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Face Friday: You’re The One, With This Rubber Duckie Inspired Look Feat. Custom Lashes By The Real Mary Kelly!

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Face Friday: You’re The One, With This Rubber Duckie Inspired Look Feat. Custom Lashes By The Real Mary Kelly!

Rubber Duckie, you’re the one!

Get yourself to the tubbie and get ready to bathe in the ridiculousness that is this Rubber Duckie-inspired look!  For previous Face Friday posts I’ve focused on specific palettes, but for this one I wanted to go with a theme and just use whatever from my collection seemed best suited to achieve it.  And I had the cutest inspiration: custom lashes from my friend Mary Kelly!  You’ll see those closer up below, but for now, here is the final look!

I tried to do duck lips in this picture, but I don’t know – I don’t think I’ll ever be a full-fledged Instagram model!

So let’s get started on the step by step, and the first step shouldn’t surprise anyone, since this has been a new favorite in most of these Face Friday posts: the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face primer in Radiant Nude.

I’m not sure how much this impacts the final look, but I love the subtle glow that I get from this primer.  It just adds a touch of color to my skin…before I cover it up with foundation!  But in addition to the ridiculous roots that are growing in on my head, I’ve also had some more redness than usual and some bumps/minor breakouts, so I decided to do a little color correcting with the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in Green.

I’ve stressed this before, but I think it bears repeating: color correcting is not about turning your skin to that color (in this case green) but rather using the opposite of a certain color on the color wheel to cancel it out.  Notice how once it’s blended out you don’t really see any green, but the skin on my cheeks and nose is more neutral and doesn’t appear as pink?  That’s the kind of effect you’re going for.  Too much green and you’ll look sickly, or you’ll have to add in pink to cancel that out!

I used the Uoma Beauty Say What?! Wieghtless Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation and Stay Woke Concealer in my last Face Friday (using the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams palette – read it HERE if you missed it!) and I loved it.  I decided to use it again, and the love is still there.  It’s weird: when I’m putting it on, it looks really peachy and I start to worry that I’m going to look like a pastel very of our dumpster fire president, but as I blend it out and it oxidizes a little bit, it is perfect for me!  I love the consistency and coverage of the concealer, but I still wish I had gone for a lighter shade.  I was going to mix in some JStar concealer, but I decided to do something different when baking my undereyes to help bring in some additional brightness.

Usually when I bake I like to fuck up some Coty Airspun powder in Translucent Extra Coverage, but since I wanted more brightness for this whimsical look, I decided instead to bake with the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Translucent Setting Powder in Translucent Radiant Pearl.  I loved this powder when I did the full face of Too Faced products in Translucent Radiant Nude, so when I saw the Pearl in TJ Max for 10 bucks, I added it to my collection.  I still like this one, but when I wiped away the excess it was more of a pink tone than a true brightening effect.  It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t try that trick again for the same effect.  I used the fuzzy powder sponge from Real Techniques.  I’ve been using that for powder products for a few months and I’m generally impressed with it.

BTW – if you want to see the Too Faced “Full Face of Tutti Fruitti” Face Friday post, you can find it HERE!

Ok, so this first step ended up being more of a misstep than anything, but I was able to correct course in the next part.  After laying down a pretty thick coat of Ulta Matte Eye primer, I went into the shade Pus from the Ruby May Cosmetics Pop Zombie palette.  In the pan, it looks lighter and brighter than the yellow I used next, but on the eye it actually came out quite a bit darker.  I was only using it on the inner third of my eye, and I was able to get a good blend, but I was a little nervous when I first saw this color hit my eye!

Even though this post isn’t technically focused on a specific palette, the Kush Queen palette from Peachy Queen actually had pretty much everything I needed for the look, so that’s what most of the look was created with.  To get the yellow and orange tones needed for the Rubber Duckie look, I started with these three shades: Lemon Kush, Agent Orange, and Pineapple Express (in that order).

First, I used Lemon Kush and went over over where I put down pus and also greated the rounded arch shape I wanted for the final look.  This shade went on a little more sheer than I was hoping for, but I think it all came together.  The base had really tied down, so if you want more of a punchy yellow, I would suggest using a tacky base and patting in the color.

I used Agent Orange on the outer part of the eye and blended it up into the yellow.  I really like the way these two shadows blended together – it hardly took any work at all, and the blend was super smooth and created a beautiful gradient.

It wouldn’t be one of my Face Friday posts if I didn’t forget to photograph at least one of the steps, and here we are.  Although I liked the blend between the yellow and orange, I wanted to add a little sparkle, so I fingerbanged Pineapple Express onto the division between the two mattes and down onto the lid.  I also used the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in C0 Pure White to color in the inner corner and tap in some BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection in Lemon.  I made a goddamn mess, and although the glitter looked a lot nicer than it does in the photos, it still wasn’t glittery enough for me!  I knew I needed some more robust yellow glitter to pull it all together.

Luckily I am always prepared when it comes to glitter.

The ColourPop Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gel in Puffin was absolutely lovely, blending seamlessly into the pale yellow glitter, and working well with the Pineapple Express shimmer.  I followed the same upward diagonal shape that I used for the shades, and blended the glitter gel into the shimmer shade.

I don’t know why, but in my head I really thought that Rubber Duckies had blue eyes…and while you can find some that do, depending on the style, most Duckies actually just have a white eyeball and just a big ol’ black pupil like they’re tripped out on Molly or some shit.  Well, this is a fantasy look, so I stayed in my fantasy world and gave a nod to the (imagined) blue eyes with the shade Skywalker from the Kush Queen palette along the outer two thirds of the lower lash line, blending into the pale glitter in the inner corner.  I also brought in some more of the concealer to clean up the white concealer mess I made earlier.  That’s the nice thing about makeup: if you fuck it up, you can usually fix it, and if you can’t fix it you can always slap some glitter on it!

Waterline liner for me is always a crap shoot, and in this case I didn’t get much payoff.  I see people use the ColourPop liners (the one I used here is a neon liner in Untz) all the time and get amazing color, and for me it just didn’t come together.  You can see a hint of color there, but nothing dramatic.  I also put down a coat of Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black.  My lashes are pathetic; don’t worry, amazing lashes are coming very soon!  This is just a base to give them some color so they blend in with the falsies.

We went old school for contour and used the KVD Vegan Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette, specifically the shades Shadowplay and Subconscious.  I just put some light definition in the cheeks, darkened under the neck (Jabba the Hut who?  We don’t know her…),  and darked the fivehead a little.  I didn’t go too intense because I knew I wanted to play with some more interesting blush placement again.

In the top photo, I added some of the Agent Orange shadow from Kush Queen on top of the contour and brought it farther up on the cheek.  Then I went even further up with Lemon Kush, same palette, and draped it up to the hairline and a little around the curve of the eye.  I love the gradient that this created, even if I do say so myself!  It was such a fun combo!

Because I’m 100% that bitch, I decided that I needed no less than 3 liquid lipsticks to create my ombre Duckie lip: Karity Cosmetics’ in Pepper, a red-leaning deep orange from their 90s-inspired shades that came out with the Come As You Are palette; Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Flamethrower, a birght neon orange; and another JStar lippie in Queen Bee, a yellow collection that was limited in a summer collection a couple of years ago and then included in a mini size (shown here) in the Equality liquid lipstick bundle.

I started by using Pepper to create the basic shape (crooked as fuck, but it’s a shape), and taking it not quite all the way in to the center.  After about 30 seconds (enough to get a little tacky, but not enough to dry all the way), I added Flamethrower in the center and worked outward almost all o fthe way out, leaving a small border to the blend to act as a lipliner sort of look.  Then I went in right away with Queen Bee, tapping it just into the center of the lip to create the ombre.  It’s a little slapdash, but it turned out ok.

I knew I wanted plenty of plastic, yellow gold glow for this look, so I started with the lighter of the two shades in the Natasha Denona Glow Gold highlighter from this last Christmas.  It doesn’t have a name, but on the bottom of the compact it indicates that this shade is the Diamond Powder in the duo.  She’s cute, but she’s not as glowing as I was hoping for.  Nice start, but keep going bitch!

Because there is no such thing as too much highlighter, I dipped into two shades of the Milk & Honey palette from Beauty Bakerie: first I put down some of the peachy shimmer Bee Sweet, and then really kicked up the shine with Spoiler Alert!  These photos are the three highlighters all layered together, and I think they are stunning.  Over the top, yes.  A little much? Perhaps.  But definitely stunning.

It was time – this look needed some lashes, and these are the lashes that inspired the whole shebang!  These whimsical lashes were custom made by Mary Kelly, an internet friend that I somehow met through Instagram, and ended up meeting in real life!  She lives in Arizona and when I was traveling there often for work, she happened to work at the Sephora in Chandler Fashion Center Mall!  She’s a joy and a delight, and she makes some truly beautiful lashes using Swarozski crystals, glitter, pompoms, and other materials.  They really are amazing, even if my dumb ass can’t photograph them for SHIT!  They are so cute and fun!  She also made the skull crystal lashes that I wore when I met the Boulet Brothers at Days of the Dead in Atlanta, and they were featured in one of my photo shoots with Brooklyn Ewing – you can see them HERE!  Check her out on Instagram @the_real_mary_kelly and look for some fun collabs between Miss Kelly and I to happen!  We’ve been talking about it, and I’m a hot mess with trying to coordinate literally anything, but 2020 is the year!  For real!

So there she is!  Rubber Duckie, you are one cool chick!  It’s not my best look ever, but I had a lot of fun playing and I experimented with a couple of things that helped me grow my skills.  That wig – that’s another one of my skill stretch goals that I’ve taken on: styling wigs!  This is the first wig that I ever put into curlers and curled with a steamer, then back-combed.  She’s a little messy and she’s definitely not stage ready, but she worked really well for the photos and I think it’s a pretty good start!  I can’t wait to play around with more wigs and hone that talent!  I can always use new wigs, so that skill will hopefully save me a lot of money!

So, what do you think of this Face Friday creation?  Are you living for the Rubber Duckie look, or should we just keep swimming?  I’d love to hear your feedback below.  And be sure to let me know what you’d like to see in future Face Friday posts – specific kinds of looks or techniques, specific palettes or products, etc.  In general, I like the step by step format, but I do want to say that just because I use specific products to create a look doesn’t mean you have to run out any buy the products here.  It’s more about looking at colors and tones and finding what will work well together, not about having any and every product that someone shows in a makeup look or tutorial.  Makeup should be about fun and creating art, not about having all of the newest and latest hings (unless that’s what you want and can afford and it really makes your heart sing!).  That’s why I will sometimes use limited edition or discontinued products in my looks that aren’t available anymore; just because you can’t buy that specific product doesn’t mean that you can’t dupe it out with something else.  I love shopping, but I’m also looking to use more of the makeup I have!  I try to link as many fo the products I use as I can, but if something is no longer available, I’ll just link to similar products from the brand, or just to the brand page itself.  Again, this isn’t to pressure you to buy if you have stuff you can use in your own collection to create the look (or modify it!), but just to make it easier if there is something you wanted to pick up, or if you wanted to browse from the brands I feature, especially indie (like Peachy Queen) and black-owned brands (like Uoma Beauty and Beauty Bakerie).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Face Friday – check back next week to see what other shenanigans I get up to!

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