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Face Friday: Getting Electric Glam With A New BOMB On The Scene, Feat. Uoma Beauty!

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Face Friday: Getting Electric Glam With A New BOMB On The Scene, Feat. Uoma Beauty!

I’m so excited for the third entry in my Pride series of Face Friday posts featuring Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMBs) because it features a “new kid on the block” that is making such a splash and has some really wonderful products: Uoma Beauty!

Now, if you’ve been reading my Face Friday posts for a while, you will recognize that name: ever since I discovered their Say What?! foundation, I have been absolutely obsessed!  When they had their recent first anniversary sale, I snatched up two backups to make sure that I’m never out of their gorgeous, silky full coverage formula!  I also took advantage of the sale to try a number of other products from them, and so I was definitely ready to give them the full face treatment!

Well, almost full face.  But we’ll talk about that later.

Here is the finished look:

The colors are really bright, but they do get a little bit overpowered by the neon pink wig!  That color is intense!  Here is another photo without the wig, where I’m sporting my most recent DIY quarantine haircut:

I did this look for a filming day where bestie Angie and I filmed for several hours; we got enough footage for several videos, including this one where I talk about 12+ Black Owned Makeup Brands that AREN’T Fenty or Pat McGrath.

I did have to bring in a couple of products from other places, and as much as possible I tried to stick with other BOMBs when I did, but let’s get into the look and see how it all came together!

Uoma does not have a primer, and the only BOMB primer I had handy was the Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake Oil (which still makes me nervous after the last Face Friday post.  Not sure why?  Check it out HERE) so instead I just added a little bit of my regular moisturizer and went straight into the foundation.  This is a familiar favorite: the Say What?! Weightless Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation in the shade Fair Lady T3C.  The dark blue background seemed to throw off the white balance a little bit, so I look a little more yellow than normal, but the color is a fantastic match to my skin, and it is so lovely to put on.  It never feels heavy or cakey, even after a second layer.

Then I used the Stay Woke Concealer in shade White Pearl T1 to highlight under my eyes and shade Fair Lady T1 to highlight through the middle of my face.  The colors are very similar (a little too similar – I wish I had gone even lighter with the White Pearl shade!) but they are slightly different and I like the effect once they are blended out.

Uoma does not have either a loose powder or an eye primer, so to get started on the eye look I once again dipped into my stash of Beauty Bakerie products: the Flour Setting Powder in Oat (translucent) for baking under the eyes and along the jawline, and the Eyescream crème eyeshadow pot (discontinued) in Pancake to prime the lids.

For the eye look, I used two of the Uoma Beauty Black Magic palettes: Savage and Carnival.  The color stories are pretty distinct, but for clarity I’ll include a notation whether the shade comes from  the Savage palette (S) or the Carnival palette (C).

I started off in the Savage palette with this medium tan matte, Foxy (S).  I used that on the inner part of my eye, starting along the edge of the nose and working up into the crease until I was about halfway to 2/3 of the way across.  If I’m honest, this is the one step in this process that I kind of regret.  Foxy is a great blending/transition shade, but I think it ended up darkening the pink shade I used next much more than I wanted it to.  If I recreated this look, I would probably skip this color altogether, Or I would just keep it on the very inner part along the nose.

Next up, I went into the Carnival palette and I used the matte hot pink shade Rio (C) blending slightly under and into the brown and carrying it past the brown to define the arch of the look and down around to the outer-V.  Then I took the bright sunshine yellow matte, Barbados (C), and added that on the inner part of the eye, both under the brown in the inner corner and above it to define the space where I would later draw in the brow.

Next I took the shade Black Y’all (S), a matte black, and used that to darken the outer-V, keeping it fairly low and close to the eye and not blending it very far up into the pink.  I didn’t want a super dark look overall, and I really wanted to pink to shine, but I did need some depth here for dimension, and also for blending out one of the shimmers I was planning to put on the lid.

For the lid, I decided to do a cut crease look, so I added some more of the Stay Woke Concealer on the lid, painting it on with a small, dense paddle brush, and then I used two shimmers to blend out across the lid.  I started in the inner corner with Bahia (C) and then added Trinidad (C) on the center, blending the edges into both the gold on the inner portion and the black on the outer portion.

I had been toying with the idea of using the purple shimmer shade Mardi Gras on the center lid instead of Trinidad.  I’m glad I went with the green (and, I mean, it’s green!  Who was I kidding?!) but I did decide to still incorporate the purple into the lower lashline.  I used a small flat detail brush and wet the shadow with setting spray to help it adhere and to foil the shimmer.

Uoma doesn’t have pencils to use for drawing on my brows, but you know I love a colorful brow, so I decided to make the brows uniquely Uoma by using two of their gorgeous shades from the Carnival palette to coordinate with the eye look.  I drew out the shape using a Velvetines pencil from Lime Crime (shade: Drew) and then used Mardi Gras all over the entire brow.  Then I brought in some of Rio on the inner part of the brow to create a bit of a gradient across the brow.

**Note: Lime Crime is not a BOMB.  I didn’t have any BOMB options for liners on either the brows or the lips.  I used Lime Crime in both cases but made sure to cover both of them with other BOMB products.  

Uoma does not have a mascara currently, so once again I deferred to Beauty Bakerie and used their Eyelash Icing to darken my lashes before adding falsies.  Uoma does have false lashes (and their Carnival Lashes in Trinidad would have been amazing with this look!) but I don’t happen to have any of them (I’m overstocked on lashes currently, so I didn’t buy any in the Uoma anniversary sale!) so instead I went with BOMB Lena Lashes and one of their lashes from the Lash Girl collection.  This collection is not currently available, but they do have several collections as well as lots of great single pairs in both mink and synthetic.

For cheek sculpting, I started with the Double Take Sculpt + Strobe Duo Stick in Fair Lady, using the dark contour side to add contour to my cheeks and along my hairline…well, what used to be my hairline!  Uoma has a couple of bronzers but they don’t have blushes – but what they do have is the gorgeous red eyeshadow shade, Oya (S)!  I blended that into the contour to brighten up and start adding in some flushed color to the cheeks.

Let’s not talk about the fact that I totally forgot to do any contouring on my neck or under my chin.  I don’t know what happened, I can’t explain it, and it’s literally the only thing I can see when I’m editing the footage for my videos.  I’ll just have to serve some Jabba the Hut realness for the next few vids, and try to never make such a heinous mistake ever again!

I loved the Oya shadow as a blush, but I didn’t want it to be too dark.  I thought about adding some of Rio to the cheeks as well, but it’s still pretty intense.  The lips are very bright and I knew I was going to be doing a very bright lip, so I didn’t want the cheeks to be too intense or deep, and overpower the look.  So I dipped into the Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne blushlighter palette, using the shade 24h Champagne Diet to lighten up, add a little glow, and also make it lean more pink than red.

The Double Take sticks do have a highlight side, but I’m always nervous about cream highlighters, and powder products are very versatile, so I decided to go back to the gold shimmer shade Bahia (C) that I used on the inner part of the lid for my highlight.  I used it on my cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, and just a touch on my chin.  It’s a nice subtle golden glow that pairs beautifully with this colorful, tropical look.

For the lips, I knew I wanted to use the bright metallic pink shade Trinidad from the Uoma Black Magic Carnival lipstick collection.  I struggle with tube lipsticks, but the color was just too perfect.  To prevent any bleeding, I did line my lips with the Lime Crime Velvetines liner in Plastic, and then covered my whole lips, including the liner, in Trinidad.  And because I’m a mess and I always forget something, I also added a touch of the Boss Gloss Liquid Marble in Rose’ over top.  The lips pictured above are after all three products have been used.

And that’s how we got to this finished look!

I love it!  It’s wild and wacky, and though the hair maybe isn’t a perfect match for the look, I am happy with how it all turned out.  And you’ll get to see this look with several different hair and background options in upcoming videos on my YouTube channel (feel free to subscribe, so you don’t miss a single video!)

What did you think about this BOMB look?  How are you enjoying the this series for Pride?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!  And if you have any suggestions for looks, brands, or techniques you’d like to see, drop those down below as well!

As always, none of the links in this post are affiliated or sponsored in any way.  I simply provide the links for you to be able to browse, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so choose.  Don’t feel like you need to purchase these products to recreate – or reinterpret! – this look.  Don’t be afraid to shop your stash!

And don’t forget to come back next Friday for the last post in this series, where my look will feature products from a bunch of different BOMBs including JD Glow, Coloured Raine, The Crayon Case, Black Opal, Jacque Mgido Cosmetics, and more!

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