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Face Friday: The Lighter Side Of Halloween, Feat. Glamlite & Lemonhead LA!

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Face Friday: The Lighter Side Of Halloween, Feat. Glamlite & Lemonhead LA!

Hey there ghouls and boils, are you ready for the first of my kinda, sorta Halloween-themed Face Friday looks?  I’m not great with special effects or character makeup, so for spooky season this year I decided to do some fun twists on my usual makeup looks to make them more appropriate for the upcoming high holy day!  For this look, I wanted to play with the new Glamlite Cosmetics Ice Cream Dreams palette, so I created a loose, blended shadow look and took it over the top with a ton of glitter for a look that would be great for a unicorn or fairy costume, a light and glittery club kid, or tone down the glitter and wear it as a diffused pastel rainbow eye.

Here’s the final look:

This was a fun look to do, and I really do think it’s something that can be worn in a lot of different contexts without the glitter – if you do colorful makeup looks, you could easily do this kind of eye in your everyday life!

Let’s start with the base.  I had asked this once before, and got feedback that people like seeing the base steps in each post (even though I use the same few products over and over and the technique doesn’t really change much), but let me know if you think it’s worthwhile to have the foundation steps included each time, or if you think I should skip them unless I do something drastically different.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

I started out with the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Mattifying Primer.  I’ve been generally liking this primer, so I’m sticking with it to try and get it finished before the end of the year (come through, 2020 empties!).  You might see a diversion from time to time, but this is my go to for most of my website/YT looks.

For foundation, I went with my Juvia’s Place I Am Magic foundation to get that real full coverage realness that it delivers; my shade is 610 Cebu, and I love the look of this foundation!  If you are a full coverage fan, this is a must try!  And if you’re pasty pale like me and you’re worried about foundation from a Black-Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB), don’t be: two out of my absolute top 3 favorite foundations are from BOMBs, the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic foundation and the Uoma Beauty Say What?! foundation.  Just because white people don’t always make foundation ranges that include people with darker skin doesn’t mean that brands owned by black entrepreneurs make the same mistake in reverse.  And yes, that’s definitely some shade…

I also used the Benefit Boi-Ing Concealer for highlighting and lifting the face.  I put shade No 1 up next to my lower lash line and down the bridge of my nose, and then shade No 2.5 below that, on my forehead, and on my cupid’s bow and chin.  If I want a bright highlight under the eye and I want to take it further out into the face because I’m planning to do a lighter, more subtle blush look, I’ll often do that trick with the two concealer shades and blend them further out into my face.

I only picked up this concealer recently during the fall 21 Days of beauty at Ulta, but I’m really liking it.  It’s got great coverage and it blends out nicely.  I feel like I don’t get a lot of product on the wand, and I have to keep going in to the tube, but that could just be a symptom of the fact that I’m a big ol’ cakeface.  I wouldn’t mind a better applicator though…just sayin’.

The powder under my eyes should be familiar: the Give Me Glow Cosmetics Baking & Loose Setting Powder in Sugar Cookie.  To mix it up a little, I decided to use a little Too Faced Shadow Insurance as my eye primer.  It’s October – let’s get wild and witchy!

I love the colors in the new Ice Cream Dream palette, and I wanted to use as many of them as possible and create a gorgeous, diffused sort of rainbow look.  So I decided to start with different colors on each eye, and then use some common shades to pull them together and add structure.

To kick things off, I used the matte shades Mint Chocolate and Mochi to lay down some turquoise and pink on my eyes, starting at the inner corner right next to the nose, over the inner half of the lid, and up at an angle to the arch of the look.

To add a little dimension, I took two slightly darker mattes into the outer corner of the look.  I don’t want this look to have a lot of strong lines, so I used a big fluffy brush for the previous step as well as this one so that it’s a light, blown-out blend.  The Green Tea needed to be built up a lot more to get more differentiation from the lighter shade, so be ready for a little work there.  Raspberry was a much deeper shade and had more contrast from the very beginning.

Next I took the matte yellow shade Mango and worked this from inner corner of the look, up to the arch, and down the back half.  I started above the pink and the green shades and blended them down to the edge and a little bit over so that the yellow would mix and create a new color.  The border was a little too sharp so I took the matte green Pistachio and the matte peachy orange pumpkin and used that to bump up the color created by blending the yellow in and help diffuse the edges of the shadows.  Again, I wanted some depth throughout the look and I wanted a lot of different colors, but I wanted the look to be really soft and blended and flowy, very loose.

Next I took some shimmer on the lids, Birthday Cake on the green side and Strawberry on the pink side.  I took that from the inner part of the lid and across, up to where the darker matte shade started.  These shades were a perfect complement to the lighter matte shade beneath, with a similar base pigment but the shimmer had a little twist to it to make it stand out.

Just like the yellow on both sides to tie it together, I wanted to unite the look by having purple on the outer corner and along the lower lash line.  I started by taking the dark purple shimmer shade Taro and blending that on the outer portion of the lid and into the pink and green mattes, but not going very far past the lid.  I also wanted to keep that color pretty much just at the bottom of the outer lid and then start it flowing down to the lower lash line.

For the lower lash line, I took more of Taro and brought that down to the outer third of the lash line.  For the middle third, I used the lighter purple shimmer Gelato, and then used the light lilac matte Honey Lavender on the inner third and inner corner.

Throughout this whole process, I also dipped back and forth into all of the colors and just blended and built and worked to try to create as much flow between the colors as possible.

Finally, I wanted to lay down a white shimmer above the yellow; I knew that I wasn’t going to bother with brows and instead use a lot of glitter – again, I didn’t want any strong lines and brows are definitely strong lines, especially the way I draw them! – so I just took this white shimmer and buffed it in all the way across the upper part of the yes, above the yellow Mango shade, and even across the space between the eyes like a sparkly unibrow (CLASSY!).  I also took a little down the nose to build an extra base for the highlight.  Then I added some Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara to darken the lashes before I added falsies.  I’m still not in love with that mascara, but I’m using it up before I open my next new mascara to test.

I decided to stick with GlamLite since they make some amazing lashes, and I added the Ice Cream Sandwich lashes to complete the eye look.

For the cheeks, I wanted to keep the look like and ethereal, so I didn’t want a deep, dark contour line.  I used the Uoma Beauty Sculpt + Strobe Duo Stick in White Pearl.  The contour shade on this is pretty much too light for me, and it barely shows up over my foundation.  It gave me a very light and subtle contour, less than I was hoping for, but since I tend to overdo, well, everything, I like that it gave me something subtle to start with so I could build the look from there.

To give a little bit more depth to the contour but keep it light and glowy, I used the Nabla Skin Bronzing powder in Ambra.  This gave me a little bit more definition, though the lights kind of blow it out and make it look almost invisible!  It was definitely there, but I loved the shimmery quality to it.

I’m still absolutely obsessed with all of these Nabla powders, so I continued and added the Skin Glazing powder in Truth to add a subtle shimmery pink into the look.  The pink was a little harsher than I wanted, but I knew exactly how to calm it down…

I just went over the whole thing with the Skin Glazing powder in Ozone to make it lighter, brighter, and very glowy!  I’ve been loving a glowy blush look, and these Nabla powders are amazing!  I feel like my entire blush drawer is getting neglected, but I just can’t stop using these powders!


I wanted to keep things very light and pastel, but I still wanted a little bit more color on the apples of my cheeks so I dipped into the Beauty Bay Pastels palette, using the cantaloupe matte shade Golden Hour, and lightly blended that directly onto the apples of my cheek and up the cheekbone as well as down into the blush.  It’s a subtle change, but I absolutely love it!

I generally think that Glazed Donut by Ofra is perfect for most occasions, but I knew that is was especially suited to this light, cloudy, pastel rainbow look.  I like that it’s a pearly pale champagne without leaning toward any specific color, and I layed that down pretty think on the cheekbones and up around the outer edge of the eye look.  I also used a generous amount down my nose, on the cupid’s bow, and a spotlight on my chin.

In the spirit of keeping things light and pastel, and changing up my looks a bit for spooky season, I decided to do something I pretty much never do: nude lips without a dark liner!  I am a 90s bish all day long, and I love a pale lip with a dark brown liner, but I rarely just do a nude lip without something to really set it off.  I put down a thick coat of LA Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color in Barely There, a bright pale peach.  I really like these LA Colors liquid lipsticks – they are super cheap but they give great coverage and they dry down comfortably while still being pretty much transfer proof.  Then to give it a little sparkle, I added the Wet Cherry Gloss from Lime Crime in Minty Cherry.

If you were wanting to adapt this look for more of an everyday sort of thing, you could easily stop here and not do the glitter.  I would also suggest maybe skipping the white shimmer, or applying it just under the brows for a nice highlight.

But I’m never one to stop before things are half a mile past too much, so I decided that I needed glitter – ALL THE GLITTER!

I have a pink, green, and holo silver custom Space Jam that I ordered from Lemonhead LA, appropriately called Miss Jaye!  I took that down my cheekbones along where I placed my highlight, and also took it up around the edge of the eye look, concentrating most of the glitter at the edge of the outer corner of the look and diffusing it out from there.  I took it all the way up and around and through the white shadow, again keeping it most concentrated along the outer edge of the shadow look and then getting more diffused and spread out as I moved in toward the center of the face.  Finally, I also put down some glitter on the bridge of my nose.

And that’s it!  Like I said above, I think you could use a variation on this look for a unicorn or fairy costume, or do it in shades of blue, green, and purple for a mermaid look.  It could be a club kid sort of look, and you could always switch out neons for pastels and give it an 80s twist.  You could also spread the glitter out further and draw constellations in it for an artsy zodiac look!

Not that it matters since the world can’t get its shit together and Halloween is all but cancelled this year…

This is me, scowling at all of the non-mask-wearing assholes who ruined Halloween for us this year.  Speaking of masks, if you are going out to some sort of socially distanced celebration and you’re worried about your mask, you can adapt this look for that by just starting the glitter at the lower corner of the eye look instead of going all the way across the cheek, and then you won’t get glitter all up under your mask…or at least, not as much since the nature of glitter is to go every-fucking-where.  You can also just paint on the lipstick and skip the glitter gloss; wait for it to dry down, and you won’t have to worry about it being all over the inside of your mask either!

As always, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way; I simply provide the links so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so desire.  Don’t feel like you need to have the exact products that I used in this ost to recreate or alter this or any other look you see online.  Don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!

Thanks for checking out this pastel fantasy look, and I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspires you to play with more colors than just black and blood red this spooky season!

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