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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Gets Back Into The Swing Of Things With A Full Face Of Fenty Beauty!

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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Gets Back Into The Swing Of Things With A Full Face Of Fenty Beauty!

Ugh, it’s been so long since I did one of these!

I’m excited to be back with another Face Friday walkthrough, and I’m especially excited to give you a full face of Fenty Beauty!  I recently did a video that was 12 Black Owned makeup Brands (BOMBs) that aren’t Fenty and Pat McGrath.  I didn’t mean any disrespect to those brands, but they are already pretty established and don’t need that much more hype to be successful.  So when a whole bunch of prominent YouTubers started doing “Full Face of BOMB Products” videos I was super excited…until I saw that so many of them were predominantly (and some EXCLUSIVELY!) either Fenty of Pat McGrath!  I mean, no shade or anything, but if you are doing a “celebration” of BOMBs and the only products you have are those two brands, that doesn’t show me that you love and support BOMBs, it shows me that you probably shop at Sephora.  Yeah, I said it and I meant it.

Now, just because I side-eyed creators who only seemed to know 2 BOMBs (and really, Fenty is owned by Kendo, so that one doesn’t technically count) doesn’t meant that I don’t like these brands.  I haven’t tried Pat McGrath yet (that price point is extreme!) but I actually really like a lot of products from Fenty.  I’ve been buying from Fenty since they launched, and I had enough products to do a full face!  And Tina from The Fancy Face did make a good point in her video: even if Fenty isn’t technically a fully black-owned brand, it still is the result of the hard work of a black woman, buying from it benefits a black woman, and the advertising around the brand has been very inclusive from the very beginning.  I wanted to do a full face of Fenty to show that there were no hard feelings and show you a fun, colorful look!

I’m not going to lie: I didn’t go into this look with a solid plan, and it kinda shows.  I like the way it turned out, but I didn’t have a super strong vision for the look.  I knew that I had some gorgeous pinks and purples that I wanted to use, and I love throwing orange into the mix to give us something new, so this is the final look that I created.  Even if it’s not my best work, I like how it came out and I got to practice my cut crease technique!

I started off with the OG primer: the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer.  This is the primer that launched with the foundation and I remember a lot of people not liking it very well.  I don’t mind it at all.  I thought it went on nicely, and it didn’t make my oily skin feel at all greasy or heavy.  Look, my skin is freaking out right now and we don’t have to talk about it.  I just feel like even though I look like 10 miles of bad road, the primer still gave me a smoother, more matte finish, and that’s what I was hoping for.

For the foundation, I went with the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation in shade 200.  I had picked this up not long after the brand launched in shade 170.  I don’t know what I was thinking or what the lights in the store were doing, but when I put it on at home, it looked like ghost bukkake.  It was ridiculous!  I’ve only worn it once, and I had to do so much wrangling to make my face look un-corpse-like, I didn’t really know if I like it or not.  Recently, Fenty was having a sale and I picked up another shade deeper with cool undertones, 200.  What a difference that one jump made!  This one is still a little light for me in the summer (even in quarantine, I’ve gotten enough sun that I have a slightly darker color than I would in the winter) but I felt so much more comfortable – and I realized that I love this foundation!  It’s soft and smooth, a little thinner than I normally like – I’m a full coverage hoooker clown! – but for a matte look, lighter coverage foundation, this is a great option.  Just be sure to do a good shade match!

Next up was the concealer: the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer in 110.  I got a super light shade in this because I wanted to make sure that I could use it for highlighting with either of the foundation shades I owned, and I don’t mind a concealer being super light.  This was a nice formula, but I don’t think it blended out as evenly as I would have liked.  I had to add a bit more, and even after a fair amount of work it was still a little inconsistent.  It’s ok, but not one of my favorite concealers.

For undereye baking, I went in with the Lavender shade of the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder.  I have a mini of the Butter shade that every white girl on YouTuber loses their goddamn mind about, but I knew I was probably going to go a little cooler toned with the look, so I decided to stick with the lavender.  I also thought it might be a nice complement to the super light concealer.  I do love this powder: it’s super finely milled and feels very silky and smooth on the face.  I didn’t have a primer, so after the baking, I jumped into the first eyeshadow palette: the Moroccan Spice palette!

I decided to build the shadows differently this time, so I took a medium to deep brown matte called Henna Sea (the picture really blows it out – it looks much closer to what you see on my eyes!) and took that from the inner part of my crease and across the crease a little more than halfway.  Then I went into a deep berry matte called Saffron and blended that over the end of the brown, up to the arch, and about halfway down. Again, this shade was much darker in the pan.  I’m really struggling with this new phone and getting good color representation in photos, especially for things that I shoot close up.  I’m working on it.  Luckily the face pictures are much more representative.

Then I went into a bright peachy coral matte called Quicksand.  I went along the line of the nose, squared off the look and blended it above and into the brown, up to the peak of the arch.  Next up, I jumped over to the Snap Shadows Palette #4 Rose and the bright fuchsia matte shade, Lil Miss.  I blended that over the area where I had placed Saffron and down to round out the outer portion of the eye.  I also worked into the outer part of the lid, up to about halfway.  I wasn’t too worried about how precise I was or making it even, because of the next step…

First, I took the same concealer I used earlier and blocked out the inner corner of the eye and went most of the way across the lid, using a brush to make sure it was even and to set it into the shadow below.  Then I took the pink pastel shimmer shade Ice Cream Kisses from the Snap Shadows Palette #8 Pastel Frost and took that from the inner corner and all the way across the lid, leaving a mostly even strip of the concealer bare between the pink and the brown in the crease.

That strip of concealer didn’t stay bare for very long: I covered it with the purple shimmer shade Lady Pimp, also from the #8 Pastel Frost.  I used that to square out the inner part of the look, up to the brown matte, and across the lower part of the crease to the end of the concealer.  Then to blend out that line where the concealer ended I went Sangria Sunset, the bright magenta metallic shade in one of the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duos.

The orange shade from that duo, Mimosa Sunrise, was perfect for punching up that peachy shade above the brown on the inner part of the arch, so I blended some of that in.  Then I used both shades along the lower lashline , and then smoked them out underneath with more of Henna Sea.

The Flypencil liners are some of my most recent acquisitions, and I was excited to play around with them and see how they performed.  I’m usually more of a fan of wooden pencils, so I didn’t love that these are mechanical, but they came in some pretty great colors!  For my brows, I used the deep brown shade In Big Truffle.  Yes, the brows are mismatched.  I see it.  You see it.  We all see it.  We don’t have to talk about it.  I liked the pencil, but I did find that the brows only really looked right after I set the pencil with some of the Henna Sea shadow.  I also used the light pink liner, Cute Ting, in my waterline.  It kind of blended in with the look, but I did get some payoff after I rubbed the product against the tip of my finger to warm it up.  It’s a little too stiff naturally for my taste, for the waterline anyway.

For my contour…oh dear.  I had one of the Match Stix in Amber, a very light and very cool-toned taupe shade.  I liked the consistency of the product, but this didn’t really show up very well and the result wasn’t that impactful.  I did a little contour on my cheeks and along the edges of my hairline, and I feel like you can’t really see it.  Jen from JenLuvsReviews swears by this one, but she must be paler than me (or, to be fair, using it over less cakey foundation – I’m a full coverage bish!) to get this to work.  I can’t see it!

I did have the Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer in the lightest shade, Inda Sun, but this was also a little light for me.  I think this looks beautiful for photos, and I’ll definitely use it in my rotation for blending out contour into blush and such, but it’s definitely not deep enough for when I’m doing show makeup.  Although, having said that, I did appreciate the more subtle, soft look that this gave me.  It’s rare that I get to feel soft or feminine – I’m a garbage truck, and it’s hard to make that feel femme!  This was a nice departure.  I’m not shitting on this product, I swear, and I’ll probably pick up a deeper shade sometime when they have a sale.

As usual, cheeks are always my weakest part of any look, and what started to go wrong with the bronzer/contour continued with the blush!  I had two shades of the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush: Strawberry Drip and Drama Class.  I took Strawberry Drip, the pink shade and applied it with a brush on the apples of my cheeks and blended it upwards.  I decided to use a brush because there was already a fair amount of powder on my face from the undereye baking, the bronzer, etc.  It blended out alright, but it wasn’t super intense.  Then I took the purple shade, Drama Class, and applied that on the outer part of my cheek and blended up toward the hairline.It was alright, and I didn’t necessarily want a super striking blush look, but there just wasn’t enough color for me for the look.

Never one to just say “That’s enough” and mind my own goddamn business, I decided to take more of the fuchsia highlighter, Sangria Sunset, and blend that into the area where I put the purple.  This helped build up that color in the outer part of the cheeks, and blended in ok with the contour.  Things were getting out of control…but I guess I always prefer to err on the side of more color?  Yeah, that’s it…

For the highlighter, I actually made what I think is a smart decision and opted for shine over color: the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo in the shade Sand Castle.  It’s a gorgeous silvery taupe shade that is amazing.  I don’t get a ton of use out of these Fenty highlighters in general (let’s be real, for pasty bitches like me, most are just large pans of eyeshadow/blush) and this is one that I have almost hit pan on.  It’s really lovely, but one weird thing I noticed while doing a Facebook live is that from certain angels you get a weird sort of shadow (like you can only see that base pigment with none of the shimmer) and it almost looks like a bruise.  It’s fleeting, as you’re moving, but it was a little odd and I felt like I should mention it.

(Also, not that it’s pertinent to this look, but the other shade in this duo is an icy green called Mint’d Mojito, and it’s the best light green highlight I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried them all!  If you’re looking for an icy mint green, I really recommend this highly.  So gorgeous!)

As usual, when it comes to lips I like to complicate things so the final look includes no less than 3 different products!  First, I used the Flypencil in Cherry Punk to line the lips.  The color is way too red for this look, but I knew I was going to paint over it entirely.  I just wanted a little pencil down before putting on the liquid lipstick since I knew I would be overlining the lips (like, a lot!) and I didn’t want it to bleed.  The Stunna Lip Paint is very liquid-, and I used the shade Unlocked to get the hot pink lips you see in the middle image.  Now, don’t think that is a criticism (unless you don’t like thinner formulas for liquid lips!).  I love this formula!  This is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks…in fact, I would probably just go ahead and call it my favorite if it came in more shades.  It’s amazing, and it is very comfortable to wear, but currently it’s only available in 8 shades.  Let’s hope they keep expanding the options the way they have with the stick lipsticks!

For the gloss…I don’t know what it’s called.  It’s one of the Galaxy Glosses from Fenty’s first ever holiday collections (back in 2017!) and it’s long discontinued.  I love the Gloss Bomb glosses, but this hot pink with blue duochrome gloss was exactly what I wanted for this look.  The sticker is clear and printed in super tiny letters, so my old eyes can’t read it.  Sorry about it.  I’ve mentioned it before, but this is probably a good time to revisit: I have no qualms about using limited edition and discontinued products on this site.  You never have to use the exact same products that I do to create the same look, so if something isn’t available you can just find a substitute.  I am a consumer at heart, and I know that I probably buy too much makeup.  Feeling like I have to throw out or replace every limited edition/discontinued product in my collection would lead to more waste, not less.  I know some people won’t be happy with that response, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and some people can’t be pleased any of the time.  It’s what I’ve decided to do, and I feel comfortable with it.

So that’s the look!  It’s a little bit floral and feminine – for some reason, it made me think of butterflies! – and I’m happy with how it turned out.  It was also nice to be back in the swing of things after my July vacay!  We’ve got a ton of great content coming for you this month to celebrate the 8th anniversary of The World of Champagne, and this is just the beginning!  Every Makeup Monday is going to have two new reviews, and I plan to have a new Face Friday each week as well, with some trying out some new techniques and products!

None of the links in post are in any way affiliated or sponsored; I simply provide them so that you can browse products, find new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Don’t forget that you never need to have only the products shown in any of my posts to create this look or one like it.  Don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!

I hope you are staying safe and sane, taking care of yourself and others, and trying to leave the world a little better off than how you found it.

XOXO – Miss Jaye

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