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Face Friday: ORANGE You Going A Bit Overboard With This Monochromatic Look?!

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Face Friday: ORANGE You Going A Bit Overboard With This Monochromatic Look?!

Editor’s Note: This post does contain two products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  I explain more below, but I did not have viable alternatives for these products.  I will not be linking those products, and if you would like to see my full statement about Jeffree Star Cosmetics and its inclusion on this site, please check out this post, Goodbye, JSC.  XOXO – Miss Jaye

Hello Champagne Dreamers and welcome to another Face Friday!  This week is a little bit bananas – or perhaps we should say oranges?! – in terms of the final look as well as how many products I used to create the final look!  I knew that I wanted to do another monochromatic look, and I was honestly leaning toward hot pink, but then I saw an amazing look by MakeMeUpMissa on YouTube that was so inspirational and aspirational that I knew I had to conquer the world of orange!

Ugh, so good!  Missa is the queen of the cut crease, and I really love the way that she and Audra At Home have been playing with graphic liner, so I decided to include some of my new cake liners in the look as well.  Let’s jump in and see how we got this very extra AF look!

Hey, I get it: it’s a lot.  There were several places that I could have stopped, but then I just kept pushing.  Makeup is supposed to be fun, and so rather than just doing a face that was simple and more subdued, I decided it was more fun to push myself.  I mean, I’m painting my face bright orange – why not see how far we can push it?!  It’s just makeup, and it washes off, so have fun!  You win some, you lose some…and I think this look had more winners than losers!

My skin is going through it right now!  We all see it, we don’t have to talk about it.  I decided to bust out the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Mattifying Primer to cut down on the shine, and it’s a nice silicone-based primer, so it does a good job of smoothing out and evening my texture.  Aging is hell, kids.  Get into skincare now!

I still am looking for a replacement for the Jeffree Star magic Star Color Corrector in Green.  I’m not featuring JSC products on my site any longer (see the post linked above for more info) but since I didn’t really have an alternative, and because this is the type of product I can easily use up and then not repurchase (as opposed to eyeshadow palettes that last forever because I own literally all of them in the world), I decided to go ahead and use it with this look.  I went a little heavy handed and the color didn’t fully blend out the way that I would have liked, but it covered up some of the redness that I’m experiencing.

I knew I was going to be wild with color, so I wanted to make sure that I had a dependable base – no use having your foundation fighting you if you’re playing around with new products!  I used the Uoma Beauty Say What?! foundation in Fair Lady T3C and the Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1 to highlight.  The concealer is good, but it’s not my favorite in the world, but this foundation is so yummy!  I don’t know how I lived before I found this little gem.

For baking under my eyes and along the contours of my face, I went with another of my indie favorites: the Give Me Glow Baking & Setting Powder in Sugar Cookie.  They’ve been doing a lot of revamping and relaunching lately, and I want to try out more of their products.  I’ve really liked what I’ve used so far!

For eye priming, I went in with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  This is a pretty good primer, but I don’t think it’s as good as the Urban Decay show insurance in Eden.  This gives me a little bit of pigment for the eye area, but it’s a little more sheer than the Urban Decay.  If you want something sheer, neither of those will really work; if that’s what you’re going for, I would recommend the Primer Potion in Original – NOT the Anti-Aging!  I know there are some people who loved it, but I had a terrible experience with it.  My eyelids felt oily and gross, and my makeup had all kinds of problems during application.  If you have dry eyelids this may be ok, but I’m an oily beast and the Anti-Aging turned my eye area into an oil slick!

Time to start adding some orange to these eyelids!  First I used the neon orange matte in the very middle of the palette (no shade names, unfortunately) from the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions in neon orange.  I used this shade on the inner part of the eye from the inner corner up to the crease, and took it a little less than halfway across the lid.

Next up I went in with two mattes from the Slush palette from September Rose Cosmetics.  I blended Peach Lemonade over the edge of the first color and up to the point of the arch, then down toward the outer corner of the eye.  Next, I used Tiger’s Blood on the outer part of the eye, blending in with Peach Lemonade and darkening the outer portion of the look and establishing the rounded shape.

Toger’s Blood was reading a little too red for me on its own, so I dipped into shade A5 from the Norvina Pro Pigment vol. 3.  I blended that in between the Tiger’s Blood and Peach Lemonade shades, leaving the deepest of the red-orange at the bottom outer corner.  This gave me the overall shape.  I knew from here I wanted to make a sort of faux cut crease, and I knew I wanted to use glitter!

Starting at the inner corner and moving u at an angle toward the crease and ending below the arch, I used the Lemonhead LA Glow Jam in Commando to set down a glittery orange base.  To deepen up the outer edge of the glitter I took loose glitter from Shroud Cosmetics (formerly Strobe Cosmetics) in the shade Skyfire and pressed it into the glitter gel before it had fully dried.

Liner time!  I have fallen into the trend of cake liners…well, at least the trend of buying them!  I decided it was time to actually put them to use!  I decieded to line about 2/3 of my eye and create a large wing with the Norvina cake liner in the shade Electric Orange.  For the inner corner highlight, I went for a matte option: Makeup A Murder’s Orange Neon Pastel Poison Pigment.  That’s a lot of alliteration, even for me.  I left a little gap, thinking that I would come in with an eyeshadow shade later to connect the liner and the highlight, but I eventually just filled it in with the liner.

Before popping on some falsies, I put down two coats of the Damn Girl! mascara by Too Faced.  The first time I used this I was blown away.  This time?  Not so much.  I thought I was going to like this better than my tried and true Better Than Sex mascara, but so far I’m on the fence.  I hate to lay out the money when I know that I love the BTS, but I think I need to try the full size of the Damn Girl! to be sure.  Sometimes minis don’t give you the full experience.

For the lashes, I wanted something dramatic, but I also wanted something that wasn’t just thick all the way around, more spiked so that the liner would still be visible.  I went with GlamLite’s Burger Lashes in Veggie Burger.  I’ve used these lashes before, and I generally think they are a great synthetic optio0n.  They have a bunch of styles available, so less dramatic and some bigger than this, so definitely check them out if you are looking for some solid indie lash options.

I could have stopped there…but of course I didn’t!  To help build the faux cut crease look even further, I used the Norvina cake liner to create a line from the inner part of the eye to near the end of the glitter by the arch.  I also used some stick on crystals (just something I found randomly in the makeup section at a Forever 21) to add even more sparkle!

Then it was time to start on the brows!  I used the LA Girl Shockwave Neon Lip Liner in Outrage to sketch out the shape of the brows.  This pencil was almost a little too red on its own, but when I’m doing colored brows, especially if I’m making them ombre, I like to have a slightly darker base because that allows you to blend the shadows on top, but the edges will often keep a little bit of crispness, achieving that brow look.  You’ll see what I mean.

First, I took the shade Orange Soda from the Slush palette and put that over the entire brow.  Then I used the first shade from the Huda palette that I used on the inner corner of the eye look on the middle, chunkier section of the brow.  You’ll get to see all three steps on the eye in the image below.

Then to increase the ombre look, I used Tiger’s Blood from the Slush palette to darken the brow from the arch down to the outer tail.

Eyes are done – let’s make a face happen!  I started with the Ofra x Samantha March Blush Duo in Chick Lit.  I swirled my brush through both colors to get a good mix, and then I laid down the base of my cheek contour did some forehead contour, and added some under the chin/on the neck as well.

I wanted the cheeks to tie in with the orange look, so I blended out the contour with the shade Toby from the Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Vol. 1.  It was a little intense, but I knew that I had several more cheek products to add in, and that would help settle it down!

From the Ofra Island Time face palette, I blended out the darker blush with the bright peach shade Mai Tai,  This helped it all blend some much more smoothly into a peachy orange gradient.

For highlight, I stick with the Island Time palette, this time bringing in some gorgeous peachy gold shimmer with the shade Bali.  This gave a gorgeous glow…but of course, I’m extra and can never have enough highlighter!

I also topped that with the highlighter shade from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow face palette.  This softened the brassier notes of the Bali shade and made the transition a little bit smoother.

My first attempt at lips was a bit of a disaster.  Even though I ended up wiping all of this away, I wanted to prove that I was making an effort to find alternatives to JSC products, but I just couldn’t get the look that I wanted.  I knew that I wanted a bright, impactful lip with some depth to balance the eyes.  Some people think if you have a really outrageous eye look, you should go nude…but those people ain’t me!  For the kind of drag looks I like to create, I often try to strike some sort of balance so that the eyes don’t overpower the lips, or vice versa.  I blended three shades together and just couldn’t get the depth that I wanted.

I started with a coating of the Lime Crime Plushies Glow in Popsicle.  The Plushies are more of a “blotted lip” look, so I knew it wasn’t going to be super opaque, but I wanted to establish a little color fore using the other two products.  Next, I went in with the Impulse Cosmetics Duochrome Lip Lacquer in Haphazard.  This is a lovely shade, but very light!  Finally, my plan was to use a Lime Crime Diamond Crusher in LA to deepen and add some coppery red to the look.  Unfortunately, the Diamond Crusher was too sheer and didn’t add as much depth as I was hoping, and the lips were just too soft for my liking.

To finally get the depth that I was looking for, I started with a layer of Anna Nicole Velour Liquid Lipstick from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  If anyone knows of a good dupe for this shade from another brand, I’d love to hear about it down in the comments as this is definitely a gap in my collection.  This blood orange shade was the perfect base, and I went over it with the MAC Grand Illusion Lip Color in the shade Twinkle Twink.  Now those are the Tang-infused DSLs I was looking for!

This is where some people will say that I took it too far.  And they may be right.  But fortune favors the brave, and I wasn’t done playing with the cake liners just yet!  I’ve been absolutely in love with Emily Hanhan’s colored freckle looks recently, so I wanted to do that as well.  Mine are a little bit too big (I think she used a nail tool for hers!) and they look a little nutty, but I don’t hate them!  I think they are a fun addition to this look, and I’m definitely inspired to keep playing with cake liners.  I used the Glam Vice Retro Liner in Peaches & Cream to get these freckles.  Actually, I did a few freckles with the neon orange Norvina liner first and that was a mess, so I’m glad that these complete concealed my error in judgment!  The pale peach freckles were definitely the better choice.

There is something about this look that reminds me of the original 80s versions of the Strawberry Shortcake characters, with their chubby cheeks and huge freckles!

So that’s the finished look!  It used a lot of products, definitely an intense look, but there are lots of ways that you could simplify this look and wear it for a variety of occasions.  You could obviously skip the freckles and just have a graphic liner high glam sort of look.  Removing the crystals as well would simplify this down, leaving all of the emphasis on the beautiful cake liner.  If I were doing this again, I think I would have used the peach liner to blend out the boundary between the neon pastel pigment in the inner corner and the liner to get more of a gradient on the lower lash line, and I would have thrown on a wig and taken a few pictures before the freckles, but overall I’m satisfied with this look.  I’m not great at doing wings, and I’m not afraid to toot my own horn and say that these wings turned out fairly good!

What kind of looks would you like to see in upcoming Face Friday posts?  I’ve got a few more monochromatic looks cooking up, and a few more playing with graphic liners, and this year I actually want to try and do some spooky content for Halloween, so look for those kinds of looks coming as well!  If you’ve got suggestions of looks, brands, or products you’d like to see in these posts, pop them down in the comments below!

As per usual, none of the links included in this post are affiliated or sponsored in any way.  I simply provide them so that you can shop, explore new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Don’t feel like you need these exact products to recreate (or alter!) this or any other look – don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  I hope this was helpful to you, or at least fun.  And don’t forget to check out all of the great makeup content happening over on my YouTube Channel as well: Janessa Jaye Champagne.

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