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Face Friday: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For This Ice Cream Gradient Look Feat. BH Cosmetics!

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Face Friday: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For This Ice Cream Gradient Look Feat. BH Cosmetics!

Hey fam!  We took a little break last week, but we’re back with another fabulous Face Friday post.  This time, I’m dipping into the new Sweet Shoppe palettes from BH Cosmetics.  I bought all 6 (of course) but I used three of them to create a fun red to purple to blue look: Cherry on Top, Cotton Candy, and Bubblegum.  Here’s the final look:

I love a gradient look and I’ve been enjoying doing looks with two different color combos on the eyes (like I did with the Glamlite Pizza Slice “Meat vs. Veggie” post I did HERE) and I was inspired by Angelica Nyqvist who did something kind of similar using two of the palettes.  I’ll include her video at the bottom of the post if you want to check it out.

Let’s dive in!

It’s still summer (barely…where did the time even go?!) and I’m always feeling greasy and shiny, so I went with the Peach Delight Mattifying Primer with Vitamin C and E from I Heart Revolution.  This is a slick, silicone primer, which I don’t usually prefer over a more lotion feeling primer, but this is a great one to mattify the face and smooth out my complexion.

If you’ve been keeping up with my Face Friday posts, this base step shouldn’t be any surprise: I have been loving the face products from Uoma Beauty so I started with the Say What?! Weightless Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation in Fair Lady T3C and then highlighted under the eyes and down the center of my face with the Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1.  I love this base routine; the concealer is not as fabulous as the foundation, but they are a great combo and I love setting up my overall look with these standout products.

The setting powder I used for baking under my eyes, down the nose, and along the jaw also shouldn’t be a surprise: I’ve been loving the Give Me Glow Baking & Loose Setting Powder in Sugar Cookie.  For the lids, I tried something new: the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent.  As you can see in the bottom picture, there is maybe a slight difference in the color of where I laid down the primer, but it doesn’t have the pigment/coverage of other primers like the Urban Decay primer potion in Eden.  I personally prefer a primer that has some of that pigment, as it helps me “sketch out” the area where I’m going to build my eye look, but I thought the primer had good performance and I liked the way it dried down.  The shadows worked well over this primer, so I don’t really have any complaints.

For the eye look, I wanted to create a gradient look using three of the Sweet Shoppe palettes from BH Cosmetics with one eye red, the other blue, and both having some purple in the middle to help the look “flow” from eye to eye.  I started in the middle with the purple/pink palette, Cotton Candy, and took the matte shade Confection in the inner corner.  I’m going to create a cut crease and blend with several other shades, so I’m not worried about them being absolutely the same – it’s all in the blend!

Of course, I forgot to photograph one of the steps on this eye (I’m the worst) but I did get it for the blue eye so you’ll see a little bit more in the next picture.  In terms of the red eye, I went into the red palette, Cherry on Top, and used the matte shade Tart on the outer section of the eye.  I blended the red shade next to, but not touching the lavender shade.  I left a small band of empty space.  Then I took Carnival from the Cotton Candy palette and used it to blend the two shades together to get a smooth transition.

On the blue eye, I did the same thing using the matte shade Bubbles from the Bubble Gum palette, leaving a small empty space between the lavender shade and the blue.  Then I went back to the Cotton Candy palette again and used the shade Sugar Plum to blend out the lavender into the blue.

To darken the outer corner and give more depth to the gradient, I used the deepest shade in both the Cherry on Top and Bubble Gum palettes: Sprinkles on the red eye and Single Scoop on the blue eye.  This keeps the color changing and developing as it travels across the eye.

The mattes in these palettes are great (if a little powdery), but you know I can’t create a look without some shimmer!  I wanted to do a cut crease with the shimmers, but I also wanted to pick shades that would mesh well with the mattes, so it won’t have that really precise cut crease look that you might be used to.  I started by sketching out the lid area with the Morphe Fluidity Concealer in C 0.00 (bright white).  I applied it with the doe foot applicator and then smoothed it with a small, firm paddle brush.

Once again, I started in the center of the eyes with the lavender shimmer shade Fluff from the Cotton Candy palette.  It’s a lovely shade, but I did find that it mixed in with the concealer a little bit too much.  If you’re going to use these shimmers for a cut crease, I think it would be best to make sure that you have something that dries down completely (like the ABH primer) so that you don’t have any tackiness when applying the shimmers.  This affected the lavender shade the most because that’s where the concealer was the thickest – as I moved outward, I had more room to blend out and the product thinned out and was much more dry.

On the red eye, I then blended in the bright pink shimmer Maraschino across the lid.  I covered the rest of the concealer area but I am going to go in with another shade to help it blend in a little more seamlessly with the matte shades on the outer corner.

To finish the red eye, I used the deep red shimmer shade, Black Cherry, from the Cherry on Top palette to blend out that eye look.  Moving over to the blue eye, I took the shimmer shade Blueberry (from the Bubble Gum palette) and blended that from the lavender shade and across the lid covering the whole concealer area.

To finish the blue eye, I used the shimmer shade Sweet Tooth from Bubble Gum.  This isn’t a perfect match from eye to eye as the Sweet Tooth shade has a slight greenish shift (though I don’t think it impacted the final look greatly) but I like the way that the two eyes flow from one to the next.

Since this was part Face Friday and part playing with the shadows to get ready for my review of the palette series, I wanted to use as many shimmers as possible so for the lower lash line, I decided to foil out two additional shades from the Cherry on Top and Bubble Gum palettes: Juicy for the red eye and Pop for the blue eye respectively.  The blue shimmers were generally lighter than those in the red palette, but I still think they look good next to each other.

To finish off the eyes I added some Damn Girl! mascara from Too Faced – as I continue to use it, I’m less impressed each time and I think my Better Than Sex is still way better – and then some Glamlite Burger lashes in the style Cheeseburger.

The final finishing touch was just to add brows.  To do that, I used a regular brown pencil and very lightly sketched out the shape of the brows.  Then I used a matte shadow over the entire brow (Tart on the red eye, Bubbles on the blue) and then used a shimmer on the front half to give it some definition and create a gradient to match the eye look.  I used the lower lash line shade Juicy for the red eye and the shade Blueberry on the blue eye.

For contouring, I used the Uoma Beauty Double Take Sculpt & Strobe Duo Stick in Fair Lady.  I love how this blends out; it’s not as smooth and creamy as my beloved Tyra Beauty contour stick, but once I run out of that discontinued beauty I think this will take its place permanently in my routine.

To start building up the blush look, I used the Nabla Skin Glazing in Lola to blend from the contour up toward the cheekbone.  This formula is fairly sheer but buildable, so you can get a nice wash of color but it’s not going to be a big “bang for your buck” payoff immediately (and it will never be as fully pigmented as some blush formulas).  I love the deep watermelon pink shade of this blush – it’s one of my favorites of this line!

I decided to keep building up the Nabla blushes on my cheek and used the shade Privilege, a creamy champagne peach, to further create that soft transition from the contour, into Lola, and up to the cheekbone.  These can be sued as highlights but the color payoff is very subtle; if you like a blindly, obnoxious highlight like I do, this won’t do the trick for you.  Like, at all.  But I really do love the soft blend that I achieved.  I know that my cheeks look different in these photos, but there is actually a bit of shadow on the blue side of my face that I didn’t notice until after, so the red side is much more accurate in terms of what the blend looked like in full light, but in the shadow you can see that more of the red tones are visible.

For highlight I decided to try out one of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker highlighters in the shade Halo Effect.  I generally like Wet n Wild highlighters, and I think this formula was just as good as others that I’ve tried.  It’s a nice pearly champagne color.  I didn’t really vibe with the rest of the Fantasy Makers collection that came out around June (it featured a rainbow array of mini palettes with glitter; I think they were trying to capitalize on Pride without actually saying that it was a Pride collection?) but these highlighters are pretty fantastic.  I bought two or three shades, and I like all of them.

For the lips, I started by laying down a layer of liquid lipstick from The Lip Bar in the shade Haute Mess.  It was gorgeous and I really should have left it at that.  But of course, I needed to have some glitter!  I decided to top it with the Glamlite Margarita Gloss in Coconut Margarita.  It’s a gorgeous gloss, and I was hoping that the blue flash combined with the hot red lipstick would pair well with the eye look, but the gloss reactivated the lipstick and it kind of became a goopy mess.  It was shiny, but not glittery, and I was cleaning it off my teeth for a long time.

So that’s the look!  I hope you enjoyed it because you are going to be seeing it (or a slight variation of it, with different lipstick!) in my next several YouTube videos!  That’s right, this Face Friday look was one that I did for my most recent filming day.  I’ve got some fun videos coming up including a ranking of my 7 Norvina Pro palettes, two new tag videos, a video talking about horror properties that have influenced me, and my first attempt (be gentle!) at a flat lay/overhead filming video, doing swatches of the I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach and Tasty Peach Mini palettes!

If you have any suggestions for Face Friday looks you’d like to see in the future, definitely let me know in the comments below!  Also, I love suggestions for brand or products that you’d like to see featured either in these posts or in my Makeup Monday reviews.

As usual, none of the link in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way and I simply provide them so that you can browse through the products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  You should never feel pressured to buy all of the products that I show in this post; don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  You don’t need these exact products to recreate or alter this or any other makeup look.

As we say goodbye, here is Angelica’s video using the BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe palettes!  I was clearly confused and misremembered what the look was!  She did use three palettes, but she created a blue eye and a green eye, and used red to frame both eyes.  So not the same, but I still think what she did helped inspire my look.  Hope you enjoy!


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