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Full Face, (Mostly) One Brand: Nyx Cosmetics

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Full Face, (Mostly) One Brand: Nyx Cosmetics

Anyone else feeling a bit of cosmetic burnout?  I still love to play with makeup, but I’m definitely in the crowd of people who feel like there is just too much, too often when it comes to makeup releases.  People want to blame brands, but it’s like they’ve never heard of supply and demand: brands aren’t putting out a shit ton of products that no one is buying!  If they are pumping out products it’s because there is some sort of demand for them.  I hear a ton of YouTubers complaining that people will talk out one side of their face about how they want less consumerism and more focus on loving the collection you have, but then the majority of views going to reviews of the newest of the new or talking about product releases.

Luckily, I’ve always been making content for my audience of one.  Well, two.  Hi mom.  I just like to crank out content that I’m interested in, and if it resonates for others, cool!  If not, then I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.  My mom thinks I’m funny…

So in the spirit of not just buying and reviewing all of the new products that are flooding the market, and depleting my bank account in the process, I’ve decided to start including some features about products in my collection – me playing with old favorites, my ride or dies, etc.  I’ve always loved the full face, one brand challenge, so for a recent movie night I decided to give that a try with Nyx Cosmetics, a brand I’ve been buying from for quite some time.  And when I did the look, it wasn’t about finding the newest or adding a bunch of products to my stash, I decided to work with what I had.  Some of these products aren’t available anymore – to be honest, I didn’t even check.  Again, it’s not about telling you to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to get a look.  I just wanted to share a fun experience I had working with my collection to create a themed look for an event.

So here’s my clown face.  I was doing a look for Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights for Grand Forks Pride – we were doing a sneak preview screening of the new Mark Patton documentary, Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street as well as Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, and I was wearing my Freddy Krueger gown.  I wanted something smoky and dark, in the contrasting red and green of Freddy’s sweater.  The glitter tears were a late decision, but I love doing them and I decided to make them dark and sooty.  I thought it would be fun to try out the Full Face One Brand challenge with this look, and I was mostly successful, though I did bring in a couple of other products that I’ll talk about below.

First, let’s talk primers.  That’s right, two.  I’m a bit extra.  First up was the First Base Primer Spray.

I like this, but I don’t like it enough to use it as a primer on its own.  I like to put down my moisturizer, wait a minute or so, and then spray on a light layer of this to help finish off my skincare.  I let it dry for a couple of minutes and then go in with another primer.  For the regular primer, I went in with the Soft Focus Primer.

This is a silicone feeling primer, but it’s thicker and in a pan with a sponge applicator.  I actually didn’t have the packaging to take a photo of because I used the last of it for this look and threw it in my empties bin for a later video.  I have a few primers that I’m trying to use up, but I would definitely consider buying this again.  If you don’t like silicon primers, you probably won’t love this but I feel like it does a pretty good job with my textured skin and creates a nice base.

Before I put on my foundation, I used a little bit of this Color Correcting Concealer palette to even out my skin.  I used the green shade on my cheeks and nose, where I tend to be the most red, and my dark circles were particularly aggressive that day so I used a little of the yellow.  After that was applied and blended out, I went to foundation.

I started with a thick, full coat of the Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation.  I love a good matte foundation and this one is pretty good.  Is it competition for my Urban Decay All Nighter?  Nope.  But it’s not bad.  Mine is in the shade Soft Beige and it’s a pretty good match, but I still wanted to bring in something to help lighten it a bit.  I decided to use the Total Control Drop Foundation in Vanilla in my highlight areas.

Remember when this foundation came out and the Farsali Unicorn Drops were still a big thing and every goddamn Instagram video just looked like a weirdly colored bukkake scene?  I bought into the hype and picked up this foundation and the ridiculous $15 brush, but I can’t shade match myself worth a damn and got this pasty pale shade.  I don’t love the consistency – it’s way too thin and watery for this cake face! – but it is perfect for highlighting, and it mixed well with the thicker foundation beneath it.  I just did a couple of drops under each eye and buffed it in with a blender sponge.  Then I put a little on the sponge itself and did my forehead, nose, and chin.

I have both of the Light and Deep Conceal, Correct, & Contour palettes, and I do think they work alright as concealer, but I mostly used them in this look for contour.  In the light quad, I will sometimes use the upper left shade for nose contour; it’s subtle, so it’s better for me since I’m shit at nose contour.  You can’t see my mistakes!  For contour, I tend to use either just the darkest shade in the Deep palette or mixing the top and middle right shades for my contour.  For this look, I mixed the two shades together.

Before I moved on to powder products, I used a little bit of the cream Stick Blush in Hibiscus.

There’s a lot of cream and liquid products happening, so before I got into powders I decided to set my face with the Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in Creamy Natural.

After that, I’m ready to get into the eye look.  To catch fallout, I laid down a thick layer of Mineral Set It & Don’t Fret It Matte Finishing Powder and then primed my eyes with the Prrof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer.

For the eye look, I wanted smoky, sooty reds and greens, and I knew I had two palettes that would give me the perfect combo: the Grind and Ignite palettes from the Machinist collection from a year or so ago.

I wanted to do a cut crease look with the reds from Ignite as the outer base, and then doing the greens from Grind on the lid.

Because I’m a mess, I forgot to actually photograph the insides of the palettes, so I found these promo images to talk through what I did on the lid.  For each palette, I’m going to refer to shades by number since they don’t have specific names.  I’m starting at the top left and “reading” across just like a book, then going to the middle row starting at the left and doing the same thing, and so on.  I’m also going to add an I or a G to the front to indicate which palette the shadow came from.  So the first shade show above in the top left, that bright brick red color, is I1, next to it is I2, etc.  Sorry to make this complicated; I hate it when palettes don’t have shade names!

Anyway, to get started, I drew a line with an eyeliner pencil to get a basic sense of the shape I wanted.  I wanted the color to have a sharp demarcation between the eye look, not a gentle fading toward the brow.  I also wanted the overall shape to roughly mirror the shape of the brow.  I sketched out the shape and then I started to fill in between the line and most of the way down to my lid with the medium matte red shade, I12.  Once I had a solid base, I used the darker matte red, I11, and darked the outer edge as well as the inner part of the red up near the line.  I used I1, the lightest matte red, to lighten the part that matches the arch of the brow as well as the inner corner and around the area where I was going to cut the crease.  The gradient doesn’t photograph as well as I would like, and I would have liked even a little more of a gradient, but overall I was able to get roughly the sort of look that I wanted.

For the cut crease, I had my first cheater product: the Morphe Fluidity Concealer in white.  I had skintone concealers from NYX but no white, and since I’m still getting the hang of cut creases, I decided it was better to err on the side of a product I was already comfortable with.

I cut the crease about halfway and then started in on the Grind palette.

I packed shimmer shade G9 all over the lid.  It was a little bit too dark for what I wanted, and all of the lighter shades in the palette are yellows and golds, so I decided to bring in a single to lighten up the inner portion of the cut crease: Mermaid.

I was worried that this cool-toned minty green wouldn’t look good with the look, but I ended up loving the way that it blended in with the darker green and really brightened up the inner part of the eye.  I ended up using this for the bulk of the cut crease, blending with G9 around where the cut crease base ended, and then darkening up the outer part of the lid with G2, a dark matte green.  And that’s pretty much it for this eye look!  I just added some Badunkadunk Mascara and some Wicked Lashes in the style On The Fringe.  I was about to add bottom lashes when I decided to do the glitter tears instead.  The mascara wasn’t my favorite, but it could be that it’s getting a little old.  Although I haven’t used it much and it smelled fine, it’s been knocking around in the drawers for a hot minute.  It blackened my lashes alright, which is the main use when I’m wearing lashes, but I didn’t notice any lengthening or thickening.  The lashes were alright, though a little subtle.  And one was sitting wonky on my eye, but that’s more user error than the lash’s fault!

Before doing the glitter tears, I finished up the rest of my face.  For the cheeks, I used the Sweet Cheeks blush palette.

On the left side at the top, I used that orange shade to blend out the contour.  On the right side, I used the third shade down to help darken and warm up my contour.  I also used the bottom right reddish shade to blend the blush into the contour.  Since I was going to see people up close and personal, I went a little lighter on the blush than I might have for a stage performance.  I mean, I’m always serving a little bit of garbage clown, but I figured I could pull it back just a tish!

For my lips, I lined them with the Lip Liner Pencil in Earth Tone and then used the Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade Exotic, a warm brick red.

Here’s the finished lip look:

The lipstick wasn’t as pigmented as I usually like, but for a less performative event it worked out just fine.  It lasted nicely enough.  I also lined my lips crooked AF.  Just let me live.

Alright, glitter tears time!

Here’s my other cheat time: I have the NYX glitter primer, and I like it if I’m doing a glitter lid, but for the tears, I went with my old standby, the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue.  I also have some NYX loose glitters but I didn’t have any in a shade that I liked for the dark, sooty kind of tears that I wanted, so I went with Lit Cosmetics loose glitters in Seeing Stars with a little bit of Hello Sunshine.

When I do glitter tears, I like to put some glitter glue on the back on my hand and then get a fairly firm detail brush.  I’ll paint a solid line directly under my eyes then go over it again roughly, at an angle, to keep it from being too even and neat.  Then I pick a few places to do the tear tracks and just start painting the glue down in a pattern that I think will look interesting.  I’m not going for biological accuracy – I know that people don’t naturally cry like that! – but something that has a stylized, cartoony “realness” to it.  Once the glue is down, I took a fluffy brush into the Seeing Stars shade and lightly brushed it over my undereye and cheek.  Once I had covered all of the glue, I went over the area with a clean, fluffy blush brush to wipe away anything that wasn’t stuck to the glue.  Seeing Stars is a black/gray based with iridescent sparkles and it had the sooty look that I wanted, but I wanted some brightness as well, so I added a little bit more glue near the eye and near the top of the tracks and added a little Hello Sunshine, a pale yellow base with iridescent sparkle.  For fun, I also added a little bit of the Seeing Stars glitter to the outer lid where I’d darkened it up with the dark green, using the Nyx Glitter Primer.

Once again, here is the finished look:

Oh yeah, brows!  For those I drew in the shape I wanted with a dark pencil (I used the Lip Liner pencil in Brown Black) and once I had the shade drawn and colored in, I created colorful brows by using eyeshadow shades I4, I8, and G11 from the inner part of the brow to the outer, creating a fun gradient.  And I sprayed the whole look down with Matte Finish setting spray, of course!

So what did you think about this type of post?  Are you a fan of seeing a look and getting a rundown of the products I used?  Would you like to see more of them?  If I do more of them, is there something else you would like included?  It’s hard to take photos of the application steps, but maybe photos of stages of the process?  Let me know what you think and what would make this type of post even better, and we’ll see what we can do.  I really enjoy this kind of “shop my stash” type of post, and I want to do more of them in the future.  I’m still a monster and I’m still going to be buying new makeup (speaking of – review of all 3 ABH Norvina Pro palettes coming soon! Yikes!) but I like the idea of using the makeup I have and not just celebrating what’s new, now, and next!  And if you want to recreate this look, remember that you don’t need to run out and buy the exact products I use here.  You can use items in your collection that have the same sort of tones – or swap out colors and textures to really make the look your own!

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