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Face Friday: Pastel Fantasy Inspired By Color Reveal Barbie, Feat. Lethal Cosmetics & Midas X Smokey Glow

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Face Friday: Pastel Fantasy Inspired By Color Reveal Barbie, Feat. Lethal Cosmetics & Midas X Smokey Glow

Another Face Friday, another excuse to try to recapture some of my childhood by playing with toys.

That’s right, Champagne Dreamers: we’ve got another Face Friday look inspired by the new Color Reveal Barbies by Mattel!  I am seriously in love with these; the dolls are pretty basic and they don’t have the same presence as the queens of the 80s doll line did (I’m still living for Crystal Barbie and Peaches & Cream Barbie!) but I love the mystery element and having to turn the colors that are revealed into a makeup look!

The last look I did was inspired by a taco Barbie from the foodie series (I’ll include that HERE in case you haven’t checked it out yet); for this look, I decided to go with one of the dolls from the “Sunny & Cool” series.  Looking at the 5 possible dolls for this series, there were two that I was really hoping not to get…and this was one of them!  It’s not that this isn’t a lovely doll: the pastels are pretty and feminine and the moon and stars theme is very cute, but the overall colors of this doll are all pretty light and pastel, and there isn’t a great deal of range.  I definitely went a little darker than her overall colors to make this look come together.  I decided that since she has a deeper purple in her wig and those two bigger stars are a little bit deeper of a pink that I could really work those accent colors to get some depth!  Here’s the final look:

It’s an ice cream dream, a unicorn fantasy, and I haven’t done a glitter tears look in a hot minute.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how this turned out.  Turns out this doll was a better inspiration than I thought!

I kicked things off with the Makeup Revolution Glass Skin Primer.  I used this in a previous Face Friday where I tried out a bunch of products from the “glass skin” collection.  I like the way my face looks after using it, but the feeling is really heavy on the skin.  I’m not used to that sort of heaviness in a primer, but it worked well enough.

I wasn’t liking the blotchy redness in my face, so I decided to do some color correcting before laying down my foundation.  I’m still working on using up my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Concealer in the shade Green.  I am no longer featuring or reviewing JSC products on the site, but some may pop up from time to time when I don’t have suitable alternatives, although my thinking around this is continuing to evolve.  If you would like to know more about where I am at currently and how I came to this decision, please check out this post: Goodbye JSC.

For my base, I went with a double shot of Black-Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) goodness: first I lay down a coat of the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation in the shade Cebu, followed by highlighting the undereye and center of my face with the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1.  This shade isn’t as light as I would like, but I’m working through it pretty quickly and I think I like the formula enough that when I run out I’ll try it in a lighter shade of the White Pearl range.

This step should look pretty familiar if you’re been keeping up with my Face Friday posts: I have been loving the Give Me Glow Baking & Loose Setting Powder in Sugar Cookie for baking underneath the eyes and protecting from fallout, and then I primed my lids with the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent.  This still isn’t my favorite eye primer, but I’m trying to work my way through it so that I can toss it in my empties and try something new!

For the eyes, I decided to use two palettes that have a great selections of pinks and purples with a couple of great turquoise/blue accents to create the overall color story of my Color Reveal Barbie: the After Dark palette by Lethal Cosmetics and the Midas Cosmetics X Smokey Glow collab palette.  You will probably be able to tell which palette is which in the photos below, since the Lethal shadows have a design pressed into the shadow and the Midas do not, but I’ll mark shades with (AD) for the After Dark palette and (SG) for the Smokey Glow palette just to make it easier to follow.  My review of the After Dark palette will be live in the LifeStyle section on Makeup Monday 9/14, and you can read my review of the Midas Cosmetics X Smokey Glow HERE.

I started with the shade Capslock (AD) and worked that on the inner portion of my crease with a medium sized fluffy brush.  Then I used the same style of brush to work the lilac shade Sequence (AD) directly beneath the pink shade.  I worked both shades a little more than halfway across the eye in an upward direction, leaving the lid pretty much bare (we’ll come back to that with some shimmer!).

Next I took the shade Rose (SG) with a fluffy brush and finished defining the arch of the look.  They are terribly uneven in this picture, as per usual, though I did go back in after I realized it and tried to make them match a little more.  So even though this step looks a little janky, we did try to correct it afterwards!  Then I went into the purple matte shade Nightcall (AD) and deepened up the outer corner of the look up to the edge of that Rose shade.  I left the center part open to build in some shimmers.

For the shimmers, I started with a pinky/purple duochrome shimmer called Mainframe (AD) and worked that into the edge of the deep purple and up to the arched section of the rose shade, and down onto the outer portion of the lid.  Then I added Synth (AD), a silvery lavender shimmer, next to Mainframe and into the inner part of the lid, blending into and covering most of the matte lilac shade.

For the inner corner, I went into the shade Nutty (SG) and used some setting spray to really foil it out and give it more impact.  I also took that down onto the inner part of the lower lash line.  Then after wiping away the baking powder and cleaning up a couple of spots with the Uoma concealer, I took the matte turquoise shade Proxy (AD) and blended that out on the rest of the lower lash line.  I used a little bit of the deep purple, Nightcall (AD), to blend the upper part of the look down into the matte turquoise.

To darken my lashes before adding falsies, I once again used the Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara.  Y’all, I just don’t know how to feel about this mascara.  The first couple of times that I used it, I thought it might surpass my Better Than Sex mascara as my favorite high end mascara of all time!  Then at other times I feel like it’s trash.  This time was somewhere in the middle.  I’m intrigued enough that I might break down and buy a full size (sometimes the trial size just doesn’t really replicate the full size experience and performance), but I just don’t know if it’s going to be worth it, especially when I know that Better Than Sex is going to perform the way I need it too every damn time.

I’ve been loving the GlamLite lashes lately, so I kept that going with the Pizza Lashes in Hawaiian for this look.  It seemed appropriate: Amy D was hanging out with me talking shop while I did this look, and we ordered Canadian Bacon pizza (but no pineapple) for dinner!


In the previous picture you could see the outline of the brows that I drew on with a random brown pencil, just to establish the shape.  I wanted to do a colorful brow, and I wanted a gradient of matte and shimmer, so I first went over the whole brow with Nightcall (AD) to establish that deep purple color.  Then I took the shade Leno (SG) and started at the inner part and worked that into the brow, slowly fading as I went up, stopping just before the point of the arch.  I concentrated the most shadow in that inner part of the brow and let it fade as we went, and that’s how I typically do these sorts of brows.  You’ll get a much smoother transition if you don’t try to carry too much shimmer out into the body of the brow.

Just for fun I took a little bit of the shade Group Chat (SG) on a very small detail brush and did an underbrow highlight.  It had just the right sort of subtle pink sparkled that I wanted!

Next up, I built the base of my contour using the Uoma Beauty Double Take Sculpt + Strobe Duo Stick in Honey Honey and contoured my cheeks, forehead/hairline, and my neck.

I wanted my cheeks to be a little subtle for this look, but I wanted the color to be pink, so I took the shade Free from the Morphe Blushing Babes blush trio in Pop Of Pink, and blended that through the majority of my cheek contour to brighten it up and make it generally more pink in tone.  Morphe is definitely hit and miss with their eyeshadow palettes, but I have nothing but good things to say about these blush trios!  And three shades for only $12?  They are definitely one of the jewels of the brand.  If you’re looking for great, versatile blush options on the cheap, I really do recommend checking them out.

Finally, to add a bit more pink and add a bit of glow, I used the Nabla Skin Glazing Glow Powder in Truth on the apples of my cheeks and blending down into the contour.  I also took it across my nose.  That has been such a trend lately, and in general I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I do think it looks cute with this look.

For highlight, I wanted some icy blue to contrast with the pink and purple, so I used Skywalker from Kaleidos Makeup.  I took this onto the upper part of my cheekbones as well as across the nose, the cupid’s bow, and just a tiny touch on my chin.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to pair with the blush on the nose, but I think it actually looked really cool: you still got that blushed look, but with a point of light on the tip!  But just the tip…

Now, if you were trying to make this look a little less drag and a little more everyday, you could easily do your regular brows with this eye look, go for a slightly less shining highlight (maybe one with more of a pink tone to blend in with the blush), and pair it with a nude, a pinky nude, or a baby pink lip.  Remember, you don’t have to recreate any look you see exactly, especially if it doesn’t fit your style, your occasion, or your situation.  I love to do big drag looks, but a lot of the looks I do can easily be scaled down to work for all kinds of people.

But because I am a big crazy drag queen and I love color, I decided to once again take inspiration for the lips from the doll’s shoes, which are a bright pale blue.  I started by lining my lips with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pincil in Vivid (one of the shades that came out with the Wired palette, which I reviewed HERE).  I made the line pretty thick even though I knew I was going to go over a good deal of it with the lipstick.

For the lips, I used the Glam Vice Cosmetics Vivid Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Skyline.  I really want to love this product, because it comes in such a gorgeous variety of shades and they are only $12 each, but I just can’t.  The formula is very thick.  It’s definitely one coat coverage, which in and of itself isn’t bad, but it takes forever to dry, it tends to flake off in chunks if you wear it for any length of time (I don’t mind it as much for quick photos like I do for these posts but it would never do for a show or a longer photo shoot), and any sort of gloss or top coat reactivates the formula and you get lipstick soup.  I knew that, but I decided to try it anyway: I topped the lips with the Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Minty Cherry.  I got a little bit of glitter and shine, but it reactivated the lipstick formula and most of the glitter got swallowed up by the heavy, opaque lipstick.

I haven’t’ done a glitter tears look for a while, and I’ve been dying to do it with my Cover Fx Glitter Drops in Lunar, so I painted them on with a small detail brush.  I have experimented with these in the past, using the dropper in the bottle to just drip them directly onto my face.  That can be really effective, but it can also go too far very quickly…and I am not known for my subtlety or ability to hold back!  Besides, I like the ethereal, almost watercolor look of these tears when painted on with a brush.  Hey, the world is on fire and we’re all embroiled in a constant state of existential dread, so if we’re going to cry anyway, why not cry glitter?!

So that is the final look!  What do you think?  Are you living for this unicorn fantasy?  Do you think it’s a good interpretation of the Color Reveal Barbie? And before you say, “Why would you do tears – Barbie is always smiling and happy?” just know that I was crying for that awful hairline on her plastic wig.  Seriously.  You could clock that shit from 5 miles.  Barbie is a billion dollar business and the bitch can’t afford a lace front?  I don’t buy it…

As usual, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way.  I simply provide the links so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Never feel like you have to have these exact products to recreate or alter this or any other look that you see – don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  Makeup is about fun and creativity, not about rules or perfection.

If you ever have any suggestions about types of looks of inspiration for a Face Friday post that you’d like to see, leave a comment below or reach out to me on my socials!  I’m always looking for new ideas.  And if you like the Color Reveal Barbies, I’ll leave Trixie Mattel’s video below where she did a reveal with all 5 dolls in the foodie series!

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