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Finally Getting My Hands On The Vintage Rose Palette! That’s As Exciting As Christmas Morning!

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Finally Getting My Hands On The Vintage Rose Palette! That’s As Exciting As Christmas Morning!

(Sorry ’bout it: sometimes it’s hard coming up with clever titles for all of these posts!  These two palettes have nothing in common – except that they are abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous! – so I did the best I could!)

For a while I was starting to think that the Vintage Rose palette from Give Me Glow Cosmetics was going to end up in the “one that got away file” with the Mi Vida Loca palette.  By the time that I would realize it had been restocked, it would be sold out again.  I have always loved the romantic, 60s vibes of pinks paired with green and this palette looked like it could make all of my vintage dreams comes true – if I could just get my hands on it!

Luckily, I’ve been stalking their site lately waiting for some of their singles to get restocked (I recently reviewed a bunch of their singles HERE, and I definitely want to try some more, especially their matte formula) and while I’m still waiting for that restock to come, delayed by some production issues with their packaging (thanks COVID-19!), they did restock a few of their eyeshadow palettes!  In addition to the coveted Vintage Rose palette, I also decided to get the Christmas Morning palette – a red and green confection that has some sparkle and some gorgeous colors!

Although the themes are very different, these palettes are actually quite similar: they both feature 8 shades, half and half of matte and shimmer, and each one generally pairs the mattes and shimmers together in complementary pairs (though the colors are more clearly analogous in Christmas Morning).

For swatches, I did make a minor alteration to my process.  The swatches are still done over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right, but for the shimmers, I sprayed the brush with setting spray before doing the swatch.  I tried doing one shimmer swatch but it just looked horrible.  The formula of the shimmers is very creamy and chunky, and it really needs something to activate it.  It worked out fine applying with a finger, but using a brush, even a dense packer brush with synthetic fibers, was just pushing the product around on the dry base.  If you have a tacky primer and pat the shadow over I think you can get away without spraying it, but I wanted the shades to look they way they looked when applied, so that’s why I switched that up.  Anyway, the top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

Let’s start with Vintage Rose.

L to R: Blush Pink, Thorn, Velvet Petals, Copper Rose

Blush Pink is a lovely pastel baby pink matte, very richly pigmented and smooth.  Thorn is an “old gold” shimmer, sort of bronzey or olive toned.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s really gorgeous, and looks lovely paired with the green shade.  Velvet Petals is a reddish-toned medium brown matte.  Copper Rose is a coppery shimmer.

L to R: Blossom, Aged Rose Stem, Bouquet, Rust Rose

Blossom is a very bright champagne pearl shimmer, very reflective and bright.  Aged Rose Stem is a matte army green, such a gorgeous match to these pinks and rose tones!  Bouquet is a light burgundy shimmer shade.  Rust Rose is a berry-toned red matte.

I love this color story!  It is every bit as gorgeous as I had hoped, and I love the performance of the shadows.  This will definitely be making an appearance in an upcoming Face Friday!  The mattes are very dry and silky which means that they work so well over the ABH base, but they do have a tendency to diffuse a bit and leave fallout, so be away.  The shimmers are even more creamy than the other single shimmers from Give Me Glow, and even though I needed to foil them to get them to work with a brush, they are stunning.  I love their formula, both matte and shimmer, and I’m excited to make some gorgeous looks with Give me Glow!

The Christmas Morning palette was a bit of an impulse buy, but it was definitely worth it!

L to R: Gifts Galore, Milk & Cookies, Stocking Stuffers, Chimney

Gifts Galore is a gorgeous duochrome, a reddish brown base with emerald green shift.  Milk and Cookies is a matte camel, so opaque and pigmented!  I don’t normally even like shades like this, but that color applies so perfectly I’m not even mad at it.  Stocking Stuffers is a coppery red shimmer.  Chimney is a sooty deep gray matte.

L to R: Under The Tree, Pajamas, Cozy Fire, Santa’s Sleigh

Under the Tree is a matte green, very blue-based almost leaning into teal.  When I smell the scent of pine, this is the color I think of.  Pajamas is a bright gold shimmer, a little bit brassy and the chunkiest of all the shimmers, even when I sprayed the brush.  Cozy Fire is a matte cherry red.  Santa’s Sligh is a dirty metallic silver, like brushed nickel.

I had looked at this palette, but I think the bottom row scared me off – it’s like the essence of Christmas: red, green, silver, gold.  That’s great if you’re putting together holiday décor, but I wasn’t sure it was a winner in the makeup realm.  But the top row really brings some interesting complements to the overall palette.  Sure you could do a full on Christmas look with red and green and a little metallic for flair, but you can also do a woodsy green look with a hint of silver.  Or the red matte with the copper and gold metallic.  There are plenty of ways to combine these colors that won’t have you looking like a total Ho-Ho-Hobag.  Unless that’s what you’re going for.  You do you, princess.

Although the shimmer formula was a little different than their singles, I feel like playing with the mattes in these two palettes have given me a little more of a sense of what the matte singles from Give Me Glow will be like, and now I’m more excited than ever to try them!  They are smooth and gorgeous, and they relaly play well with the ABH primer, which has been my go to for my filming makeup lately.  So far I’ve really enjoyed all of the products I’ve tried from this brand and I can’t wait to see what they’ll be bringing to us next!

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