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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Is Getting “Cupid Ready” Early With This Candy Hearts Inspired Look!

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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Is Getting “Cupid Ready” Early With This Candy Hearts Inspired Look!

Hello Champagne Dreamers, and welcome to another fabulous Face Friday!  Even though I low key HATE Valentines Day, I do actually love some of the iconic imagery that surrounds it.  I love that makeup companies have started releasing more romantic pinky-purple collections to celebrate the holiday, and I wanted to create some fun looks that would work for the holiday whether you are cuddling up with a significant other (or others), or crushing the hearts of your enemies beneath your boots!

One of my favorite things from Valentines Day is the candy heart!  You know, the chalky little confection with a sweet message printed on the side?  I think they are adorable, and they were always one of my favorite candies for the holiday.  I decided to use some of my favorite palettes to create this candy hearts-inspired look:

I even stuck a Dollar Tree candy heart sticker on my face.  Note: do not stick Dollar Tree candy heart stickers to your face.  Not only are they a little ugly, and the sticky on the back will take off a chunk of your makeup, but they are very cheaply made; it wasn’t until I was editing this post that I noticed that the sticker printed the letters opposite of how you normally see it.  So instead of playfully indicating “hugs and kisses!” it seems to be shouting, “Ox! Ox!”

Same, sticker.  Same.

Anyway, let’s dive into this fun, pastel look!

My skin and I are going through some things, so I decided to keep it simple and predictable with the face routine.  I started by filling up my pores with the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Mattifying Primer.  Then I followed that up with the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer in Radiant Nude.  This has been a favorite combination for a while now, and it will continue to be until I squeeze the last drop out of that Too Faced bottle!

I feel like the pictures were kinder than I deserved: my face has been feeling really red and inflamed lately, specifically under the eyes near my nose.  I started using a different eye cream, and I think it’s reactive with something else in my nighttime skincare routine.  If you want to see my skincare philosophy and routine video, I’ll let that below!  Anyway, since my cheeks have been feeling extra red, I decided to go ahead and do some color correcting with the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in Green.

I decided to go with my tried and true Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation in Fair Lady T3C; this look was for a filming day for my YouTube channel, so I wanted to make sure that my base was snatched!  I followed it up with the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer (Fair Lady T1 on the forehead and down my nose, White Pearl T 1 under the eyes).  I’m not sure if this concealer has gotten old, or if it was the new way that I applied the foundation this time around (normally I use a sponge to paint it on with swiping motions and then bound it to blend out any streakiness, but this time I used the flat part of my sponge to dot it on and then just bounded it all over the face) but the concealer was having a hard time of it.  It caused my foundation to break up under the eyes and around the nose.  I’ve had them a fair while, and I’m getting close to empty on both of them, so I threw them into my empties bin, but it caused some problems down the line.  I might repurchase a different color if it goes on sale, but I’m very concerned with the longevity based on this experience.

TANGENT – are you interested in seeing another empties video this year?  I kept all of my trash – because I’m a fucking lady – so if you’re interested in seeing my annual empties, I could make that happen!

I’ve mentioned in a video that one of my favorite color combinations is pinks, blue-leaning greens, and purples.  I decided that this combo would make the perfect candy hearts-inspired look!  I prepped my eyes with the Ulta Matte Eye primer (meh) and then baked under the eyes with the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Baking Powder in Translucent.  I used three palettes for this look: BH Cosmetics’ Cotton Candy (CC) and Pistachio (P), and Give Me Glow Cosmetics’ Vivid Rose (VR).  I’ll be sure to mark shades below with which palette they come from.

As usual, I wanted to start by laying down some color in the crease.  I took the shade Carnival (CC), a bright bubblegum pink, and swept that from the inner part of the crease up to the arch.  Then I blended from just below the arch down to the outer corner with SugarPlum (CC), a deep pastel lavender.

I used a lighter lilac matte, Confection (CC), to soften the blend between the pink and the darker purple.  Then it was on to the shimmers.  I wanted to focus the green on the lids, so I started with Treat (P), a medium green shimmer, on the middle of the lid and almost all of the way into the inner corner.  I brought it up to the edge of the purple, but didn’t blend them together.

To brighten the inner corner, I used the pale green shimmer shade Dessert (P) and brought it down onto the very inner part of the lower lash line.  Then I took the purple shimmer shade Sugar (CC) and used that to blend between the purple matte and the green shimmer.  This is a medium purple shimmer and it has some blue reflect, which helped smoothe the boundary between the two colors.

I wanted to make the pink more dimensional and prep for eyebrows, so I took the bright pink shimmer shade Twirl (CC) and blended that into the top of the matte pink.  Then, to create dimension and to put a boundary between the green and pink (you have to be careful blending those shades together – since red and green are opposite on the color wheel and these are lighter versions of red and green, you can get brown mud if you blend too much!), I dipped into a deep matte purple shade from the Vivid Rose palette, He Loves Me Not (VR).  I took this from the very inner corner, below the pink part of the crease, up to the arch, and down.  I curved it around and blended it onto the outer corner.  Then I went into all of the various shades and blended edges until I got the blend that I wanted.

When I wiped the powder away to do the lower lash line, the concealer had creased and cracked like a mothafucka!  So I took my benefit Boi-Ing Concealer in No. 1 and blended a pretty thick layer over the undereye area and down into the cheeks.  I like this concealer, and I’m glad it was able to save the look, though it was getting a little thick in that area!

Going against type for me, I decided to do a fully matte lower lash line – who even am I?!  I used He Loves Me Not (VR) on the outer half, blending it up into the upper part of the look.  Then I took Pretty Peony (VR) on the inner half, right up to the pale green.  To help the green pair up with the pink a little better, I lightened the inner section of the pink next to the green with Pop Of Pink (VR).

I used a little bit of the Freak 24/7 liner from Urban Decay to pop in the waterline, and then blackened my lashes with mascara and added Ice Cream Sandwich Lashes from Glamlite.  These were fine, but if I were doing it again I would use even bigger and more dramatic lashes!

On to brows!  I still wanted a slight ombre, and I wanted the brows purple, but I wanted them a little more subdued than most of my colorful brows.  So I drew the shape on with a black liner and then filled them in completely with He Loves Me Not (VR).  This gave them a purple base, but it was matte and deep.  I took the same purple shimmer I used on the lid, Sugar (CC), and blended that from the inner part of the brow out to about the center (not quite to the arch).  I tried to blend it out so that there was some brightness near the very inner point, but the rest was more of a light shine and subtle gradient.

Eyes are done!

Since I was filming, I wanted to try a softer approach to my face. I started by etching out the cheeks a bit using the Uoma Beauty Double Take Contour Stick in White Pearl.  This is a very cool-toned and subtle shade, and it’s way too light for shows, but I think it gave me a good base for this look to build in some additional products.  I used this along the hairline to contour the upper part of my face as well.

To deepen up that cream contour, I used the Nabla Skin Bronzing Powder in Soft Revenge (gawd, I love that name!).  This is still on of my favorites, and I need to keep working those Nabla face powders into my looks!  I also took this along my hairline to darken that a bit.

I wanted to get some use out of the Trixie Cosmetics blushes that I reviewed this month.  Summer of Love, the pink palette, was a perfect match for this look.  I started with the deepest fuchsia shade, Side Chick, and blended it deeply into the pockets of my cheeks, over almost the entire contour area.  I wanted this look to approach blush draping, but still with lots of softness.


Then I took the lighter pink shade, Girl On Girl, from the same Trixie Cosmetics palette, and blended that from the apples of my cheeks down into Side Chick.  I brought the pink fairly high up around the edge of my eye socket.  Again, I didn’t want full on blush draping, but I wanted it to live in the same zip code.

For highlight, I dipped into the 9XGlow palette from Give Me Glow – specifically the shade Platinum Lilac, an icy lilac champagne.  I never thought I would say this about a highlighter, but it was almost too pigmented!  I had to get a clean brush to blend it out and down into the blush.  It’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get a ton of more use from this palette!  I also took it down the center of the face.

I wanted some glittery sprinkles on my cheeks, because duh of course I do, so I took a little bit of glitter gel from the Lipstick Apocalypse (their site is currently down so I don’t know the name, but it’s a mix of pink and purple and yellow/green iridescent pieces) and put that over my highlight, and then added some Trixie Cosmetics Sprinkles in Rocket Girl (from the Mod About You collection).

It wouldn’t be a face Friday if I didn’t use at least 3 products to make a mediocre lip look – and here they are!  I started by lining my lips with the Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Amped (this was one of the neon liners that came out with the Wired palette).  Then I filled in the lips with the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Love.  Once that had dried down, I went over it with the Sugarpill metallic liquid lipstick in Heart Strings from the Anniversary collection (review coming soon!).

I still love this color combo, and it got me in the mood for Valentines Day…well, it got me in the mood to talk about Valentines Day, specifically a video where I talk about the two versions of My Bloody Valentine that came out 40 years ago on February 11, 1981 and the remake from 2009!  That video will be coming very soon to my channel; while you’re waiting, check out my video where I walk about all three version of Black Christmas!  What can I say?  I love holiday themed horror movies!

As usual, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way.  I simple provide the links so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Never feel like you need to have the exact products featured in this or any tutorial to recreate a look – don’t be afraid to shop your stash!

And as always, if you have any suggestions for Face Friday looks, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen!

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