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Face Friday: We Rise Up With This Phoenix Eye Look, Feat. Glamlite Cake Palette!

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Face Friday: We Rise Up With This Phoenix Eye Look, Feat. Glamlite Cake Palette!

I don’t know about you, but I need a little bit of encouragement lately.  Mean Miss Rona has me feeling a type of way, and when I get down I like to put on some music and paint a face.  It’s what helps get me through.  So for this Face Friday, I decided to do a fiery take on a “sunset eye” look – it’s like my version of a phoenix and a sunset all wrapped up in one!

For this look I wanted to play with a palette from an indie brand that is becoming on of my favorites: GlamLite Cosmetics!  They have a variety of food-themed makeup which I think is adorably packaged; I recently reviewed the Cake Palette by GlamLite, and I thought that the range of berries and purples would be perfect for this kind of look.  I also recently reviewed the Veggie Lovers Pizza Slice palette and I ordered the Meat Lovers – look for an upcoming Face Friday post that combines the two!

For primer I decided to try out the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Mattifying Primer with Vitamin C and E.  I didn’t think it had much of a peach smell, but it was a nice enough primer and left me matte and ready for foundation.  It’s a slick, silicone type of primer, so if you aren’t a fan of that you won’t like this one, but it’s a nice option for a drugstore priced primer if you want to calm down shininess on oily skin.

This should be familiar if you’ve ready most of my Face Friday posts – I calmed down some redness with my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Color Corrector in Green.  I don’t think I like this as good as my tried and true Naked Skin Fluid from Urban Decay, but it does a good job of neutralizing this pink beast before I put on my foundation.

I’ve been loving the Say What?! Foundation from Uoma Beauty, so I decided to go with that again for this look.  I wear shade Fair Lady T3C  I also used the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in Fair Lady T1, but I bought a shade that isn’t quite light enough for the highlighting effect that I like, so I added some of the Magic Star Concealer in C0 White from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  I think a white concealer is a great idea to have on hand – not only can you use it to lighten up a foundation or concealer that is a little too dark, you can also use it for a cute crease (as I’ll demonstrate a little alter in the post!).

To get ready for the eye look I did some baking under the eyes and along my jawline with the Give Me Glow Cosmetics Baking & Setting Powder in Sugar Cookie and put down a solid layer of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer.

I love the bright, gorgeous shades from the GlamLite Cake Palette.  I started with the matte shade Peach, using a fluffy blending brush to work that color into the inner third of the crease.

Next I used the matte shade Ube, a medium lavender, and blended into the peach and up to the arch and down toward the outer corner.  In the outer corner I went in with Purple Frost, a matte deep berry purple, darkening the outer corner and blending it up into the Ube shade.

I finished up the crease area with the matte shade Cranberry, working it from the peach shade and bringing it underneath the purple shades and connecting it over to the Purple Frost shade on the outer corner.

Something that I don’t think I’ve mentioned in previous posts is that I show each shadow color in the order that I use it, and give you the basic placement.  However, I do go back with all of these shades throughout creating the look to blend, reshape, blend again, and basically get a smoother combination.  So if you are trying to recreate the look or do something similar and your lines are a little more harsh or its not giving you the same sort of effect, don’t be afraid to go back in and keep blending your shades together.

I decided that I wanted to do a cut crease look – which I’m not super great at, but this lockdown time seems like the perfect time to practice and hone new skills!  I blacked out the cut crease area using the Magic Star Concealer in C0 White.  I used a lip brush instead of the doe foot applicator, and after I had it applied I took a Real Techniques Miracle Powder sponge with a little bit of the Sugar Cookie setting powder from Give Me Glow to help set down that base and give a more solid canvas for the color.

Across the lid I did three of the shimmers from the Cake palette, starting with Guava in the inner third of the crease, then into Lavender, then Blueberry.  I used a small dense packing brush first to stamp on a layer of the color, and then I went over it again applying a bit more color with my finger to get more of a foiled appearance.  Then I went back in with the brush to blend the edges between shades.

For the look so far, I’ve really focused on the purple and berry shades, but to make it more of a true sunset look, I wanted to bring in some orange and yellow tones.  I started with the shade Carrot, sprayed with setting spray, and blended it along the outer two thirds of the lower lashline.  Then I took the yellow gold shimmer shade Banana, also with setting spray, and applied it to the inner corner and along the lower lashline, blending it into Carrots. I also put some of the yellow gold abover Peach and taking it slightly above the Peach and Ube shades, heading toward the arch.  I also drew on the brow shape using an Urban Decau 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Demolition.

Instead of doing a true colorful brown like I’ve done with a lot of my recent Face Friday looks, I stamped the matte shade Chocolate over the whole brow shape.  Then I lightly brushed Banana over the front third of the brow to get a little bit of gold sparkle.  I wanted it to sort of resemble the embers in a fire.

I love that GlamLite does coordinated collections with their palettes.  They didn’t have any lashes for the desserts collection (that collection was more focused on yummy scented lip glosses) but I had some lashes from the Burger palette collection in the style Bacon Cheeseburger.   The band was a little bit thick and I ended up with too much glue, but the lashes themselves were nice.  These are a little thinner, and for show looks I would probably use these as bottom lashes instead of top lashes, but I generally like the GlamLite lashes.

I figured this would be a great look to do a slightly less pronounced blush look and pair the eye with a bright, fiery lip.  I started by adding in a little contour with this Ulta Beauty Matte Bronzer.  This was a gift with purchase from a couple of summers ago, but I wish they would have this formula in a variety of colors in their regular line!  This is a fabulous bronzer!

I wanted to do a peach glowy blush moment, so I started with the Juvia’s Place Afrique blush in the shade Serafina.  I blended that from the contour up toward the middle of the cheek, not quite up to the apples.

To up the glow factor, I used the Give Me Glow Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Peach Pop using a fluffy face brush.  I blended this from the apples of my cheek down into the Juvia’s Place blush .  I love the look of this!  This color is dark enough that on my skintone I can either use it in this way, to lighten up a glowy blush look, or I can use it as a traditional highlight if I want a subtle, wet look that blends into the skin more than your typical “blinding” highlight.

And you know I’m a whore for highlight, so I decided to add Glazed Donut from Ofra Cosmetics to the cheekbone above the blush and blending it slightly down into the Give Me Glow, making it more of a blended, ombre kind of effect than a separate highlight.  I also did highlight down the nose, on the cupid’s bow, and a tiny touch on the chin.

For the Lips, I wanted to start with a berry red liquid lipstick and then cover that with a brighter orange gloss to mix together the slightly cooler berry shades with the brighter, more citrus-y shades.  For the liquid lipsticks, I used the LA Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color in the shade Feisty.  Once that dried down, I went over it with the Too Faced Juicy Fruits lip gloss in the shade Takes Two To Mango.

I knew I wanted to add glitter (because when do I ever not want to add glitter?!), but I didn’t want to do glitter tears this time.  This look is inspired by the phoenix rising up in flames, so no tears here!  I took the ColourPop Glitterally Obsessed glitter gel in Puffin and went over the Banana shade in the inner corner and under the brow.  I also added an abstract “sunburst” sort of effect on the outer corner, blending up into the dark purple shades.

I wasn’t sure what wig to pair with it, so I tried a little bit of everything!

I love the darker brown hair with these colors, but I don’t love the style.  Clearly I need to do some brunette wig shopping to get me some more options!

What do you think of this look?  Are you a fan of sunset eye looks with purples, berries, yellows, and oranges?  What other looks, styles, or techniques would you like to see me demo in these Face Friday posts?

And the usual disclaimer type stuff: none of the links on this page are affiliated; I just include them to make it easier for you to browse, discover new brands, and make a purchase if something catches your fancy.  Never feel like you have to have the exact products listed in this post, and don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  If you want to do a more scaled down version of the sunset eyes look, focus on yellow and orange shades on the inner portion of the eye moving out to berry reds and red-toned purples.

Hope you are all staying happy, healthy, and safe! XOXO – Miss Jaye

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