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Face Friday: I’ll Have A Blue Christmas With Barbie, Feat. Morphe X Lisa Frank & BH Cosmetics!

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Face Friday: I’ll Have A Blue Christmas With Barbie, Feat. Morphe X Lisa Frank & BH Cosmetics!

Merry Christmas Champagne Dreamers, and for those in the fam who don’t celebrate Christmas, just have a lovely fucking day, ok?  Perfect.

Am I grouchy, even as the lights are on, the coca is brewing, and the ham is cooking away in the crock pot (I am the crock pot queen, and have asked for crock pots for Christmas on at least three occasions!)?  Maybe a little.  I just can’t help but think back to a Christmas disappointment from my youth.

When I was four or five, all I wanted in the world was Western Barbie, a silver jumpsuited goddess with Farrah Fawcett hair, bright blue eyes that could wink with the press of a button on her back, and a little stamp to “sign” autographed photos for all of her adoring fans.  I wrote lists, I dropped hints; I was obsessed with this doll.  I’ve told the story in more detail on a couple of podcasts (I’ll link one of them HERE – it’s at the end of the episode), but I saw a definitely Barbie-shaped box under the tree, and when it came time for presents I ripped into that present like a fiend.  I tore away the paper to find Western…Ken.  It was…a moment.  Clearly, that moment symbolized something for me as I’m still flapping my goddamn trap about it almost 40 years later.  What does it mean, you may ask?  I’ll let my therapist sort this out.

The good news is that now I’m a grown ass adult with a big kid job, and I can buy as many goddamn Barbies as I want!  When I saw that there was a new “Sparkle Series” of color reveal Barbie dolls, I decided this was the perfect time to let a toy once again pick my look!  And I decided to use some makeup that also hits on my 80s kid nostalgia: the Morphe X Lisa Frank palette!

Y’all, I almost passed on this palette.  I have a bunch of Morphe palettes and I almost never reach for them…but the 80s nostalgia finally got me!  This palette has three possible covers: one with a tiger cub, one with aliens, and this lovely unicorn design.  One reason that I almost passed was because the alien cover sold out right away, and that’s the one I kinda wanted.  I’m not sure why, though – I’m an 80s kid, and I don’t remember aliens in the Lisa Frank collections from that era at all!  I think they were more of a 90s expansion of the brand.  When I was a kid, these unicorns were hugely popular and I loved them, though the Lisa Frank dolphins were definitely more my jam!

Since I got the blue and black doll with little hints of purple, I decided that the Lisa Frank palette would be a perfect match to create the look, though I did bring in one of the Sweet Shoppe palettes from BH Cosmetics as well, to add some additional, lighter shimmer into the mix.  So here is the look that I created inspired by my doll:

I’ve had fun with all of these Color Reveal Barbies, but this look is the one that I think looks most like the doll that inspired it.  Angie said the same thing; after I painted this look, Angie and I had a short filming day, so you’ll be seeing this look in some upcoming YouTube videos, including my Top 20 of 2020 Beauty!  I fact, I realized that I forgot to take any pics of the look with a wig on before we filmed, so this photo is the look after about 5 hours of filming – that’s why there’s a different curtain backdrop than in the other photos!  A little “behind the scenes” tidbit that absolutely no one asked for…

My face is looking rough, y’all, so once again I doubled up on primers: I used the OMFG Cosmetics Face Primer first, to hopefully fill in some pores and smooth out my skin.  I got this in a mystery box from the brand, and I generally like it.  I really, really want to love OMFG Cosmetics, but their selection is just too random.  It’s like they are just buying lots from white label manufacturers, and once something is gone, it’s gone forever.  I need more stability in my life!  Then I went over that with the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer.  Too Faced had a big clearance sale right before Christmas and I was finally ready to bite the bullet and order another one of these – and they sold out!  I guess I’ll be haunting the makeup section of TJ Maxx to see if they get any more in.  I finished up the OMFG with this look, so that’s a win, and I’m trying to polish off the Too Faced as well, so don’t be surprised if it’s a series regular for the next few posts.  And if I decided to do an empties video again this year (is anyone checking for that?) I will hopefully be able to add this to the pile!

To cover up redness and blotchiness, I also went in pretty heavy with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Color Corrector in Green.  This and the primers definitely helped, but I’m going to be spending my holidays masking and pampering my skin!  I’ve been lax about keeping up with my skincare – and it shows!  (By the way, if you want to watch my video all about my skincare philosophy and routine – when I remember/decide to do it! – you can find it HERE!)

Since it was a filming day and I wanted my skin to look gorge, it was obviously an Uoma Beauty day!  I have been absolutely living for the Say What Foundation in Fair Lady T3C; it is such a gorgeous matte-but-not-cakey finish and the color, once it settles, is perfection.  I am absolutely in love with it!  And I used both of my Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealers: the lighter shade, White Pearl T1, went under my eyes, and the slightly darker shade, Fair Lady T1, highlighted the center of my face.  I’m not 100% in love with this concealer, but I think it’s because of the shades.  I’ve tried these two, and they are both too close to my foundation shade to give me the highlighted effect that I want.  I think I need to try one more shade, the lightest in the White Pearl range, and see if that will brighten the way that I like.  I think the formula is good, and it wears well whenever I use it, but I want to get a better color and make sure.

I think the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder in Translucent may be knocking the Give Me Glow Sugar Cookie powder out of its place as my typical go to.  This powder applies beautifully, and I feel like it’s much easier to remove when I finish with the baking.  They are both good powders, but this one just seems to be a little easier to use, and I’m all about that.  I also primed my lids with the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent.  I’m not super in love with this formula, but I haven’t bought any new eye primers lately and I’m trying to use this up.  Once this tube is gone, though, I wouldn’t expect to see it pop up again on this page, if you get what I’m saying.  Once I was primed and ready to go, I dove right into the Morphe X Lisa Frank 35B Palette!

I figured I would do my typical sort of eye look with the upper part of the look using the darker shades of blue, as well as some purple from the doll’s hair, and then do some lighter blues on the lid.  I started on the inner part of the eye with the shade Angel Kitty, and blended that out about halfway across the eye.  Then I took a deeper matte blue, Tikanni, and used that to build up the arch and the slope downward.  I didn’t go all the way down, just ending roughly even with the top of the crease.

To finish the outer part of the look, I dipped into a deep matte purple called Skye (the black holographic backdrop of this palette makes some of the shade names almost unreadable!  If you want my full thoughts on this palette, a review will be up in early January!).  The palette has some gorgeous blues and purples, but not enough light shades.  I brought in reinforcements: the Bubble Gum palette from the BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe Collection.  I never got around to reviewing these because they were a limited release and sold out fairly quickly.  However, earlier this month they were restocked and so far they are still in stock!  These are really good, so I hope they become permanent!  Since they are now available once again, you’ll have to let me know on my socials if you are still interested in seeing a review of the full collection of 6 palettes.  Anyway, I took the matte shade Chilly and worked that into the inner part of the look and about halfway across the lid to create a base for the shimmers.

I took the shade Frozen and worked that onto the inner part of the lid, over Chilly.  Then I used the shade Pop and used that to blend out into the mattes and up towards the arch, leaving a band of those darker shades.  These shades are very similar, but Frozen has a slightly turquoise-leaning shift that mirrors the slightly greenish tone of Angel Kitty.  Pop is more of just a true pale blue.  I wanted the very inner part of the eye to have that slightly more turquoise look as a nod to the doll’s painted leggings.

To help smooth the transition from the bright pale blue of pop into those darker mattes, I used the shimmer shade Blueberry from the BH palette, blending that into the very edge of pop and then into the blue and purple mattes.  For the lower lash line, I used the bright violet matte shade Lollipop, blending that into the deep purple and taking that about two thirds of the way across.  There are some violet streaks in the doll’s ponytail, and I thought that more reddish tone would make an interesting contrast along the bottom of the look.  I used the shade Frozen on the inner third.  The transition between those two was a little weird, so I used just a tiny bit of Blueberry to help meld those colors together.

I can’t imagine how you would do this look and NOT do colored brows!  I started by laying down the shape with the Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero.  Then I colored over the whole brow with the deep purple, Skye.  Funny story, some purples can dye your skin bright fuchsia pink.  When I took this look off, I had two flaming pink eyebrows up on my forehead that I had to do a lot of work to get off!  I would have taken pictures and shown them off…but even I have limits on how much public humiliation I’m willing to endure!  Anyway, to finish the brows I created an ombre effect using Lollipop on the inner edge of the brow and blending it in toward the arch.  It’s subtle, but I do like having that variation in color so it’s not just one flat color.  For me, that really helps a colored brow work.

Once I had the brows on, I did a bright blue highlight with Chilly inbetween the look and the brows, squaring it off along the nose, and then I took Pop and laid down a highlight under the entire length of the brow.  Just a couple of subtle additions, but I love the way they made the look that much more…extra!

I am nothing if not predictable!  I love the Glamlite Burger Lashes, and I especially love them in the style Double Cheeseburger.  Once again I went with this spikey, full lash and I loved the way it looked with this makeup!  I have yet to find a pair of Glamlite lashes that I haven’t loved!  If you like a more dramatic lash, they have tons of great options, but they also have a few that are more subtle.  Or so I’ve heard…you know this bitch isn’t wearing those!

Moving on to the rest of the face, I used the Uoma Beauty Double Take Contour Stick in Fair Lady to do the base of my cheek contour as well as some contour for my neck.  I left the forehead alone, as I wanted to add some powder bronzer and some blush and try a different effect.

Still loving these Nabla Skin Glazing and Bronzing powders!  They are so good!  Unfortunately, I never did a review on them, so they couldn’t be included in my Top 20 of 2020 Beauty, but they definitely deserved a spot!  If you want to see my list, the video will be going live on my YouTube channel on New Year’s Eve, and a companion post will be up on this site as a Face Friday bonus on New Year’s Day!  I used the Nabla shade Ambra to buff into the Uoma cream contour and also along the hairline.  This gave a more subtle, camera-ready contour.  In some of my videos, I’ve noticed that I’m still doing my contour like I’m on a stage, so I’m trying to adapt and soften my looks a little bit for the close up world of filming.  I’ve been doing this for almost two decades and I’m still learning and experimenting – and looking like a #HookerClown the whole way!

They recently restocked the Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Blush palette at Sephora, and I was all over that!  I’ve been lusting after this for a while now, and am super excited to give you my thoughts.  In fact, a review of this palette as well as two blush duos from Melt Cosmetics is going to be my first makeup review of 2021!  It will go live on this site on Makeup Monday, January 4, at 11am CST!  Not to spoil anything, but I love the way this soft pink shade, Pink Moon brightened up my cheeks, and the powder is silky and delicious to apply!  I also gave into a YouTube trend that I’ve seen a lot lately and brought the blush across the tip of my nose.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m experimenting.

The pink wasn’t really melding with the brown shades as much as I would have liked, so I needed something to help the transition.  I used the shade Stargaze from the Moon Prism palette to get a much smoother blend, and it was just what I needed.  Well, I did it across the nose as well, and I think I could have stuck with just the lighter pink there, but I don’t hate it.

I can always count on Ofra Cosmetics highlighters to give me a ridiculous amount of glow, and Space Baby has the perfect blue shift to go with this look!  I applied it pretty liberally all over the curve of my cheekbones as well as down the center of my face, and a little hint of it above each brow.  So. Much. Glow!  This is from a little trio palette that has three shades, a fantastic option if you want to try out the formula before committing to one of the large pans!

This doll is in the Sparkle collection, she has a holographic skirt – did you really think I could finish this look and not include some holographic glitter?!  I dipped into my custom Space Jam glitter shade, Miss Jaye, from Lemonhead LA and tapped it over the highlighter on the cheekbone.  It’s got a little pink and seafoam green in addition to the holo silver, and I love the way this looked with the rest of the makeup.  Very Lisa Frank, and very Barbie!

For the lips, I started by lining them with the Zero pencil I used for the brows, just to establish a shape.  Then I covered the lips in the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Longwear Lipstick in Who’s Zoomin’ Who?  I mean, I’ve had this shade for a long time, so I know it’s not named for Zoom, but is there a more appropriate shade name for our current mostly virtual world?!  To ombre it up and give some shine and sparkle, I tapped a generous amount of Pop from the BH Cosmetics palette onto the center of the lip and blended it outward!

And that is the full look!  What do you think – is it Barbie?  Does it sparkle like the inspiration?  What did you think about the products used, and are you as excited as I am about the Morphe X Lisa Frank palette?  I love blue eyeshadow, and even though green is my favorite color I end up using blue more often.  It just makes its way in!

I have another doll in this series still in the packaging, as well as two dolls from the Mermaid series, so don’t be surprised if we carry this Color Reveal Barbie look tradition into 2021!  I think the designs keep getting better and better, and they are a lot of fun to create looks from.  That rainbow doll on the bottom right looks especially interesting…

As always, none of the links in this post as sponsored or affiliated in any way; I simply include them so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so desire.  Don’t feel like you have to have the exact products in this or any other makeup look.  Don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!


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