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Face Friday: Not So Easy Bake – A Fussy Floral Look Using BOMB Beauty Bakerie!

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Face Friday: Not So Easy Bake – A Fussy Floral Look Using BOMB Beauty Bakerie!

Hello there, Champagne Dreamers, and welcome back to my Pride series of Face Friday looks featuring black-owned makeup brands (BOMBs).  This week and featuring Beauty Bakerie, and let’s set something out on the table from the jump: this look was a struggle.  I like the way that it turned out at the end, but there were definitely some steps along the way that just didn’t come together according to plan.

Having said that, just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.  And by sharing my real, live, and in color observations of what happened as I created this look does not mean that I am “bashing” the brand or that I’m trying to direct any negativity toward them.  I’ve spent quite a bit of money on products from Beauty Bakerie (you only see a small group of them in this post!) and I want them to be successful.  I love supporting BOMBs, and as someone who lost someone very dear to me to breast cancer, I was very touched by founder Cashmere’s own story of battling cancer.  I want to see them out here succeeding!  Unfortunately, some of the products here didn’t give me a great experience, and I’m going to talk about it because I’m transparent like that.  Just know that it doesn’t come from a bad place.

Anyway, here is the finished look:

It’s floral and femme, and I tried something a little different with the brows (that I’ll talk about more below).  I like it.  I could have done a better job with the tight-lining around the eyes, but in general it’s glowy, it’s pretty, and it’s nicely balanced.

So let’s get started by taking a look at what I used, what I liked, and what I didn’t.

I started off by priming with the Wake & Bake Baking Oil For Face.  Y’all – I was nervous about this.  I am an oily beast, and the thought of priming my face with an oil seemed like a recipe for disaster.  I put it on, and I was pleasantly surprised how well it absorbed into my skin and didn’t make me feel greasy at all.  It has a nice, light citrus smell that I enjoyed and as you can see in the picture I wasn’t overly shiny.  I remembered Jackie Aina’s videos where she tried the foundation, first without the oil and then with, and she had a really hard time without, so that’s why I bought it, and I’m glad that I had it for reference.  Unfortunately, I had the opposite experience from Jackie’s…

I have the Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation in two shades, 41 and 51.  The shade 51 was clearly too light for me, but I figured I would apply a layer of that first, using one of the Beauty Bakerie Blending Eggs, and then go over it with the darker shade, 41, afterwards.  As you can see, the first layer was super patchy and there were obvious marks from the sponge.  No matter how light I tapped it, it left indentations and moved product.  I used the turquoise egg, which feels the firmest to me, so maybe that was part of the problem?  When I went in with the darker color to help add some depth to it, the bottom layer was immobile and instead of blending or covering over, the new layer of foundation actually moved the color underneath it, leaving big patches under my eyes and across my nose.  I could not get a decent application using the egg, and I had to remove all of it and redo the baking oil step.

The photo on the left is the original attempt.  After I removed it and reapplied the baking oil, I applied the foundation with a brush (the foundation brush from Juvia’s Place) and was able to get better coverage, though I was scared to blend out any small lines from the brush with an egg, worried that it would break holes in the coverage again.  Eventually I got a full layer of so-so foundation, and decided to just push on forward, and hope that I could repair some of the damage with additional product steps.

Note: this is Beauty Bakerie’s original foundation formula, Cake Mix, which they no longer carry.  I have seen some reviews, generally neutral to positive, of their new InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation, which is more of a dewy finish, but I haven’t tried it.  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous about buying another bottle of their foundation, especially since I don’t generally gravitate to products that are dewy, but I might give it a shot if the right opportunity presents itself.

I also have two shades of the Cake Face Concealer, Mug Life and Don’t Give A Frappe.  Mug Life is the shade I started with, wanting to highlight, but not only was it really, really yellow in tone, but it also moved the foundation underneath it.  I blended it out the best I could.  Finally, I took the shade Don’t Give A Frappe, which is a pretty close match to the foundation blend (shades 41 and 51) that I was wearing, applied it all around the edges, and used a fluffy Real Techniques brush to just lightly pat out the very edges to keep from messing up anymore of the base layer.

If it seems like this post is really negative…well, it is.  But it gets better.  These two steps, the foundation and concealer, were the worst.  I can’t really say what went wrong.  I’ve had these products in my collection for a couple of years, but they’ve never been opened until I did this video (my original plan was to launch my YouTube channel with a full face of Beauty Bakerie – that’s how long I’ve been talking about the damn YouTube channel!). They smelled fine and there was nothing strange about the consistency, but perhaps they were a little too old?  Maybe it was how much oil I used?  Maybe it was my skin?  Maybe they just weren’t good.  I don’t know.  Again, I’m not trying to rag on the brand, but this is what happened to my face.

Also, my experience really highlights the challenges of buying foundations online.  Both the foundation and concealer are discontinued, so I can’t see how they were described, but generally I only buy face products if they specifically say they have cool undertones.  Occasionally I will try something that says peach undertones, or a random neutral, but not often.  That Mug Life concealer was so yellow – it looked like New York vanilla ice cream.  I get that it’s a challenge for everyone, but it’s something to keep in mind while shopping this brand for complexion products.

(Like the foundation, this has also been discontinued in favor of their dewy concealer – check it out HERE)

Alright, let’s turn this mess around!  Since I wasn’t able to highlight with concealer, I went in extra heavy with the Flour Setting Powder in Oat (translucent) to try and amp up the highlight effect.  It’s an alright setting powder (I mean, how vastly different are setting powders, really?), but if we’re splitting hairs I would say that I don’t like it as much as I like the Give Me Glow powder or the Fenty powder.  I also have the Flour Powder in pink and yellow, but I was already having such a problem with the base that I didn’t want to accidentally color my skin a color that I didn’t mean it to be!

For an eye primer, I used the Eyescream in Pancake.  This is pretty similar to MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly.  If you like the Paint Pot, you would probably like this – I think they have about the same consistency, opacity, etc.   I still prefer my Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, but this is still a great option.

I did most of the eye look with a different palette, but I did break out the Do It For The Graham Eyeshadow Palette for the matte cream shade in the upper left corner (no shade names are listed on the package).  I’ve gotten used to using the ABH primer lately, and since this was my first time using the Beauty Bakerie shadows, I wanted to set the base and give it a powder base to blend in with.  I took a loose, fluffy brush and I put the shadow all over the lid, up into the crease, and up to where I draw on my brows.

For the look, I decided to use the Game of Cones: Fury of the Oven palette.  Besides being a rather clever way of mixing their brand theme with a popular franchise (in case you’re not plugged into “nerd things,” it’s a play on Game of Thrones!), it’s the brightest, most colorful palette they’ve done!  I would love to see this brand do a palette of really gorgeous bright and vivid shades!  The shades in this palette are really beautiful, and I think they could do it well.  I did this look with just five shadows.  You should be proud me of – there was a green in this palette, and I didn’t use it!  I was so tempted to just add a little splash of green, even going so far as to get a brush and load it up with color, but I really wanted this to be a more floral-inspired look with pink and purple, and a little flash of champagne gold.

(The Game of Cones is discontinued – why is this the fate of everything I love?! – but they do have other palettes, and you can browse them HERE)

First I took the buttercream gold shade, Cakester, on a flat packer brush, sprayed with a little setting spray, and added it to the inner corner of the eye, going about a third of the way in.  I didn’t go very far up – more on that when we get to the overall shape and the brows.  Then I took Cakeless Men, a bright pink shimmer, and did that on the middle section of the lid.

Finally, to round out the shape and give some color to the outer third, I went in with a bright periwinkle shade, Dragon Cone.  I loved those colors and throughout the rest of the steps I kept blending and reblending, but I also wanted to darken the outer-V of the lid and bring a darker purple onto the lower lash line, so I went in with Beat’s Landing.  I finished off the lower lash line with more of Cakeless Men into more of Cakester.

There was a fair amount of fallout, and not all of it was able to be brushed away with the powder.  After the earlier debacle, I decided to call in some backup: the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1.  It covered up the color and blended out nicely, and it’s still a BOMB product, so that isn’t totally cheating…maybe?!

I haven’t done tight-lining with a liner pen in a hot minute – probably several hot minutes – so any messiness of the liner look is totally my fault.  The Lollipop Liner is actually pretty fantastic!  It’s opaque, liquid-y enough to paint on easily, but not so watery that it bleeds everywhere.  And so many felt tip liners start to lose opacity if you paint them over powder shadows, and this didn’t do that.  It didn’t even think about it!  I really love this liner…I just wish that I were better at using liners!  I also darkened my lashes with the Eyelash Icing Mascara.  It was fine for what I needed (darkening my lashes before adding falsies) but I didn’t notice any huge difference in the length or the overall volume.  If you like your lashes as is and just want a consistent black coat of mascara, this is probably a good match for you, but don’t expect a ton of transformation.

Now for the brows.  You may have noticed that this one has a much more exaggerated slope than most of my eye looks, meaning that the color in my inner corner does not go nearly as high up on my eye as it usually would.  Well, I had watched a makeup video featuring one of the Ru girls a while back (I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was Pearl?) and she was giving lots of “rules” for makeup – honestly, I didn’t finish it because people who like to give you “rules” are really just telling you how they like to do their makeup, and then trying to convince you that their way is somehow objectively right – and she said something about brows that I thought was interesting: that even if you cover/shave your brows and bring the shadow up higher, you should still start your brows where the natural brows start.  If you don’t, she claimed, you will look like your proportions are off and constantly surprised.  I don’t remember exactly how she phrased it because I wasn’t all that invested (can you tell that I don’t have much patience for people who try to tell you the “right” way to do makeup, especially in an artistic context like drag makeup?!) but I figured I would give it a try.  I also wanted my brows to come down a little lower so I could try something I saw NikkieTutorials do in a recent video that I’ll talk about in the next step.

Anyway, Beauty Bakerie doesn’t have pencils (they used to have brow products, I think, but since I shave I don’t have any and it looks like they’ve been discontinued as well) so I just drew the shape on with a random pencil I had in the office and then used Beauty Bakerie shadows to make sure that the brows were still a “product” of the brand!  I went over the whole shape with Cakeless men to turn it bright pink.  Then I took the shade Storm, a light pink with reddish golden shimmer shift, and put that into the inner quarter of the brow and blended it into the deeper pink.  I didn’t want a full on ombre, and I like the way these two shades worked together.  I didn’t mind the shape, but I feel like the lower start with the more intense arch makes me look even more “Disney witch” than I usually look.

Once the brows were on, I wanted to try something that NikkieTutorials did in her recent GRWM using the Haus Laboratories Stupid Love palette: she used a contrasting color in the inner corner in between the shadow and up to the brow.  I decided to use Poppy Seed, a taupe-y brown that has a subtle reddish undertone and slight green shift.  I can’t ever just make myself do it the way someone else shows it, so I ended up tracing it along the edge of the shadow, and I didn’t connect it to the brows, but I still think it added an interesting bit of depth to the overall look.  I want to play with that sort of contrasting shadow placement more in the future.

I also added on a pair of Lena Lashes from the LOL! collection, XXI.  Beauty Bakerie doesn’t carry lashes, but Lena Lashes is another BOMB, so I once again let myself cheat just a little bit.  These lashes are gorgeous, and they made my shitty job tight-lining not look so tragic!

For contour, I used the shade Deja Brew from the Coffee & Cocoa palette.  This is a gorgeous warm brown, maybe a little too dark or too warm for this look, but I think it set a nice base, and I knew I was going to lighten it up with some pinks!  I like the pigmentation and the consistency.

To continue building out the cheeks, I dipped next into the Scoops Elysees palette, starting with the darker pink shade, Pink Truffle.  I blending that into the brown, covering most of it except for the very bottom edge.  The photos here were the best of the bunch, but I didn’t capture these two steps very well.  You’ll see the results a little better in the final look.  Sorry that I’m terrible with all of this!

Next, I went into the lighter pink shade, Crème Brulee, and blended that into about half of the darker pink and up to the cheekbone.

The two pinks definitely cooled down the cheeks a little bit, putting it more in line with the eye look, but it was still darker than I wanted, so I dipped into the Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter palette, and the shade Sip Sip Hooray.  I added that shade on the apples of my cheeks, up onto the cheeks, and gently blended down.  I also swiped some across my nose, hoping to get a pink “sunburn” sort of flush, but it was a little too glowy and just sort of looks like highlighter.  That’s cool though.  I really love these pink blushlighters, and the whole palette is pretty fantastic.

The blushlighter palette was great, but with highlight there is no such thing as too much (No, Karen, there ISN’T!) so I decided to go into the Milk & Honey palette and put the shade Spoiler Alert on my cheekbones and Cupid’s Bow.  I didn’t add any to the nose, I left it with the pink shade, but they sort of look the same from a distance.  Up close, I could see a subtle difference, but I should have used the lighter pink blush from the Scoops palette to really get a flushed pink nose.  People have been playing with that sunburn look, and I’m not completely sold…but I’m intrigued.

Next up, I needed some lips!  I reviewed the Lip Whips from Beauty Bakerie on the first version of my website, and I’ll be honest: the review wasn’t kind.  I didn’t like the formula, found it to be patchy, and especially disliked the metallic shades.  Well, the shade that I used with this look, Hawaiian Cheesecake, didn’t really do anything to change my mind.  The doe foot applicator was stiff and didn’t carry much product.  The layer that went down was patchy and dried pretty stiff, and the thing about the Lip Whips is that they really don’t layer well – you’d better get the coverage you want the first time around, or get ready for some flakey regret.  I was able to get an ok coverage with the shade, but it was a little too bright (how did I not ever end up with a lighter pink shade – that’s like my go to shade whenever I try liquid lipsticks!) so I decided to use the Lip Gloss in Drive Me Glazy to give it some shine and disguise the uneven coverage.    It wasn’t the ideal shade – the lip was a little too bold for the eye look and it would have been better to have a shade like Holy Cannoli or Enchanted Jelly to help lighten it up a bit more, but the gloss is nice enough and it did the trick of giving it a glossy finish that hid my imperfections.

I wanted to like this product – I swear, I really did!  I love setting sprays, and I think the Spray Your Grace Setting Spray is yet another time where Beauty Bakerie did a great job of matching their packaging to their theme.  It’s so fun.  But this smells…just, wrong.  It smells like a combination of hairspray (as a trashy drag queen who has set her mug with more than her fair share of Aqua Net – trust me when I tell you I know what hairspray sprayed directly in the face smells like!) and actual cooking spray.  It’s an unsettling combination.  It also stung my eyes, which doesn’t do much to persuade me that I’m off with the hairspray element.  I love me a good setting spray, but this just isn’t it for me.  It seemed to set the makeup well enough, but I just can’t do the smell and the stinging.

Alright, so let’s review the products that helped create this floral-inspired look.

Loves: I really love the blush, highlight, and blushlighter palettes.  They have gorgeous colors, the highlighters are shimmery and impactful, and they go on amazingly.  The highlight area on my face has pretty obvious texture, but I think the foundation might take a lot of the blame for that.  I also loved the Pancake Eyescream.  It’s pretty similar to the Paint Pot in Painterly (it’s a good dupe, and I actually prefer this one a little bit to the MAC product), and while it’s not my favorite kind of primer, it was still great.  I also really loved the two eyeshadow palettes.  I probably should put the Graham palette in likes, since I haven’t really had a chance to play with any of it except that beige matte, but the Cones palette is really good, so I’m giving it a pass into the Loves!  Oh, and the Lollipop Liner was fantastic – it can’t be blamed for my shitty application!  It’s opaque and paints on wonderfully.

Likes: I liked the Wake & Bake oil.  I probably won’t use it with my makeup anymore, but I think I’m going to take it home and incorporate it into my skincare routine to finish it up!  The Coffee & Cocoa palette is another good face palette; for me, this one ended up in Like because the dark shades are not as suited to my skintone – nothing to do with the product itself.  The Flour setting powder is pretty good; not my favorite, but still a solid option.  I also liked the gloss.  Again, not my favorite formula out there, but it’s a nice product.

Leave Its: No one should be surprised that I did not like either the foundation or the concealer.  It was a hot brick mess, and I’m lucky that I was able to patch together a look using the other products.  Maybe it’s for the best that both of these formulas are discontinued?  Like I said, I’m a little intrigued to try the newer dewy formula, but I would definitely wait for a sale before investing in them.  I also would take a pass on the Lip Whips.  It’s not that I haven’t tried – trust me, I have 11 of them (7 matte, 4 metallic) and I have tried to make them all work.  The metallic are worse than the matte, but there are just other brands out there that have a better formula and a wide variety of colors, so why put yourself through it?!  The mascara is probably a pass for me.  It does the job I need, darkening my lashes, but any mascara will do that including drugstore brands for $5.  Finally, the setting spray is definitely a no for me.  I’m going to try to struggle through and use it up, because I hate decluttering setting sprays when I use so much of it, but it’s not a pleasant experience.

I think that Beauty Bakerie has one of the most clever concepts out there, and they’ve done a great job maintaining consistency in the brand, from packaging to product names.  I wish some of the products had yummy food smells, but overall I think they’ve done a great job.  I don’t love all of their products, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on them and I’m willing to try out more of their products in the future, especially in the categories where I’ve already had great luck.  And I know that there are stans out there that live and die for this brand – one of the only “hate” comments I got in the makeup section of the old World of Champagne website was on my original Lip Whips review!  Different strokes, and all that.

And as with all of these posts, none of the links are affiliated or sponsored in any way; I merely provide the links so that you can browse, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so choose.  Don’t feel like you need to purchase these products to recreate or modify this look – don’t be afraid to shop your stash (though if you want to support some great black-owned makeup brands, that’s cake too!).

There are still too more Face Fridays coming in June – next week I’m going to feature one of my newest BOMB favorites, Uoma Beauty, and the week after will be a mix of brands like The Crayon Case, JD Glow Cosmetics, Coloured Raine, and more!  If you have any suggestions for future Face Friday looks you’d like to see or brands/techniques you’d like me to feature, let me know in the comments!

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