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Fenty Hopes To Make A Big Splash With Little Palettes

Posted By on February 24, 2020 in LifeStyle | 1 comment

Fenty Hopes To Make A Big Splash With Little Palettes

I know that everyone likes to act like Fenty invented makeup and pretend that no one had an inclusive shade range before RiRi dropped 40 shades at launch (which is admittedly impressive for a new brand), but Fenty has had some definite missteps along the way.  Perhaps the biggest of these is a lack of a strong eyeshadow palette in their permanent collection.  Their first palette, the Galaxy palette that came out with their first holiday collection, was lackluster at best, and the follow up, the Moroccan Spice palette, got pretty mediocre reviews as well.  Now Fenty is hoping to get back in the game in a big way…but they’re doing it with very small palettes.

The Snap Shadows Mix & Match palettes are 8 mini-sized 6-pan palettes that have tabs and grooves on the back that allow you to snap two of them together.  Besides being a bit of a gimmick, this does actually allow you to create a customized 12-pan palette that is perfectly sized for travel.  Most of the color stories are pretty neutral, but I decided to give two of the palettes a try: #4 Rose and #8 Pastel Frost.  The palettes are $25 each, or you can buy two for $45.

While most of the color stories were kind of boring and neutral for my tastes, I really liked what these two palettes had to offer.  These are definitely mini palettes, similar to the Violet Voss mini palettes.  The pans are smaller than a regular palette, but maybe a bit bigger than the Violet Voss mini palettes (probably because there are 6 shades instead of 10!).

For the swatches, I did them over the ABH eyeshadow base with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lights without a flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with my phone’s flash.

L to R: Sleepova, Lil Miss, Stunt Queen, Suga Shock, Spice Trip, Diva Feva

This collection of pinks is fun and vampy with an even mix of mattes and shimmers, and a nice range of tones.  Sleepova is a matte petal pink, nice consistency and applies really well over the ABH base.  Lil Miss is a raspberry pink, a little patchy but you can work with it to get good coverage if you have a little patience.  Stunt Queen is a metallic shimmer pink with a rusty red base, very pretty and reflective, and applies so smoothly!  Suga Shock is a berry-toned pink shimmer metallic, medium in tone and very reflective and pretty.  Spice Trip is the weakest in the palette, a matte chocolate brown that is a bit patchy when applied with a finger but is a bit more consistent with a brush.  It’s not great, but it’s workable and I like the slightly reddish tone in it.  Diva Feva is a sort of deep rose gold and cranberry hybrid.  Very pretty, and I love the silvery notes on the deep color.  This is a perfect berry pink moment, absolutely on trend with what’s happening right now (think the Smokey Glow collab with Midas Cosmetics or the Natasha Denona Love palette – review on that coming soon!).

L to R: Muva’s Boy, Mula-La, Lei’d Up, Ice Cream Kisses, Lady Pimp, Durty Denim

Muva’s Boy is one of my two favorite shades, a gorgeous cornflower blue shimmer that almost seems to lean a little purple.  Such a pretty shade!  Mula-La is my other favorite (obvi!) and it’s a bright springy grass green with golden shimmer.  Lei’d Up is a bright yellow gold shimmer, not too brassy and very sunshiney.  Ice Cream Kisses is a soft baby pink shimmer, and would pair beautifully with the pinks in the Rose palette.  Lady Pimp is a bright purple shimmer, maybe a touch more blue-toned than red, and I’m here for it.  Durty Denim is a bright stonewashed jean blue with a silvery sheen that almost seems to go a little gunmetal (maybe that’s why it’s “durty?”).

So did Fenty do the damn thing with this release?  Sort of…

I love the two palettes that I got – the formula is amazing, the shimmers are all stunning and super reflective, and the mattes are generally pretty good or can be made good with a little bit of patience.  If you are a neutral lover, this release will probably make you very happy.  But if you are a color lover, and if you were hoping for something vivid to match with some of their more outrageous highlighters or lip colors, these aren’t necessarily going to get you there.  There are some great options here, but they just don’t have the range of colors to give you a ton of options to work with.  If these are successful, maybe they will expand the line and we’ll get to see some deeper vivid colors, or really wild options for matte shades.  I don’t think you’re going to be super disappointed if you pick up one or two of these, but I think they still have a little ways to go before their eyeshadow game lives up to the hype that surrounds the brand as a whole…

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