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Fragrant Jewels Brings The Sparkle With Amethyst Druzy

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Fragrant Jewels Brings The Sparkle With Amethyst Druzy

This has been a long time in the making: way back in June when I went to Days of the Dead Indianapolis, and I brought along a bath bomb given to me by my friend Angie’s mother.  She’s a regular reader here at the World of Champagne (I see you Valerie!) and she has enjoyed my Lush reviews in the past, and so she decided to order me a one of the Druzy collection bath bombs from Fragrant Jewels.  If you are unaware, Fragrant Jewels is a company that sells bath bombs and candles with a ring inside, and they also come with a code you can enter into their website with a chance to win a $10,000 ring.  I’m #NotSponsored, I just know this stuff because I like fizzy, pretty, smelly baths.

I reviewed their site and the Druzy collection isn’t a thing anymore (which is kind of a bummer, because the rings in the collection were really gorgeous!) but you can get a wide range of different styles from birthstone rings to black stone rings for Halloween, and their new Falling Leaves collection has goldtone rings with a selection of vibrant jeweltone stones.  There is also an owl collection which offers your choice of ring or earrings inside.  Bath bombs will run you about $16-18 and the candles are about $25-29 depending on the collection.  The rings are available in 6 whole sizes from 5 to 10.

My bathtub at the Wyndham Indianapolis West wasn’t great, but I’m an intrepid bath taker, so I decided to dive in to the berry scented waters anyway!  Below is a 2-part video of me using the bath bomb and then showing off the ring – 2 parts because I’m uncoordinated and almost dropped my phone in the tub while trying to balance it and open the ring’s plastic bubble packaging at the same time!

Here’s Part One:

And Part Two:

I did wear the ring during Days of the Dead, and if you have an eagle eye you should be able to see it in any of the photos where I’m wearing the pop art dress and the yellow foam wig – it snuggled onto my pinkie just perfectly!  Thanks again Valerie for sending this fun bathtime treat!

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