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Face Friday: Stumbling Into Pride With This Half-Assed Look, Feat. Huda Beauty

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Face Friday: Stumbling Into Pride With This Half-Assed Look, Feat. Huda Beauty

Y’all, I know I’ve missed the last couple of weeks for Face Friday, but I figured since this was the first Friday of Pride month, I had to do something, right?  Maybe I should have kept practicing!  It’s not terrible, but there were some problems with this look.  Like lesbians in couples counseling after date three, let’s talk it out…

I had some new Huda Beauty products I wanted to play with, so I decided to do this purple and turquoise pastel look – with lots of glitter added!  I used three Huda palettes for this look: Mercury Retrograde, Mint Obsessions, and Lilac Obsessions.

Let’s just dive in, and then we’ll explore what went wrong.  Maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it out in my head, but it was definitely not how I was planning to kick off Pride month looks!

To prime, this should be familiar: the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight primer to start, and then following it up with the Too Faced Dew You Luminous Face Primer in Radiant Nude.  I’m almost out of the Too Faced – I thought this was going to be it, but there might be one or maybe two uses left.  I’m going to be sad when this one is all the way gone.

For foundation, I switched shades of the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation – the Sephora computer initially matched me with 250G Cheesecake, but that is described as having a golden undertone.  I didn’t hate it, but they had 245B Peaches N Cream which is described as having a beigey-pink undertone, and that sounded much more up my alley.  It’s definitely a little bit darker than some of my foundation, but I like the way it helps the concealer do a better job of highlighting.  Not sure I could wear this foundation in the winter, but now that I’ve had the bare minimum of sun, I think it’s a nice match.  To highlight I used the Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer in No1 under my eyes and No 2.5 down the center of my face.  I think they look gorgeous blended out with this foundation shade – I’ll definitely be doing this combo again!

To get started, I laid down a pretty hefty layer of the Ulta Matte Eye Primer and baked under my eyes with the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder in Cupcake.  This is my first time using this powder.  I like the smell, and the color was nice, but I don’t know if I would buy it over the Kim Chi powder or the Give Me Glow powder.  Powder isn’t that exciting; I would rather get it on the cheap!

To start, I took a fluffy brush into the shade Momentum from the Retrograde palette and swept it into my crease, basically creating the shape.  It mostly blends into my skin and that’s exactly what I wanted!  Then I went into the Mint palette and took the upper right corner shade on a fluffy brush and added it to the inner corner of my eye.

Next, I took the lower right corner shade from Mint Obsessions and added that next to the lighter green, bringing it across the lid and up toward the arch.  Then I took the lavender matte from the Lilac Obsession palette and worked that into the outer corner next to the green.

I applied all of the shimmer and all of the glitters in this look with the NYX Glitter Primer.  First I went into the bright green shimmer marbled shade in the Mint palette and applied that over the darker green matte across the lid.  Then I took the shade Supermoon from Retrograde and blended that into the green shimmer and down into the inner corner.

Next I took the matte berry shade Vortex and darkened the outer corner of the look, and also created a little definition on the inner corner.  Then, to make the line of Vortex less harsh I went into the shimmer shade Nebula and blended that into the upper boundary of the shade and up toward the arch.  I also took Vortex most of the way across the lower lash line.

To add some brightness and shimmer to the lower lash line, I went over most of it with Ultraviolet from the Retrograde palette and blended that into both corners.  Then I added some Pool Boy Glitter from Trixie Cosmetics into the upper arch of the look.  This didn’t transition as smoothly as I wanted, so I started to think of how I could try to up the glitter and make it all blend together a bit better.

I decided to try out the Houdini Spacepaste glitter gel highlight from Lemonhead LA.  This has a sheer base and the glitter is clear but flashes a deep blue/purple (review of this and six more shades coming Monday!)  It worked alright, but it still wasn’t perfect.  I decided to continue the Trixie glitter over the lowlight on the inner corner and that made it a little less abrupt.

For brows, I drew the shapes on (poorly, as per usual) with a brown pencil, and then filled them in with Ultraviolet from Retrograde.  I wanted colorful brows, but there was a lot going on so I decided against the ombre brow this time.  I think I should be praised for my restraint…

For lashes…Jesus.  It’s only been three weeks since the last Face Friday, so I didn’t think to check and make sure my lash glue was still good.  It was not.  It was so funky and gross.  I tried to glue the lashes on with the NYX glitter primer, and that had mixed results – it’s definitely not a glue in the traditional sense!  I was able to get some ok pics at the end, but you’ll see the lashes disappear for the next few steps as I do the face.  The lashes are the Zombae Lashes from Dazzle Me Dead Cosmetics.

I was over it, so I decided to do a pretty simple, basic contour.  I used the Nabla Skin Bronzing Powder in the shade Soft Revenge to start carving out my cheeks.  The one on the left went way too heavy, but I think the right looks damn good!  It’s the story of my life: I’m gorgeous as long as you can only see 50% of my face or less at any give time!

The blushes and the bronzers pair beautifully, so I followed that up with the Nabla Skin Glazing powder in the shade Truth.  This is a gorgeous color and helped tame the contour a little bit.  Not as much as I would have liked, but it was a start.

I had two of the new Huda Mini Highlight Obsessions so I decided to use the lighter one to highlight.  Everyone on YouTube was reading these to filth, but I thought they were cute.  They were mad that she put her face on the cover, but I don’t see any problem with it.  She owns the brand, she can put whoever the hell she wants!  I used the pink shade in the upper right corner to blend into the blush and go all the way up the cheekbone.  Then I used the peachy shade in the bottom left corner to highlight the tops of the cheekbones and down the center of my face.  These powders are gorgeous and so easy to work with. I love the way the pink and the peach blended – gorgeous!

For lips, I started with the liquid lipstick in the shade Medusa, and then topped it with the Lip Strobe gloss in Bewitching.  The matte formula is really comfortable, and I would definitely wear it alone, but this look was screaming for gloss!

I could have stopped there, but I am who I am, and I wanted to bring in a little more color and a little more sparkle!  I added some Cielo Spacepaste from Lemonhead LA to bring some golden green and pink sparkle to the highlight.  Since the I like that the green and gold help it stand out from the eye look which is much more turquoise and purple.

This look…well, it is what it is!  it’s an attempt, and I had some fun trying some new products, but I’m not thrilled with it.  I might have to give these Huda products another chance and try to redeem them in a future post.  But it wouldn’t be Pride if I wasn’t somewhere on the internet looking a gottdamn mess!

As always, none of the links in this post are affiliated or sponsored in anyway; I simply provide them so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so choose.  Never feel like you have to have the exact products shown in this or any tutorial to create or alter the look – don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!

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