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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Makes Your Halloween Nightmares Come True, Feat. Peachy Queen!

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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Makes Your Halloween Nightmares Come True, Feat. Peachy Queen!

Hello again Boils & Ghouls – I’m back with another frighteningly fierce Halloween makeup look!  Whether you’re spending Halloween alone in bed, alone on the couch, or alone crying in the tub and eating all of those fun size Snickers bars, this Nightmare on Elm Street inspired look featuring two Peachy Queen palettes is just what the sleep doctor ordered!

I love red and green together, and it’s very NOES, but it’s hard to do a red and green look without looking like some sort of Christmas monstrosity.  And let’s be real: this look could easily be adapted for a very stereotypical holiday look.  In order to mitigate that, and bring in other elements from the franchise, I wanted to created something that was smoky and ethereal, as if Freddy is emerging from the smoke in his signature red and green sweater.  This look is definitely over the top, and meant to be a costume look, but you could easily play with these colors and create a much more “contained” smoky eye look for Halloween or any other occasion.

There will be a few familiar faces here, but I also used a fair number of new products, so there will be some commentary on those as well!

For the primer, I tried out the Figs & Rouge Light Reflective Brightening Primer & Illuminator (that’s a mouthful!) that I got from a friend.  She received it in a subscription box and passed it along.  I’ve linked their main site here – it seems that this primer is not available, and the products that are there seem to redirect to the UK Amazon website?  I found a listing for this primer (that was out of stock, unfortunately) on a British website called Cosmetify that listed it at 35 pounds (about $45).  I appreciate the gift, but I hate this primer.  Or more accurately, I hate this primer by itself.  I do feel like my skin had some brightness after I applied this, and it provided a good base for the makeup, but it did absolutely nothing to smooth or remove texture.  When I put foundation on later, it looked like I was painting it over an orange peel.  I’m going to give this more tries, but I’m going to pair it with a silicone primer to get better texture.

I have feeling very pink, and the primer didn’t do anything to address that (just made me a brighter, glowier pink!) so I decided to use some of the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in the shade Green to even things out.  I’m still not featuring or reviewing JSC products on my website, although my feelings about the brand are always in flux.  If you want to know more about where I’m at currently, HERE is a link to my original blog post about the whole sitch.  I still don’t have a good color corrector that I like as much as this one, so it may pop up from time to time.  That is the nature of the world we live in.

I also had a new foundation to try: the Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate in the shade Bisque Golden.  Sephora recently had this marked at half off, and the shade selection was a little limited.  When I first put it on…woof!  I thought I was going to have to switch up the look to be either a Trumpster Fire parody or an Oompa Loompa!  Luckily the orange tone settled as it dried down, and I was able to even out the color with some concealer.  I am not in love with this foundation, and I’m glad that I only paid half the price (though frankly, even $28 was a little much).  The bottle has this weird all plastic wand which was pretty much useless for my needs; I eventually had to just tip the bottle and pore some out on my hand.  I guess if you just want to dot a little here and there it could be ok, but I’m an industrial application.  A pump would have been so much more useful.

Then I used the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in the Shade Fair Lady T1.  This one is a little too dark to highlight with when I’m using my Uoma foundation (I’m a Fair Lady T3C, by the way), but since this foundation was a little too dark, it did a great job of lightening and evening out the color.  I’m still a pretty big fan of this product, though I love the foundation formula more than the concealer.

This prep step should look familiar by now: a little Give Me Glow Baking & Loose Setting Powder in Sugar Cookie to bake under the eyes and catch fallout, and priming the eye area with the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent.  Nothing new to report.  I’ve used this combo in the last few Face Friday posts, and I generally like them.  The primer works and, well, powder is powder.

For the eye look, I decided to use two Halloween-appropriate palettes from Peachy Queen.  Spirit Board is one that I’ve had for a while (if you want to see the review I did of this and the 90s Baby palettes, you can find it HERE), but Sweet Dreams was a new palette that she released for Halloween this year.  I know that some people don’t like the “inspired” palettes but I love this: it’s got some great greens and it’s inspired by the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, which I love!

To get started, I took the matte maroon shade Slash and took that from the inner part of the crease and up to the point of the arch of the look.  I knew that I wasn’t going to do brows for this look, so I wanted the shape to have a significant arch to it.  Then I took the matte shade Red Door and took that from the inner part of the eye, right along the nose, and blended that underneath and up into the Slash shade, taking it past the arch to define the outer part of the shape.

Using green and red together can be tricky; because they are opposites on the color wheel, if you blend them together too much it can go muddy and brown.  I wanted them to touch and I wanted a little bit of darkness where they met, but I didn’t want to overblend the edge.  I used the matte green shade Elm and blended that underneath Red Door, defining the outer edge of the eye look and going right up to the outer part of the lid.  Then with the shimmer shade Killer, I blended that onto the outer edge of the lid, and out into the green, letting the shimmer darken the outer edge of the look but not really doing much on the lid.  For the lid, I wanted to use something that I generally hate and despise…pressed glitters!

This palette has two pressed glitters, One, Two and Never Sleep Again, and I wanted to have a glittery lid that still maintained the striping of red into green.  I started with One, Two and applied that over the outer corner of the lid and up into the killer shade, following the angle of the stripe.  This glitter didn’t lay down very well, and of course I don’t have any glitter glue in my office.  I laid down a little bit of extra eye primer to give it something to stick to, but it was a pain to work with.  It doesn’t like to lay down over other shadows very well, so be aware of that.  Next, I took the red glitter shade Never Sleep Again and brought that from the inner corner of the eye, across the lid, and merged it with the green glitter.

For a less costumey look, you could absolutely use these green and red shades to create a look and not add the smoke effect that I’m going to dive into next.

For the smoke, I brought in the Spirit Board palette, starting with the taupe shimmer shade, Oracle.  I took a large, fluffy brush and blended that along the edge of the red, sometimes going over the edge into the red to really blur the shape.  I concentrated the color on that border edge and then bounced the brush upward to create a smoked out effect.  I didn’t want this to be neat or even, so I just let the shape and color build organically.

Once I had established the basic shape, I used the matte charcoal shade No and the silvery cream shimmer shade Yes to add some dimension and texture to the smoky look.  I brought it down the nose a bit as well, as I knew that I was going to do some smoking under the eye as well and I wanted the whole thing to connect, like my eyes were emerging from smoke.  I applied the No shade fairly heavily along the inner portion to give it some shape and help contour the nose (although it’s crooked as fuck…Jay-sus!).  If this mask-like effect isn’t for you, you can absolutely keep the smokiness confined to each eye individually, but I think it’s fun to have it “bridge the gap” as it were.

For the base of the look, I wanted to ground it with something dark that would stand out from the smoke, so I took the matte navy shade Fate and smudged that very messily along the outer two thirds of the lower lash line.  On the inner third, I used the gold shimmer shade Planchette.  I will admit, this shade does threaten to push the look over the edge into full on Christmas Chaos, but I liked the idea of something that would give us a little hint of fire.  Once I did the next step, I was sold on it.  You just have to believe and trust the process!

For the last step, I once again took the shade Oracle and smudged it all along the lower lash line, blending into Fate and Planchette, and then used a small pencil brush to lightly pull little tendrils of smoke down into the face.  I also connected the smoky parts at the outer corner, blending the Oracle shade into the green and wrapping around.

Once again I darkened my lashes with some mascara (I’m still working through this deluxe mini of Too Faced Damn Girl! mascara, but the brand never matters that much since I just use it to color my lashes and help them bind/blend with the falsies) and I also went to my tried and true Burger Lashes in the style DoubleCheeseburger from Glamlite.  I love this style, and I definitely need to order some more if I’m going to be using this pair this often!  As usual, the lashes really help pull together the look!

For cheeks, I wanted my contour and blush to be a bit ethereal, a bit bruise-y, and so I started with my Pro Contour Book from LunatiCK Labs.  There are two palettes available, a lighter one and a darker one, and I have both and I’ve completely rearranged them (so what you’re seeing in the photo is not what it actually looks like.  This palettes has all of the cool toned contours and highlights as well as some of the browns, and the other palette is where I put most of the warmer shades and the blushes.

I used a combination of the first three in the middle row as well as the first and third shades in the bottom row, just dipping my brush in randomly and building up the color a little at a time.  Again, I didn’t want anything too strong or intense, and I was going to let the blush really be the star.  These palettes are a little pricey ($74 each) but they are really worth it.  I love that they give you gray options for contour (after all shadows are gray/black, not brown!) and you can really do some interesting things.  They also sell individual refill pans for $12, so you could try out a shade or two that you were curious about.  The average person would only need one of these, and they often have sales and coupon codes, so definitely consider adding one or both of these to your arsenal.

KVD Vegan Beauty recently had a “Haul-O-Ween” sale where you could get 7 full size products for $60; I am in love with the Everlasting blush formula, so I hopped on the chance to get the shade Poppy at a discount.  I blended that into contour, bringing it up onto the cheek and finishing with some on the apples of my cheeks.  I loved the bruise color that I got from this shade and the contour mixing, but I still wanted a little bit of a glowy look on the apples of my cheeks.

If you’re a regular Face Friday reader, it will come as no surprise that the Nabla Skin Glazing powders are still my go-to for glowy blushes.  For this look, I wanted to keep the pinky red tone along with the glow, so I chose the shade Lola and blended that onto the apples of my cheeks and down into the contour.

For highlight I wanted something peachy golden, to pair nicely with the gold Planchette shade as well as contrast a bit with the pinky red blush moment.  I settled on Ray Rider from Kaleidos Makeup, blending that along my cheekbone, on the tip of my nose, on the cupid’s bow, and a little touch on my chin.

For lips I wanted red and glossy, and I picked up two new items in the KVD sale that I knew would be just perfect!  I started by lining and filling in my lips with the Everlasting Lip Liner in the shade Rosary.  I filled in the lips for this because I hadn’t ever used their lip vinyl before, and I wasn’t sure how opaque it was.  I wanted the color to be solid, so I wanted to make sure I had a solid base color to apply it over.  The lip liner was ok, but as I find with this sort of mechanical pencil style packaging, the tip kept breaking, and I needed to have just the tiniest sliver of product extended to prevent breakage.  This is wasteful and annoying, and the performance wasn’t any better than my favorite pencil liners.  It was fine to get it on sale, but I would never seek these out.

I followed that up with the XO Vinyl Lip Cream Lip Gloss in the shade Tulip.  What is it?  Is it a vinyl, is it a creamy liquid lipstick, is it a gloss?  That name is confusing, which is why I did the full lip with the liner just in case.  But this gloss is super opaque and has a bright, vinyl finish.  I really like this formula: it’s smooth but not sticky, and the color is amazing.  They could add some excitement to the shade range, but the performance is good.

I finished up the look with my signature beauty mark (using Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner pencil in Zero, and darkening it with the KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper) and that was it!  The wig sort of obscures the full effect, so I wanted to include a couple of pictures without it so you could see the finished product, but I don’t mind it with the wig.  I think it looks smoky and mysterious and menacing, just like Freddy Krueger himself!

As always, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way.  I simply provide them so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so choose.  Never feel like you have to have the exact products in this or any other tutorial in order to re-create or alter this look.  Don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!

I was a dope and forgot to get a picture that was zoomed out so you could see my shirt, but in honor of this look I wore my “Together Forever” shirt from Atomic Cotton!

They have a ton of great horror and pop culture designs (most of my everyday wardrobe is their shirts!) and I love the colorful designs and the quality (I’ve been wearing and washing some of these shirts for years, and they still look great!).  This probably sounds like a commercial, but I just love Erica and Zack and their business, and I always love to shout them out, especially in these challenging times where they aren’t able to travel and vend as often.  And as if thy weren’t fabulous enough already, Erica gave me space in her Etsy store to sell my 5-piece sticker pack!

5 piece sticker pack

The 5-piece collection features 4 holographic stickers and one clear vinyl sticker.  The two square stickers along the bottom feature photos from my January 2020 shoots with Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions.  The two with the sexy male model are photos by Miranda Roen.  Finally, the clear vinyl sticker features a pop culture mashup I commissioned from artist Alyssa Christensen.  This whole collection is only $10!  While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the other 70+ sticker designs to really add to (or start!) your sticker collection.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Halloween content I’ve put up this year.  It always feels like the same old excuse, but things have been crazy busy and I haven’t been able to post as much content as I originally intended, but I’ve been having fun creating some spooky looks and reviewing some Halloween-themed products!  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and even though every damn day of 2020 has been feeling like a horror show, it’s nice to get a little bit creepy while getting glam!

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