentlemen Prefer Curated: Custom Collections For My Favorite Movie, Feat. Devinah Single Shadows!

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Gentlemen Prefer Curated: Custom Collections For My Favorite Movie, Feat. Devinah Single Shadows!

I’ve been enjoying the Palette Redesign series (if you missed my latest post reworking the Jeffree Star Cremated palette into a true gothic dream, you can find that HERE!) but sometimes I want to create something brand new!  I’ve got a post coming soon about a palette that I created to celebrate one of my favorite horror movies of all time (hint: it just turned 40 this year!) but that one still needs some work before it’s ready to show off.  So for this post, I decided to take my favorite movie of all time, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and create some custom 9-pan palette collections celebrating this screen classic starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel.  And what better brand to use to create these collections than one of my new favorite places to go for single shadows: Devinah Cosmetics!

I love this movie!  There is amazing costuming, some fun musical numbers, and the two stars are not only gorgeous and funny, but they portray two best friends in search of love and money…not always in that order!  I was looking at images from the movie, and it inspired me to create 4 different 9-pan collections!

The opening number of the film, “2 Little Girls From Little Rock,” perfectly sets up the theme of the movie (two women looking for love and financial security) with the two stars in gorgeous red and white sequined showgirl outfits who were “young and determined to be wined and dined and ermined.”  The backdrop of the number is a gorgeous purple and black sparkling curtain, and there are also publicity photos of the women in those costumes in front of a golden yellow backdrop.  For my first palette, Just 2 Little Girls From Little Rock, I wanted to have a few reds to play with as well as a charcoal gray, a shimmery white, and a couple of purples and golds in reference to the backgrounds of the scene.

For the reds, I wanted a matte shade that was a bit deeper, and the shade Desma was a fun deep burgundy shade that I thought would work well and provide some depths to the reds, but also work well with the purples and golds.  For the red shimmers, Salvatore is a deeper blood red shimmer, and Blazed is a bright popsicle red shimmer.  Grunge is a deep charcoal gray matte, deep but not quite black.  Plated is a bright platinum white shimmer.  For the golds, I went with a matte marigold shade called Anastasia and a brassy shimmer called Majesty.  And for the purples, I went with Push, a medium purple matte, and Avalon is shimmery version of that shade at about that same depth and intensity.

For the next collection, Ain’t There Anyone Here For Love?, I wanted to do a brighter, more tropical kind of color story that celebrates the fantastic cruise fashions on display.  This movie is from the 50s when people really dressed for dinner and a weeklong cruise to Europe was a chance to show off the latest styles (and your conspicuous wealth!).  I named the collection after Jane Russel’s number with the US Olympic team – a scene that is not only fun and sexy, but also an important benchmark when discussion queer representation in cinema!

Half of the palette is inspired by the top image of the women in cool-toned sporty looks.  I decided to bring in Odium, a deep jade green shimmer, and Remi, a medium blue-toned purple matte to reference Monroe’s deep-V-neck top and sash belt.  For Russel’s pool ensemble, I wanted a matte white, Blow, and a matte vivid cyan, Twink, but I also thought it would be fun and add some textural interest to include Confetti Kiss, a bright cyan blue glitter shimmer with a pinky shift.  There is also a dinner scene where the women meet Henry Spofford III, the name that Monroe selected from the passenger list as a potential suitor for Russel who turns out to be a child, where the women make a grand entrance is gorgeous gowns.  For Monroe’s orange gown with scarf accent, I chose the matte orange shade Naevia and the bright coppery orange shimmer Cleopatra.  For Russel’s black beaded halter gown, I chose Gloom, a satin black, and And Your Little Dog Too, a gunmetal silver metallic.

One of the most iconic scenes of the movie is the song “Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend.”  I’ve got some blacks and charcoals grays in the other palettes, and I love pinks with navy blue, so I decided to reinterpret the men’s tuxedos as navy shades to go with the selections of pinks and diamond shimmers.

I included Cali and Gemma because they are both pink shimmers, one lighter and one a little deeper and more blue-toned, that don’t have a strong shift.  I wanted a couple of different mattes to blend those out with, so I included Ilythia, a popsicle red shade for depth, and Naz, a light bright pink that leans a little mauve.  To bring in the navy, I chose Naval, a basic navy matte, and Midnight, a blackened blue deep shimmer.  And since the song is about diamonds, I knew I needed to have some sparkle!  I wanted Icing, a pretty straight forward icy white, as well as Puffles, a white-based glitter shimmer that has multichrome shift of pinks and blues and purples, and also Creampuff Cuddles, a pink shimmer with a strong blue/purple shift.

This is such an iconic scene, and I love this color story to represent it!

There are some great gold or gold and black looks sprinkled throughout the film, and I love pairing golds with greens.  At the end of the film, when Monroe meets the hawkish father of her mesmerized suitor, she helps convince him that she’s not a simple gold-digger by telling him, “Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty?  You might not marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but goodness – doesn’t it help?”  I thought it would be fun to put some golds together with a matte black and bring in some green and brown tones to finish it off.

For the golds, I chose Nefertiti, a bright brassy gold shimmer, and Phalanx, a pale gold, and I brought in a light yellow gold shade called Toska.  I also included Karma, a deep matte black, and Crixus, a medium matte brown.  For greens, I included on matte, a deep blue-toned green called Khadra, and two shimmers, a forest green shimmer called I’m Just A Dandelion and a lighter olive green with gold shift called Lurican.  Finally, I finished off the collection with a duochrome shade that has a reddish brown base with a turquoise/green shift called Rockstar.

2020 is the Year of Single Shadows, and one of my favorite things about working with singles is the ability to customize and create curated collections like these!  I decided to stick with one brand for this collection because Devinah has a really great range of colors and they are one of my favorite new brands for single shadows, and also to make it easier if you felt inspired to recreate one of these palettes for yourself!

Let me know in the comments – what movie or pop culture artifact would you want to create your own custom collection for?

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