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Femme 4 Femme: Give Me Glow Vivid Rose Palette Gives Me Sweet & Sassy Perfection

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Femme 4 Femme: Give Me Glow Vivid Rose Palette Gives Me Sweet & Sassy Perfection

Let me be real for a second: I order a lot of makeup during normal times, so when Black Friday weekend rolls around?  I am buried in new products and more are still on the way (thanks Miss Rona!).  I feel like every new product I open and try I want to say that it’s a new favorite, and I am a little impulsive so that is a very real possibility, but I feel like my love of the new Give Me Glow Cosmetics Vivid Rose palette is completely justified!

First of all, this ain’t my first time at the rodeo: I did a review of the Vintage Rose and Christmas Morning palettes (and generally really like them!) and I used them for my “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Fantasy Face Friday look.  I have a bunch of their singles as well, though I didn’t use them as much this year as I was hoping that I would.  I’ve liked what I’ve gotten from them before, and I had no reason to believe that this palette was going to be any different.

Second, that color story is every-damn-thing!  I love a pink and purple color selection, and while this isn’t exactly new (we’ve seen a lot of romantic pinks and purples in the last year, year and a half) I do think they get something right that a lot of brands don’t: the bright, vivid pops of pink and purple.  So many of the palettes that I’ve seen have muted, soft pink shades, dusty roses, and medium purples.  This one is much more, well, not to be too on the nose about it, but VIVID!

They have their more subdued, romantic shades, but then there are electric shades like Pretty Peony and Flower Power to elevate this and make it much more interesting.  In fact, I used this palette to create a very neon-drenched halo eye look for a recent Face Friday.  In case you missed it, I’ll include it HERE.

The swatches are done over the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with no flash.

L to R: Spill The Tea Rose, Pop Of Pink, Guns & Roses, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Spill The Tea Rose is a light pale pink, matte and very opaque.  Pop Of Pink is a bright bubblegum pink, can be applied lightly to get a more sheer wash but it’s got great pigmentation if you want a bright, poppy look.  Guns & Roses is a red-based violet with a blue shift and coppery undertones.  This one is really pretty.  He Loves Me is a dusty pink, more muted and a little darker than Spill The Tea Rose, though I would have been ok with this being switched out for a different kind of purple.  He Loves Me Not is a matte deep grape shade, very pretty and great application.

L to R: Pretty Peony, Pink Rose’, Flower Power, Petal To The Metal, Talk Dirt To Me

Pretty Peony is gorgeous.  If you want a neon pink but you don’t want to mess with those actual neon shades that are dry and powdery and a little hard to apply, this is going to give you all of that sort of payoff but it’s smooth and silky like the other GMG mattes.  Pink Rose is a duochrome pink shimmer with golden and peach notes.  Flower Power is a red-leaning violet matte.  This one was a little tricky to apply and blend, but not at all unworkable.  I used this in the Face Friday and didn’t have any problems at all.  Petal To The Metal is a silvery lilac mauve shimmer with some reddish brown tones at the base.  Talk Dirt To Me is a dirty grayed-down mauve matte shade, much prettier than that description makes it sound!

I saw a post on IG where the owner of GMG explained that the palette was designed with the two sides of the palette being like little quads, and then the two shades in the middle were designed to coordinate with either quad to help build out the look.  I think that’s really smart, and I like the look of these combos.  I went all over the damn palette for my look, and that works too!  This is a gorgeously harmonious color story and I don’t think there aren’t any shades that really couldn’t show up together in the same look.  Plus, the quality is absolutely top notch, so this palette is, as the kids say, a banger!

Give Me Glow is a fantastic brand.  They don’t always come to mind when I’m thinking of my favorite indie makeup, but they should: their shimmer formula is really amazing and their matte formula, though it’s a little dry and there is definitely some fallout, is still silky and wonderful to apply.  Their highlighters are amazing, and I’ve been using their setting powder quite a bit over the last year and love it.  I need to keep an eye out on what this brand does in 2021 – this femme perfection is surely a sign of great things to come!

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