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Face Friday: Live The Pink & Blue Fantasy With Lunar Beauty, Uoma, & Milani!

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Face Friday: Live The Pink & Blue Fantasy With Lunar Beauty, Uoma, & Milani!

Since we’re all in lockdown, it’s time to serve up some fantasy makeup looks!

For this step by step Face Friday, I’m doing a fun dramatic look partially inspired by Harley Quinn and featuring several brands/products that I’m in the process of reviewing including the Uoma Beauty Say What?! Weightless Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation and Stay Woke Concealer, the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dream palette, and the Ludicrous Lights collection from Milani.  This look is definitely drag-y, and it’s not for the faint of heart, but you could make it more “wearable” by doing the same color on both eyes, pairing a bold eye with a nude lip, going for a lighter, less out there blush application, etc.  This is just to give you something pretty for your peepers while the world is on fire!

I started by priming my face with the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer in Radiant Nude.  I don’t know why, but I have been absolutely living for this primer lately!  I’m an oily beast so I usually don’t love a luminous complexion product, but as you can see, it gives me just a subtle glow that doesn’t look too greasy.  I could easily wear this alone and just look fresh and juicy!

Next up, I used the Uoma Beauty Foundation and Concealer.  Before we get into it, let’s just say that I was nervous.  Uoma Beauty is a black-owned makeup brand that launched their complexion line with 51 shades grouped into 6 categories; each category, catering to a specific shade range, is formulated to address the “most common skin concerns” for that complexion group.  I’m in the second lightest group, called Fair Lady, and the website says “The most common concern with this skin type is premature aging and most common skin type is dry/combination.  Uh oh.  I could feel the sebum bubbling as I read the word “Hydrating” on the bottle and fully expected it to be a greasy mess…

I. Love. This. Foundation.

First of all, I was really impressed with myself that I was able to find such a good shade match considering that I’ve never seen these in person “in the wild;” Ulta carries this brand, but not at every location, and I’ve never actually seen the display at any of the Ultas that I’ve been to.  The shade descriptions on the Ulta and Uoma websites are not great, but I landed on shades Fair Lady T3C and Fair Lady T1.  The coverage of the foundation is not super full coverage on the first application, so I did the first coat, took a picture (upper left), and then added another layer.  It built up beautifully and it just looked even and gorgeous!

The concealer was ok.  I could have probably gone a shade lighter to get the highlight effect that I really like, but the formula was nice enough and it blended out pretty well.  The foundation is a definite keeper, but I’ll need to play around more before I decide if the concealer is something I would repurchase.

I baked under my eyes with my old standby: Coty Airspun powder in Translucent Extra Coverage.  This is a great powder, and it’s especially important with shadows as colorful and pigmented as I used in this look.  I had some fallout throughout, and it all wiped away easily with the excess AirSpun powder.

I laid down an even layer of the Ulta Matte Eye Primer and then dove into the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams palette (review coming soon!).

First, I went into Haze and Sunset to lay down a dark matte of each color group in the crease.  As always, I can’t make two eyes the same shape, and that’s going to continue through this whole post, so get your cringes out now.  Trust me, I know.  That’s my whole goddamn life.

Once I had the darker shade in the crease and creating the basic shape of the eye, I added the brighter shade all over the lid.  This is the part of the post where I realize that I’m a hot mess and I forget to photograph steps and specific shades.  *sigh*  What can I say, the world is in flames and I forgot.  But let’s power through!  So I put Blue Sky all over the lid of the blue eye, blending up into Haze, and did the same with Pink Flash, blending up into Sunset.  Once I did that, I realized that there wasn’t enough of a contrast between Pink Flash and Sunset, so I darkened up the crease and outer edge with Strawberry Moon.  In this picture, I had accidentally started the next step before taking the picture, so that’s why there is a lighter shade on the lid of that eye.

Speaking of that next step…

In the next couple of shots, my eyes came out a little fuzzy – like my Grindr profile!  It’s for the best, I’m much prettier in soft focus!

I added some shimmer to each lid with Sweet Dream on the pink side and Blue Diamond on the blue side.  That’s pretty, but not near enough sparkle!  So I took a break from the palette and brought in some liquid shadows from Milani!

Milani recently launched a new collection inspired by music festivals called Ludicrous Lights.  To up the sparkle on these eyes, I added the liquid eyeshadows in Lollapa-Blue-Za and Pink-Aroo on my eyes over the glitter shadows from Lunar Beauty.  You’re smart kids, I’m guessing you can figure out which is which!  If you want to see my review on the whole Ludicrous Lights collection, featuring 3 highlighters, 3 liquid shadows, and 3 glosses, head on back here on Monday at 11 am Central for my Makeup Monday review!

I wanted to start tying things together, so I darkened the outer edge of both eyes with this deep plum shade from the Lunar Beauty palette, Storm Cloud.  I also brought it down a little bit onto the lower lash line.

I also wanted to consistency in the inner corner, so I used Lightning from the Lunar Beauty palette and the MIlani liquid shadow in Peach-Ella to give an inner corner highlight.  I also brought Haze and Sunset down onto the opposite eye (Haze on the pink eye and Sunset on the blue eye) and then also added a little of the contrasting Milani liquid shadows.

I needed a break from the eye look so I decided to do a little bit of blush draping and highlight play!  I started with the Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek palette.  I started by tapping out some of the Glow Cream Base just under the cheek bone to build a sort of contour shape, then went over the top of it with some of the Diamond powder.  Both of those were lovely but very subtle, so I dug out my Sigma Pink blush and really gave a pop of color to the cheeks!  The bottom right is the color before I powdered it down with some of the AirSpun powder!  If you ever feel like you’ve gone overboard with your blush, remember that loose powder is your friend and can be used to soften and blend out harsh colors.

For the cheek highlight, I decided to use the Milani highlighter in Lollapa-Blue-Za, blending it into the blush to get a little lavender action in the mix.  I knew I wanted to do a blue lip, so instead of using this highlight for the center of the face highlights, I switched over to the Peach-Ella shade, which is peachy but has a very strong pink shift to it.

It was perfect for a little highlighting on the nose and Cupid’s bow.  Next, I started to create the blue lips, using three lip products.

I started off with the Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick in Blue Velvet.  It’s a gorgeous color (and smells like Root Beer!) but it was a little too dark for what I wanted to do.  So I let it dry for a hot second while I finished up the eyes with some They’re Real mascara.

I like this mascara, but it’s nothing special with my whispy, glass-like lashes.  I prefer my Too Faced Better Than Sex, but that’s safely tucked away in my performance kit.  This will have to do for now!  I also drew on the base for the colored brows I was planning.  With the brow shapes on, I went back to the lips.

In the picture on the left, I went over the JStar lipstick with the MAC Oh Sweetie! lip gloss in Wild Berry Frosting.  That lightened the color, but didn’t give me enough sparkle, so on top of that I also added the Milani Ludicrous Lights gloss in Lollapa-Blue-Za.  It was a lot of product, and I wouldn’t do that for a full show look, but it lasted well enough through the live that I did that night and I managed to keep almost all of it off of my teeth!

I also added shadows from the Lunar Beauty palette to create the colored brows (Haze and Blue Sky on the blue eye, Sunset and a mix of Pink Flash and Skyline – a pale pink matte – on the pink side). I had intended to swap the brows to further mix up the look, but I was half way through the blue brow before I realized I was doing it wrong.  Oh well, I still like how they turned out!  Once I had the powders laid down over a pencil base, I used the Uoma concealer to sharpen up the edges.

Everything is better with lashes, so I added the Sweet Treat lashes in Shortcake from Peachy Queen.  I don’t think they carry this line of lashes anymore, and that’s a shame because I love these!

I could have stopped there, but to really make this festival fantasy come to life I needed one last thing: ALL THE GLITTER!

I used my Miss Jaye custom glitter blend from Lemonhead LA, but you could use any sort of iridescent glitter, mix a pink and blue glitter, etc.  I started by tapping it lightly at the top of where my highlight was and then also went in toward and across the bridge of the nose, like glitter “freckles.”  It doesn’t show up the best on camera, but I think the final look was super cute!

This was a chance for me to use some of the new products that I’m reviewing for the site (keep an eye on the LifeStyle section for reviews of the Lunar Beauty, Milani, and the Uoma Carnival collection products!) with some of my current faves!  I’m really getting into these Face Friday posts, and I hope you’ve been liking them too!  If there are specific color stories or looks, or even specific palettes you’d like me to use in upcoming posts, let me know in the comments below!  Any feedback to make these posts more interesting and useful for you is greatly appreciated.  Well, except reminding me to actually photograph each step – I’m already aware!  But let me know your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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