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Face Friday: Getting The Blueprint For Birthday Beauty Glam, Feat. Melt Cosmetics

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Face Friday: Getting The Blueprint For Birthday Beauty Glam, Feat. Melt Cosmetics

Hey there Champagne Dreamers – we’re back after a week’s vacay with another Face Friday, and I’m super excited for the palette I’m using in this look: the Blueprint palette from Melt Cosmetics!  My friend Amy and I got together on my birthday and had a makeup play day, and this is the look that I came up with:

I had been eyeing the Blueprint stack for a while, but I missed the first released when it came in the blue plastic packaging, and I wasn’t as keen on the black; I’m glad that I waited, because now I have all the same shades, but in a palette form!  As a side note, I’m also excited that they decided to release this palette because it speaks to one of my 2021 Beauty Predictions: this is going to be the year of blue!  If you want to hear more about that prediction as well as my other prdictions for the year, I’ll include the video below.

Let’s dive right into this look – and look for a full review of this palette coming soon!

I started off the look with the e.l.f. Mint Melt Cooling Face Primer.  I bought this in order to get free shipping when I ordered the Mint Melt Bite Size Palette as well as two others, and decided to give it a shot for this look.  I like the slight cooling sensation, though I prefer a more intense mint in products, and it has a sort of tacky feel to it like the Milk Makeup primer.  It was nice, and I feel like it helped even out my skin fairly well, but it didn’t do as much to fill pores as I would have liked.  I would probably pair this with a silicone primer in the future to get the desired effect. m I also re-upped my quarantine buzz cut, so sorry about the potato-faced serial killer you have to look at until I get this beat on!

Hey, it was my birthday and I didn’t want anything to go wrong with my complexion products, so I stuck with things I knew I could trust!  I started with the Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation in T3C, followed by the Benefit Boi-Ing Concealer in No. 1 under the eyes and No. 2.5 down the center of my face.  I’m still trying to find a “Holy Grail” concealer for my undereyes, but this one is pretty good.  And we know how I feel about the foundation – it was my number 1 product of 2020!

To prep for the eye look, I once again decided to bake under my eyes with the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder in Translucent.  This has become my favorite powder for baking under the eyes.  I really do like the Give Me Glow powder that I was using before this one (in the shade Sugar Cookie), but the Kim Chi powder is just a bit smoother and it’s easier to brush away.  I really love the look under my eyes when I use this – it sets the concealer perfectly!

What I didn’t love nearly as much was this new eye primer I’m trying out: the In Her Prime Eye Primer from Ardell.  It was greasy feeling to the touch and it definitely shifted and mixed weirdly with the foundation on my eyelids when I applied it.  I’m going to try it out on my arm for website swatches, but i didn’t love it on the eyes at all.

I wanted this look to focus on the Blueprint palette (and I was able to use all of the colors in the palette throughout the look!), but I wanted a tan matte to lay down as a transition before I started.  To get this, I decided to pull in another Melt Palette: I used the shade Atole from the Vida palette.  This is a lovely color, but it definitely looked darker when applied than it looked in the pan.  I would have preferred a lighter tan, but it did the basic thing I needed it to do, which was to define the basic shape of the look and create a boundary for the other shadows.

(NOTE: as of this writing, the Vida palette does still appear on the Melt website, so if you were feeling any FOMO, you can grab one now!)

Now, onto the Blueprint palette!

I wanted to create a sort of smoky look with blue tones on the inner part of the eye and brown shades on the outer part.  I started by taking the two matte shades in the palette in the crease: Dim-Out, a deep blue, in the inner part of the crease and Hammered, a deep chocolate brown, on the outer crease.  Both of these applied darker than they appeared in the pan.  Dim-Out especially turned out much deeper when applied, almost looking deep navy.  If I were doing this again, I would buff in some lighter shades with this to give it a more gradient effect and lightedn the mattes right next to where they meet up with the shimmers.

Speaking of shimmers, I applied Deadbolt, a bright blue shimmer, across the inner part of the lid.

For the brown shimmers, I started by applying the darkest brown shimmer, Nailed, across the outer part of the lid.  Then I took Hot Wire, a bright coppery brown, and tapped that in the spot where the two shades connected and blended them together.

I used the lightest Shimmer, an aqua-tinged blue called Skylight, to highlight the inner corner.  Then I used the last two shimmer shades in the palette, King Stud and Beaming, for the lower lash line.  I used King Stud on the outer part, blending it along the edge of the brown matte and taking it about 2/3 of the way across.  Then I connected the two blue shades with Beaming.  The Beaming shade got overpowered by the blues and it barely visible; it’s probably my least favorite shade in the palette.  I want to have a chance to use it more on its own, to see if it has more presence.

I bought the collection bundle that also included two gel liners.  I used the shimmer shade, Steel, to draw out the base for the brows.  I originally thoughts that I would do brown brows with this look, but I just really wanted more blue for this Blueprint collection!  This gel liner had a gorgeous color, and I could have just left it as is, and it would have been a perfectly fine brow!

However, have you ever known me to turn down an opportunity to create an ombre brow?!  I used the shimmer shades King Stud, Deadbolt, and Skylight to create a beautiful blue gradient.  King Stud went over the entire brow to set the gel liner.  Then I used Deadbolt on the inner half and Skylight on the very inner corner of the brow.  Skylight has a similar problem to Beaming: it tends to get overpowered by nearby shades, and it didn’t do as much as I would have liked to lift the color on the inner corner of the lid.

By the way: I did a video recently where I ranked all of my Melt palettes – gotta love a good Makeup Thunderdome!  Watch that video and then decide where you think I would put this palette in the rankings, and I’ll let you know where it would end up when I publish the full review in a couple of weeks!

I used a little of the shade Beaming to soften that matte tan and to add a highlight directly under the brows.  I then darkened my lashes with some mascara and added the Peachy Queen Sweet Treat Lashes in the style Cake Pop to complete the look!

To contour, I used the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Thailor Bronzer in I Went To Waikiki.  It’s not as easy to work with as the cream products that I use for contouring, but this shade has a coolness that I really like, and it tends to blend out nicely with the blushes I pair it with, so I’ll keep playing around with it.

I’m finally getting to use one of these Digital Dust Duo Blushes from Melt Cosmetics, and I’m super excited!  These are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the glowy, beautiful flush that these give you.  The peachy pink side, Buzz, blended nicely with the bronzer, and then I blended the two shades together and applied that to the apples of my cheeks, moving down into the bronzer.

The blush color is lovely, but it was a little stronger than I wanted – for this look, it was all about the eyes!  I wanted to tame the blush a bit, so I went over it with the Magic Star Luminous Setting Powder in Natural from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  This allowed me to keep a gorgeous, subtle glow, but tamed down the pink/peach tones of the blush.  I don’t like this powder as much as I like the Jaclyn Hill shimmery setting powder, but I can’t figure out where I put those!  I need to get organized!

When I ordered the Blueprint collection, they had the Morning Star highlight on sale, so I picked that up as well.  It’s a white based powder highlight with pink and gold duochrome shift.  It’s a really pretty highlight, but very subtle.  This is something that I would use over a very large area, and then hit some of the areas with a much stronger glow.  It’s not invisible, but I’m just used to more bang for the buck.  It’s not drag-worthy, but for everyday wear it’s a gorgeous color!

I wanted a gorgeous, simple pink lip with this look, so I started by lining my lips with the Juvia’s Place Luxe Liner In Love Me.  I topped that with the Melt liquid lipstick in the shade Lady Like.  This is a gorgeous pink, and if you want a matte finish, this is a great match to the eye look.  I took a few pictures with this lip, but then I decided that I just had to have a little bit of shine!  I topped my lips with the Trixie Cosmetics gloss in Cream Puff.  This lightened it and brightened it, and gave it the creamy sheen that I was looking for!

And that is the finished look!

Overall, it was a pretty great way to spend a birthday in this weird, wild world we live in!  I like the dark and smoky look that the palette created, though in the future I would probably bring in more lighter shades to get more variety.  I love blue and brown looks, and this was a fun one to do!  So this is what 43 looks like…

As usual, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way; I simply provide the links to make it easier for you to browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Don’t feel like you have to have the exact products used to recreate or alter this or any other makeup tutorial – don’t be afraid to shop your stash!  If you have any suggestions for Face Friday looks you’d like to see in the future, leave them in the comments or message me on my social media!

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