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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Creates A Dramatic Diva Look With Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

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Face Friday: Miss Jaye Creates A Dramatic Diva Look With Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

You asked for Blood Lust content, and I just couldn’t refuse!  I love Jeffree Star’s new purple-infused palette, but when I was thinking about the step-by-step look that I wanted to create, I decided that I wanted to poke a little fun at all of the cries of “Where’s the purple?!” and do a look focusing on some of the other gorgeous shades in the palette, and just a pop of purple on the lower lash line to remind you what this bish is all about!  I also decided to add a few glitter tears because 1. glitter is never too much and 2. I feed on the tears of the offended!  So if you are one of the butthurt complainers about the color story for this palette, these tears are for you!

Here’s the finished look!  Please ignore the “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” hair – I swear, it’s much more Marilyn Monroe on the wig head!

She’s a little distressed, but also glam and a little dangerous!  And because it’s Jeffree Star (and also because I still haven’t remembered to buy a decent brown pencil for my office makeup stash!) she’s completely sans eyebrows and living her best life!  So let’s rewind to the start and see how this look all came about.

Here’s my almost bare face – sorry in advance.  My hair is also not going to win any awards.  Just let me live.\

The only thing I have on for this picture is a combination of some moisturizer and primer that I mixed together, two affordable products that I’m trying out from Pacifica: the Crystal Youth Gem Infused Face Lotion and the Cherry Matte Mattifying Primer.

I was feeling very pink, and since I have a green color corrector from Jeffree Star, I decided this was the perfect time to break it out!

This is a great time to talk about how color correctors work.  I know that all the booty gurus on Instagram love to paint a full on Monet all of their faces with different color correctors, but that actually defeats the purpose of what color corrector is supposed to do.  After all, I don’t want my face to be super pink, but I also don’t want my face to be a sickly green color either!  It’s not about adding a visible color, but rather using enough of one color to cancel out another.  Since pink is what I’m trying to get rid of, I use green – green and red are opposite each other on the color wheel, so they neutralize each other!

I add the color across my cheeks and the bridge of my nose.

Looks a little extreme, right?  That’s where the blending sponge comes in!  Blend it out until the color looks sort of neutral, maybe leaning a little bit greenish, but definitely shouldn’t look full green – then you just have to correct a different color!

Here’s the corrector all blended out:

I used the sponge to bring a little bit of the product under my nose as well.  Alright, once we’re color corrected, it’s time for foundation.

I had some Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation in Rose Ivory that I’ve been meaning to try for a while, and this seemed like as good a time as any.  There are plenty of bougie products in this look, no harm in having an affordable foundation, right?

Wrong.  This foundation was a mess.  Not only was it too many shades too light (I looked like a victim of a surprise ghost bukkake), but the coverage was medium at best and the formula showed so many marks from any tool that I used.  I applied with a foundation brush and two different blending sponges (one wet, one dry) and all of them left marks and impression in the foundation.  I finally got it to this, which isn’t great, but except for the color it’s passable.  And the color we’ll correct soon enough.  But first, concealer.

I have the Jeffree Star Magic Star concealer in C10, which is fine for brightening if I’m using a foundation that actually approaches my skintone.  This one blended in pretty easily with the foundation and while it did give me some additional coverage, I wasn’t getting the brightening that I wanted.  Luckily, I knew that I could adjust the color of the foundation using another product in my arsenal: matte bronzer!

This matte bronzer from the Ulta store brand was something I got in a gift with purchase, and it’s an absolute life-saver!  I don’t love the Ulta store brand in general, but this is the shit and I need to see if this is available for the dark day when I inevitably hit pan on this.  I just took a big fluffy face brush and added some color back to the perimeter of my face and down my neck, leaving the center of my face lighter.  I also went a little heavier on the cheeks to start marking out some contour.

It’s not as good as having a foundation that looks like my actual skintone as it appears in nature, but this is any easy way to darken up a foundation that is a little too light for you (like using your winter foundation during the summer time!).  After this, I added some Coty Airspun powder under my eyes to bake and catch any potential fallout, and primed my lids with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer.

Now, let’s get to what you really came here for: the eye look using the new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust palette!

I started with the matte shade monarchy, which applied much deeper than it looks in the pan.  I used this shade to set where I wanted my crease to be and define the general shape of the eye look.  I wanted something that was darker than my skintone but still fairly neutral to blend in with the teal shade I was going to use next.

I didn’t go all the way up to the edge of where I put the ABH primer, but let some of that color show through to create a natural highlight above the border of the eye look.  I wanted to create a slightly different spin on a halo eye.  I’ve never really gotten halo eyes to work on my, partially because of how deep set my eyes are and also because of how far up from my natural crease I paint my makeup.  I’m determined to keep trying to master it, but I’ve found that I can do a similar sort of look if I take the halo shapes and just slant them toward the outer edge of the eye.

Vile Serpent is a gorgeous matte teal blue, and I wanted to use this to frame the color in the middle.  I started by putting it on the outer-v and working it in toward the center, leaving a diagonal edge.

Then I used a fluffy shadow brush that had a tapered edge to it to work the color into the inner corner, and into the crease color, leaving an edge that paralleled the edge on the outer shadow.

I used a little bit of Your Majesty to blend the bottom of the teal in the inner corner and took it a little underneath the lower lash line to prep for a lower lash line color.

Now, time to add the burnished gold shade, Sworn Enemy, onto the lid.

This is a very crumbly, creamy shade so I went against my typical preferences and I fingerbanged it onto my eye, starting on the lid and moving up at an angle, following the borders of the teal shadow.  I placed it right up against the edges of the teal without going into the teal (using a finger, I didn’t want to accidentally transfer teal into the gold) and then I took the brush with the teal shadow and blended out the edges.

Now, for the lower lash line, I knew that I wanted to bring in some rich, deep purple as a little bit of sass to those who were complaining that there weren’t any/enough purples in the color story.  Yes, most of the purples in this palette tend to be mid to light in tone, and some lean a little more pinky/red than true purple, but there are two really lovely deep purple mattes that I combined for the lower lash line: Dungeon and Blood Queen.

On the inner part of the lower lash line, I brought some of Vile Serpent down and then connected it to Blood Queen, overlapping to make a gorgeous blue-toned mixture.  I took Blood Queen most of the way across, and then blended it into Dungeon, which I brought to the edge and then winged out slightly.

Not bad, but the look is a little bare without mascara and lashes!  I used the Benefit They’re Real Mascara in black and Sweet Treat Lashes from Peachy Queen in the style Sprinkles.

Ahh, what a difference lashes can make!  Now that the eyes are basically done, I wiped away the excess baking powder and it was time to finish the rest of the face.

On a recent drugstore adventure I found some new Wet N Wild Hello Halo Blushlighter duos.  To start, I used the darker shade in the shade Flash Me to darked up the contour I had done earlier and add some color to my cheeks.

I liked the glowy berry shade, but it was a little more intense that I wanted, so I decided to go over it with the darker shade in the After Sex Glow compact (getting saucy with those shade names, Wet N Wild!).

I brought this up a little higher than I had gone with the first shade to get a smooth blend, and I knew that it would pair nicely with the highlight shades I had chosen.  It was a little more glowy and shimmery than I had planned, but I didn’t mind how it turned out.

I have the new Choking on Ice Extreme Frost Highlighter, and I knew I was going to use it with this look, but I didn’t want the purple to be the emphasis; before I go to that one, I wanted to add some more of these rich warm tones that I had been building in with the blush.  I used two Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighters to get a golden glow: Mystery Frost (from the Halloween mystery boxes) and Eclipse ( the original shade from the Manny MUA collab).

These two shades were amazing together, but Jeffree Star has so many gold shades, and really anything that leans a little warm and peachy would look great with this blush combo.

Now that I had some Golden Girls realness happening, I brought in the shimmering purple glitter of the Extreme Frost shade, Choking on Ice.  I put some over the gold on my cheeks, and also some on my forehead on each brow bone without gold underneath.

You can’t have a gorgeous look without some sexy lips, and although I was excited to feature one of the new glosses from the Blood Lust collection, I once again wanted to pair it with something that would steer it away from an obvious purple look.  Inspired by that first crease color from the palette, I decided to pair it with one of JStar’s most iconic nude shades, Mannequin!  One I had Mannequin on and dry, I went over it with a thin layer of The Gloss in Sorcery, a peachy pink base that still reads pretty purple due to very bright, shimmery glitter.

I still think The Gloss packaging looks a little bit like a sex toy, but the purple variation they did for this collection is really stunning!

I could have been done here, but….why, though?!  Since this look had some high drama, I wanted to play that up even more by adding some glitter tears.  I had the tarte Treasure Pot glitter gel in the shade Pride from their LGBT Pride collection this past summer, and I knew I could get some gorgeous tears with the opalescent sparkle.

All that was left was to add some fabulous hair (blonde, of course!) and take some shots of the final look!

There she is!  I hope you enjoyed this step by step walkthrough of the look that I created using the Blood Lust palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  And in case you missed my live “Get Ratchet With Me” on Facebook using the palette, here’s that look:

For this look, I didn’t want to go full on purple but instead work some of the purples in with the gorgeous rosy and pink tones to get a romantic, pastel fantasy.  The video of me creating this look is still available on Facebook – catch the replay (but be aware – it’s a long one!).  I like playing with colorful brows, so I made sure that the look was framed with some fun purple brows!

Finally, please sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about these “Face Friday” walkthroughs; I hesitate to call them tutorials since I don’t actually include much information about application.  Do you like them?  Are they useful?  What would you like more or less of?  Any particular looks or products you’d like to see featured in an upcoming Face Friday Walkthrough?  Let me know below!

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