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Face Friday: It’s Veggie Pizza Vs. Meat Pizza Feat. GlamLite Cosmetics!

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Face Friday: It’s Veggie Pizza Vs. Meat Pizza Feat. GlamLite Cosmetics!

Who doesn’t love a delicious slice of pizza?!

Personally, there is no better pizza in the world than a hot, steaming slice of Canadian bacon and pickle pizza from the Pizza Hub in Kenmare, North Dakota.  Their ham is cubed into tiny pieces and scattered all over the pizza, their cheese is gooey and delicious, the crust isn’t greasy and bakes up with a bottom layer that is crispy like a cracker and the top is fluffy and chewy, and of course you have them put the pickles on the pizza before they bake it – perfection!

If there is something that I love as much as I love Pizza Hub pizza, that would be makeup.  And with the tasty offerings from GlamLite Cosmetics, I can combine these two great loves in one delicious package!

GlamLite first went viral when a bunch of reviews of their original Pizza palette started popping up on YouTube.  I never picked up that palette; I’m not sure why, but the color story just doesn’t inspire me.  I think the colors are too jumbled, and I have a hard time imagining how I would make combinations with the colors provided.  They look like great shadows, but I just couldn’t get on board.  However, when I saw that they had two smaller “slice” palettes, a Veggie Lovers with a green and gold color story and a Meat Lovers with reds and purples, I thought that these more curated color stories would be perfect for creating some sumptuous looks – and I knew that I wanted to pit meat vs. veggie in an eye look Thunderdome!

Here’s the finished look:

Obviously the green and gold eye is using the Veggie Lovers palette (which I also have a review of HERE) and the red eye uses the Meat Lovers palette.  Which one do you like better?  I’ll get more into my thoughts below, but I think that the Veggie Lovers gave me more differentiation with the colors and a bit more depth.  The red side is a smoother blend, but the colors sort of meld together – you might not guess this by looking at the finished look, but I actualy used more shades on the red side than I did on the green side.

To get started, I primed my face with the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer in Radiant Nude.  I generally love this primer, and I’ve been using it in a lot of looks lately, but for some reason when I look at this photo, I feel like my face looks more greasy than radiant.  Maybe it’s just that I have pizza on the brain?!

For color correcting, I have a new product that I’m trying out: the Crayon Case Highlighter Concealer in 24 (Green).  This wasn’t a bad product, but I definitely don’t like it as much as the Jeffree Star Magic Star color corrector.  This one is thicker and has more pigmentation, so it was a little more of a challenge to blend away.  I felt like I still had a bit more of a greenish cast to my face when I was done (although the picture looks pretty neutral, so maybe it was just me?), and my sponge had a very pronounced green stain on it.  The product is also a squeeze tube, so I squeezed some out on the back of my hand and then applied it with a finger before blending with a sponge.  It was a messier application process and I don’t think the finished look was as good as the Magic Star.  She’s cute, and she only costs $5 which is a great selling point, but I don’t think this is something I would repurchase.  The formula had a nice smooth feel to it though, so I may try out the concealer itself in a highlight shade to see how it compares to other concealers in my typical lineup.

For foundation – hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  I wanted the palettes to really shine, so I went with a foundation that I knew would give me a fabulous base: the Ouma Beauty Say What?! Weightless, Soft Matte, Hydrating foundation.  My shade is Fair Lady T3C, and I love it!  It really is a wonderful product and I will definitely be purchasing more when this runs out.  I also lightened up my undereyes and the center of my face with the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in C10.

I apparently forgot how to do makeup and didn’t put any powder down under my eyes and just jumped right into eye primer, using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer.  That ended up being a problem since I did have a fair amount of fallout from both palettes.  And since I am a monster that fears neither god or man, I always do my base before I do my eyes, so I had a fair amount of cleanup to do after the eye look was complete.  You’ll probably see some of the fallout in the following pictures; once the look was done, I just went in with more of the Magic Star concealer and a touch of the foundation and blended everything out.

I started with the Veggie Lovers palette first, starting with the matte shade Olives on the inner part of the crease, working up toward the arch and back down.  Then I went in with the darker matte green shade Basil and started at the outer V and plended up into the Olives shade.  Both of these shades performed pretty well, though Olives did tend to get a little bit powdery around the edge of the crease line and needed a fair amount of blending out.  Olives is more of a true olive, army green, and Basil was a little more blue-toned, forest green.

Time for some shimmer on the lid!  I started in the inner corner with Jalapenos, a brighter lime green shimmer that has a little bit of golden reflect.  Then I filled in the middle with Green Peppers, a cooler-toned shimmer that blended beautifully into Basil.

On the outer corner, I blended some matte brown, Mushrooms, and brought it down onto the outer third of the lower lash line.  Then I used the metallic brown shade, Maramelized Onions, on the rest of the lash line, almost all of the way in to the inner corner.

Finally, I used the bright gold metallic shimmer shade Garlic to pop the inner corner and connected it to the Caramelized Onions shade on the bottom.  That’s it for the Veggie Lover’s eye!

For the Meat Lover’s palette side, I wanted to try to do the same steps with analogous shades and see how the looks compared.  As I already noted, I actually had to use more shades for this side, and I feel like I got much less differentiation in the overall colors – though I think the blend was much smoother on this eye.

I started with the matte bright pinky red shade Canadian Bacon on the inner part of the crease, bringing it up to the arch and then down to create the overall shape of the eye.  Then I took the deeper red shade, Crushed Red Pepper, and deepened up the outer V and up into Canadian Bacon.

On the lid, I once again went in with two shimmers, starting with Pepperoni on the innder part of the lid until about halfway (maybe a little less) and then blended the rest out with Salami, combining with the matte Crushed Red Pepper shade.

Here’s where I started to deviate from the process a little: I didn’t feel like the mattes and the shimmers were as defined on the red eye as they were on the green, so I decided to take the bright purple shade Red Onions and blend that into the crease over the Canadian Bacon shade, just up to the point of the arch.  I think it helped to deeped ie a bit, and you start to see a little more of a seaparation between the mattes and the shimmers, but still much more fluid than the Veggie Lover’s side.  Then I took Sausage, a matte brown, and blended that into the deeper outer corner of the eye and down onto the lower lash line.

I took the metallic taupey brown shade Chicken on the lower lash line, blending into Sausage on the outer part and taking it up to the inner corner.  On the inner corner I put down some Ham, a metallic pink that was lovely but didn’t give me quite the same amount of pop as the gold on the Veggie Lover’s side.  I added a little bit of Bacon in with Ham to help up the shine factor, which worked while still maintaining the pink color of Ham.

How could I resist doing colorful brows with this look!  I couldn’t!  I started by drawing the brow shape with an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in the shade Zero, a matte black.  I wanted the dark base to help settle the red and green shades and make them a little more consistent in brightness.  I went over the whole brow with Olives on the green side and Crushed Red Pepper on the red side until I had a pretty consistent amount of color, then I lightened up the inner part of the brow with a shimmer shade, Green Peppers on the green side and Pepperoni on the red side.  Once I had the shadow applied, I used a small detailing brush with some of the Magic Star concealer and carved out the shape to get the line a bit crisper.  I finished the look with a pair of the GlamLite Pizza Lashes in the style Chicago Deep Dish.  They are big and fluffy and I love them with this look!

For contour, I started with the Nude Rose Sculpt & Glow palette from BH Cosmetics, using the two brown shades from the middle of the bottom row.  That…was a disaster.  The powder grabbed at the foundation and wouldn’t blend at all!  It just looked uneven and unblnded.  Along my hairline, it looked sort of clumpy and bruisey.  10 out of 10, would not recommend.  It’s discontinued anyway, so good riddance.  BH Cosmetics has some great face products (I love their foundation!) but this is definitely not one of them!

Since I was already in danger of turning into a dumpster fire, I decided, “Hell, why not play with another random product we’ve never used before?!”  I’ve had this Profusion Conceal palette that I got for like 8 bucks at a TJ Maxx for a couple of years, and have just never dipped into it.  I used the lighter shade on my cheeks and hairline, applying with the small concealer brush that was included with the palette and blending out with a sponge.  I used the darker shade under my jawline to conceal the Jabba the Hut realness happening there.  I don’t think it ended up perfect, but it definitely saved me from the terrible path I was starting to head down!

I’ve had really great luck with Wet N Wild cheek products lately, and I figured that a glowy peach blush look would be perfect for matching with both sides, so I went in to the Blushlighter in After Sex Glow and applied the darker shade all over the cheeks, blending down into the contour. (Not sure if this particular shade is out of stock, discontinued, or if they got complaints and changed the name, but it’s not on the Wet N Wild website, so I linked to the shade I Met Someone that looks similar – I think they might have renamed it.  Lame)

I also had two of the new Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers highlighters, so I decided to be 100% that extra AF bitch and use both of them!  The darker shade, Flash Me, is more of a blush shade on me, so I worked that in over the peach and got this really gorgeous pinky peach glow that I am LIVING for!  The lighter shade, Halo Effect, was a great pearly highlight for the cheeks, cupid’s bow, and nose.  I feel like it’s a great glowy highlight that brings out the best of this pizza face!  No day old pizza on this face!  I really like Wet N Wild cheek products, and these are just as good as any of the others I’ve tried.  I’m not sure about a lot of the pieces in that new Fantasy Makers release (quads with two pressed glitters each?  Seriously?!) but I might go an pick up some more shades of these highlighters.  They are fantastic! (Ugh, another note – I’m not sure why, but the new Fantasy Maker’s collection isn’t available on the Wet N Wild website, so I just linked to their highlighter section.  I’m not sure if those products are just exclusive to Walmart, haven’t been updated, or what?  It’s annoying…I do recommend pretty much any of the pressed powder highlights from Wet N Wild, but it would have been nice to be able to link the actual ones I used!)

And since I have a few of their lip products, I decided to continue the GlamLite love on my lips with their Margarita Gloss in Peach Margarita.  First I lined my lips in the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in Demolition and filled it in with the gloss.  It gave me a really nice ombre affect, and I loved the feel of the gloss: lightweight and not too sticky!

That’s it – meat vs. veggie on one face, all featuring the lovely shadows from GlamLite Cosmetics!

That face when you spend two hours creating a pizza-themed look, only to discover that you don’t have any actual pizza to eat.

I really do like GlamLite’s formula.  Are they my absolute ride or die shadows?  Maybe not, but you get good performance and beautiful pigmentation from palettes that are pretty affordable compared to similar offerings and levels of quality from other indie brands on the market.  The green side was my favorite, because I felt like the shades were more clearly differentiated and I got more depth and variety in the final look, but the red shades were lovely.  If I were doing this over again, I might have paired the lighter red/pink shades with the purples in the palette instead to get more of a separation, but the blend is still smooth and flawless.  And at only $22 each, either of these slice palettes is an inexpensive way to test out the brand for yourself to see if you like it!

I also feel like the Wet N Wild cheek products were clear winners in this look.  I was pretty skeptical of that release – it kind of looked like kid’s makeup that you might find at Claire’s (but hopefully with less asbestos!) – but the highlighters are the same great quality as other Wet N Wild products, and the shades are both really pretty.

If nothing else, I hope that this post reminds people that while you probably should buy makeup just because of the packaging, the opposite is also true: I’ve also heard a lot of people badmouth GlamLite’s food-themed packaging as being too gimmicky, “triggering” to people with food issues, and a bunch of other complaints.  I’m not one to tell you how to spend your money (and I have exactly zero fucks for anyone who wants to tell me how to spend mine!), but I would encourage people to look at the products contained inside the packaging, and the value for what you get vs. what you pay, and spend less time debating the packaging that contains it.  Is it sort of a gimmick?  Absolutely.  But sometimes we get so caught up in talking about the gimmick and forget to evaluate the actual product itself, and this can cause you to miss out on some fantastic makeup!

A perfect example of this is the Life is a Festival palette from Too Faced.  This came out at the tail end of a multi-year obsession with mermaids and unicorns, and people were over it.  Add to that Too Faced’s tendency to go very cartoony with their packaging, and this palette was a staple in anti-hauls from the moment it was sneak peeked.  I knew that I was going to buy it because the packaging is actually like my 6 year old self manifested as an eyeshadow palette, but a lot of people passed it over, and one of the biggest complaints was about the packaging.  Well, here’s what I can tell you about the Life is a Festival palette: it has some of the most gorgeous duochrome shadows I’ve purchased from a mainstream brand in….years, if not ever!  They are pigmented and perform amazingly well, the colors are interesting and fun to play with, and they are definitely some of the best shadows that Too Faced has ever released.  And a lot of people passed these over, because of the packaging.

What I’m getting at is that I understand that GlamLite’s photo-realistic images of food on their packaging is a bit of a left turn in the beauty industry, but I think it’s a unique and creative change that I for one am all the way here for.  It would be one thing if they had gimmicky packaging housing terrible products, but they don’t.  These products perform!  I think they are a refreshing change from the same old same old that seems to have settled in across the beauty industry and I am hungry for more!  I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Once again, I just wanted to point out that I am not affiliated with any of the brands or products mentioned in this Face Friday.  They are all things that I purchased with my own money.  I’m not including the links to pressure you to buy anything, and they are not affiliated in any way.  I simply provide them as a way for you to browse and explore, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Don’t ever feel like you have to have the exact products mentioned in this – or any! – tutorial; makeup is about flexibility and artistry and using what you have to create something wonderful.  Don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!

XOXO – Miss Jaye

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