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Face Friday: Painting Our Way Through The Apocalypse Feat. Juvia’s Place & ColourPop!

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Face Friday: Painting Our Way Through The Apocalypse Feat. Juvia’s Place & ColourPop!

Ready for another foray into the madness that is my quarantine brain planning and executing another full face of Apocalypse ready glam?!  Yeah, me either, but here we are.

For this look, I wanted to take inspiration from the colors of this face mask that was lovingly made for my by my friend Angie over at Beautiful Eccentric.  This mask is perfectly formed for future Mortal Kombat cosplay experiences, and I think it’s good for helping to prevent the spread of viral material or whatevah.  I loves the pinks and purples and cool-toned reds, so I decide to do a smoky “femme fatale” kind of look.  And for this look, I wanted to play around with complexion products from one of my favorite black-owned makeup brands, Juvia’s Place, and do the eye look using the monochromatic palettes from ColourPop!

Started off priming my face with the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer in Radiant Nude.  Too Faced was recently having a sale on the Tutti Fruiti collection and I was very tempted to try out the Radiant Pearl – I really do enjoy this primer and I think it has worked well with all of the foundations I’ve put over it so far.  I love the subtle sheen that it gives to my face; this is the kind of thing that I would wear on my bare face if I just wanted to smooth out my face a little bit and look refreshed.

For foundation, I used my Juvia’s Place I Am Magic foundation in the shade 610 – Cebu.  I was excited when I saw that this was probably my best shade match because I’ve actually had the opportunity to travel to Cebu!  It’s in the south of the Philippines and I was there for 2 weeks training a class.  It was hot and humid like I’ve never seen before, but it was a lovely country with amazing, welcoming, friendly people.

This shade matches me pretty well on initial application, but as you can probably tell if you compare this photo to the previous photo of the primer, it oxidizes a bit when it dries down and gets a little darker than I would normally like.  This happens from time to time with foundations, and sometimes you can’t find a perfect match for your skin.  Often, especially if we’re talking about less expensive drugstore foundations, I will buy two shades with my undertone so that I can mid to get the right shade for me.  If you don’t want to buy a second shade, there are ways that you can work with your concealer, powder, and other products to help balance out a slightly dark foundation – that’s what I did in this look.

Sticking with Juvia’s for the face, I used my I Am Magic Concealer in shade J21.  I applied it in the same places that I generally do for highlighting, but I worked it a little differently than I typically do to help counteract the dark foundation: I blended it out under the eyes to get the highlight effect, then I turned the sponge to a side that didn’t have any product on it and started blending it further out across my cheeks, forehead, and chin.  I still got the highlighted effect where I focused most of the product, but as you can see in the bottom photo the overall foundation effect was lightened.  I also did a full back under my eyes, down the center of my face, and along the jawline.  That way the only place with the original foundation color, the lower part of my cheeks, was where I will eventually apply contour, helping with the overall shaping of the face.  For the bake I used the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Setting Powder in White Sands.

To start the eye look, I put down a base of the Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer and then used a black eyeliner pencil to define a rounded shape that was slightly smaller than the area where I laid down the primer.  From the line down is going to be where I use the darker, more saturated colors, and then I’m going to use a lighter color above.

I have all of the little 9-pan monochromatic palettes from ColourPop and I am obsessed!  To get this started, I went in with the shade Let’s Do It from the Smoke Show palette (now called Blowin Smoke).  I placed the color from the liner line down toward the eye, leaving the lid space blank.

Next I dipped into the Ooh La La! palette and the matte shade Sandbar.  I put this bright pink onto the lid and blended up into the black.  What I love about bright fuchsia shades like this is that when you blend them into a black matte you get a really gorgeous purple sort of shade that helps create a really pretty gradient.  I also took that pink shade down on the lower lash line.

To soften the top of the black, I used the shade Big Sugar from the Ooh La La! palette and blended it around the edge of the black, filling in the rest of the area where I put down the primer.  As with the pink on the lid, the shimmer blended in with the black and turned sort of a purple color.  I thought this blend of pinks and purples was perfect to match the mask!  I also took the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Demolition and sketched out an eyebrow shape (though you know I have to do colored brows with this look, right?  It’s obvious!).

I got the other purple shades from blending the pinks into the black, but for the brow I decided to go right to the source: the It’s My Pleasure palette! I used the shade Chick Lit all over the brow and then used Do or Dough on the inner portion of the brow.  I went back in with the Juvia’s Place concealer to help sharpen up the line and highlight under the brow.

A little inner corner highlight featuring the shade Tickled from the Ooh La La! palette, and the shadows are done!

I really enjoyed the Cake Pop lashes from Peachy Queen in the last post, so I decided to use them again for this look.  Seriously, I wish they would bring this line back.  I might sign up for their lash subscription box just to see if they have any more of the Sweet Treat lashes!

Since the eyes were done, I stopped to do a quick photo op with the mask, and it’s creepy and glam and fabulous, all the things I need to get me through this pandemic for the next 15 minutes until I freak out again.  This last month has been the longest decade of my life!  Anyone else?!

I knew I wanted to do some intense blush with this look (not quite blush draping, but in that zip code) but I still wanted a little contour to get things started.  I used the Juvia’s Place Shade Stick in Benin, blended out with a sponge, to get the base of the contour along my cheeks and on my temples, as well as below the jawline.

For blush, I picked two shades from the Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Vol II and blended them up from the contour onto the apples of my cheeks.

I started with Bee and blended that from the countour up onto the cheek to under the cheekbone.  Then I blended Sola on top of that up onto the cheekbone and one the apples of my cheeks.  The look was a little intense, even for me, but I knew that I could correct it in the next step!

Using the Jaclyn Cosmetics Luminous Powder in Brighten Up and a fluffy #400 Real Techniques brush, I buffed the powder all over my cheeks, starting at the apples and working my way down to the jawline.  I wanted most of the powder and the associated shine to be on the cheeks and then diffuse out from there.  In the image above, the left photo is after the powder and the right image is before.  You can see how much it lightened up the overall appearance of the blush and toned down the color, helping to blend all of those cheek colors in together as well.  You don’t have to use this particular powder, and you don’t even need to do it with anything that has shine or shimmer – I’ve done this trick countless times with regular old loose setting powder!

Anytime I put down a layer of setting powder, I always like to follow up with a hit of setting spray.  For this look, I went with the new Continuous Setting Mist in Saweet Peach from Morphe.  The smell on this…unnfff.  It’s so good.  I literally had to go out in the middle of the apocalypse the day I received this and buy gummi peach rings – the smell is that good!  I wish that they would make it in a full size, and make it permanent!  The original version of this spray is one of my favorite setting sprays of all time, and this scent is amazing.

Lips in three steps – is anyone surprised?  I’m a little extra, like, all the time.  I started by lining my lips with the Demolition pencil I used earlier for brows.  Then I followed that up with the L’Oreal Infallible Paints Metallics in Chrome Cherries.  It was cute, but not as bright or as reflective as I was hoping, so I dipped into a favorite: the MAC Oh Sweetie collection gloss in Gumdrop.  I’ve been using these a lot lately, and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about how amazing they are, especially since they aren’t available anymore, but I’m sorry – these make me happy and in the apocalypse we cling to the things that spark joy like Marie Muthafuckin’ Kondo, bitches.  And this is probably my favorite shade of the 5 that I own.  I promise I’ll try to use something else in an upcoming post, but this is just delightful!

I figured that since I was also working on my review of the Jaclyn Hill highlighters, I would use the Accent Light palette in The Flash for my highlight – specifically, the shades Mesmerized and Gleam.

For Mesmerized (top row), I used a Real Techniques #402 setting brush to apply the color just on my cheeks.  It’s a nice color, and it worked well with the mauvey pinks of the blush, but it was a little subtle so I added Gleam over top (bottom row).  I also took Gleam down my nose, on the Cupid’s Bow (I know, I should have done that before I put on the lipstick, but I forgot.  Any day where I at least remember to put on pants is a win in my book…) and just a touch on the chin and above the arch of the brow.  This made the shine much more impactful.

Let’s be real for a second: this pandemic has come with some mixed up emotions and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there have been some tears.  I love glitter tears anyway, but they seemed especially fitting with everything going on in the world.  I used the ColourPop Glitterally Obsessed glitter gel in Avenue of the Stars to line under my eyes and then create tears tracks down my cheeks.  This color is gorgeous and I love the flashes of blue and purple in the with the red and pink – it was perfect for this look!

I haven’t busted out the brunette beehive for a hot minute, so I decided to switch it up – and here is the look!  I love the dark and smoky look with the pop of bright pink when I close my eyes, and the glitter tears turned out really nice and Lichtenstein-esque!

After I finished painting, I ended up having a House Party call with some friends and having a few adult beverages, and while under the influence, I added even more glitter – I added another track to the glitter tears, and I also decided to add glitter onto the lid.  I love the way it looks, so I decided to include that updated look here as well!  I know that some people feel weird about putting glitter directly on the lid, and you can always do this look without the glitter on the lid, or even without the glitter tears.  If you still wanted some sparkle, you could add a glitter highlight or some glitter across the cheeks, misxing with your highlight and blush.  You do you; sparkle as much, or as little, as you want.

I think the glitter lids really brightens up the overall look and gives it a little more definition.  But I’m a glitter whore, so of course I would love it.

I hope you like this femme fatale in the apocalypse look, and I hope you are happy, healthy, and safe as you weather this crazy storm!  If you have any suggestions for looks or techniques you’d like to see in upcoming Face Friday posts, be sure to pop it down in the comments – obviously I have some time on my hands right now!

And as with all of these posts, none of the links included here are affiliate links.  I simply include them to make shopping, browsing, and discovering new products a little easier.  You don’t need the exact products used in this (or any!) tutorial, so just enjoy it, shop your stash, and if you feel like picking something up, go for it!

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