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Face Friday: Georgia On My Mind, Feat. Black-Owned & Queer-Owned Makeup Brands!

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Face Friday: Georgia On My Mind, Feat. Black-Owned & Queer-Owned Makeup Brands!

Hello Champagne Dreamers and welcome to the first Face Friday post of 2021!  I know, I know: I was supposed to have one up on the 1st, but I was on vacay and my jammies were just too comfortable, so I decided to skip a week and come back this week, just in time for Georgia to do the damn thing and flip the Senate blue!

I was going to celebrate by rushing the capitol and starting a new Civil War, but the inbred cousin-fucker Trumpster Fire supporters were already doing that; never one to follow the crowd, I shifted gears and decided to do this blue and peach “Georgia On My Mind” makeup look instead!  And much like the last 4 years, it was a little dicey in the middle, but it all came together beautifully in the end.

In addition to the color symbolism, I love that with the glitter and the shimmer, this look reminds me a little bit of fireworks, and the shapes remind me a little bit of butterfly wings.  Since we’re in a transition time, and we can start to hope for a chance to build things back better, I also wanted to make sure that I featured as many black-owned and queer-owned makeup brands as possible!  It’s not a full face – sometimes I just want the thing/color/consistency that I want! – but the majority of the products are from black-owned and queer-owned brands (as well as women-owned and minority-owned brands).

For the eye look, I used a total of four eyeshadow palettes: the Wahala and Wahala 2 from Juvia’s Place, The Celestial Divinity palette from Pat McGrath, and the Bubble Gum palette from BH Cosmetics.  As I go through, I’ll note which palette the shades are from with the following notation: Wahala (W1), Wahala 2 (W2), Celestial Divinity (CD), and Bubble Gum (BG).  The backgrounds of the palettes are pretty distinctive, but this makes it a little easier if you are trying to recreate this look.

As I mentioned, there were a couple of bumps along the way, but I really like the way it turned out in the end.  It brings me almost as much joy as I’m going to get from Kamala Harris’ face every time she gets to break a tie in the Senate!

Let’s dive in to the look.

New Year’s Eve was rough on me (some of you may have seen my drunken shenanigans on Facebook Live (follow me over there to keep up with my hijinx!) so I decided to give my skin a little double priming action: the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Primer to try and fill up some of those gigantic pores, and the Too Faced Deew You Luminous Primer in Radiant Nude to try to get some glow back into my tired skin!  I’ve talked about these before, and I still love both of them.  I really do need to pop over to Too Faced and see if they have any more of these primers left on clearance – this one is running out,a nd the Tutti Fruitti line has been discontinued!

To even out some of the redness in my face, I used some of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Concealer in Green.  I think these concealers are just too expensive, but I can’t find a green color corrector that I like as much as I like this one.  Any recommendations?  All of the other ones that I have tried are too pigmented and don’t blend out enough.  It gets a little too “HULK SMASH!” if ya know what I mean…

Wanted a flawless face for this look so I went with my tried and true Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation in T3C.  This is a standard for me now, and I love it!  The coverage is builable and gorgeous, so skinlike and smooth.  I highlighted my face with The Most Concealer from Kim Chi Chic Beauty in the shade Peachy Ivory.  I am going to have a longer review of the haul that I got from Kim Chi Chic Beauty, but I love the consistency of the concealer – hate the packaging.  I love that this shade has some pinky peach tones that match my natural skin.

Prepping to start the eye look, I put some of the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder in Translucent under my eyes, and then primed with the Ulta Beauty Matte Eye Primer in Nude.  I have used this powder a couple of times now, and I think I like it better than my previous go to, Give Me Glow.  It goes on a bit smoother and it wipes away more easily, without giving me the dreaded cakeface look.  I’m a fan.  I don’t particularly love the Ulta primer, but I’m running low and my order for new primers hadn’t come in yet, so here we are.  Better this than nothing.

To start off the look, I went into a matte peach shade called Lit (W2) and spread that through the crease, squaring it off next to the nose and going most of the way up to the arch.  Then I took the shade Wicked (W2), a matte bright blue, and created the arch and tried to work it through the edge of Lit at an angle.  I’m not sure what happened here; I’ve said many times in the past that I am a huge Juvia’s stan, and I love their mattes as much as their shimmers, but this just wasn’t the business!  These two shades wouldn’t blend together at all.  Blue and orange are contrasting colors, opposite each other on the color wheel, and these are versions of orange blue.  Normally, when you mix contrasting eyeshadows together you can get sort of a muddy brown moment.  That’s actually what I wanted, a little bit of a brown transition from the peachy orange to the blue.  Nope.  These two refused to combine, and the overlapped section looked patchy and weird.  If I’m honest, I looked in the mirror as I finished up with the blue and though I looked like a Kmart Blue Light Special version of John Wayne Gacy.  Not a cute look for your girl.  Luckily, this problem actually lead me down a different road, and it worked out.  Always trust the process…

I wanted to darken the outside of the look, so I took this deeper blue matte shade, Dream (W2) and created the shape of the outer edge, leaving the outer edge of the lid space bare.  Since these mattes were not giving me much in terms of blending, I decided to make the look a partial cut crease.  I used my Uoma Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1 to create the inner curve of the lid, tapping and fading it out right as it got to the edge of the dark blue.

For the shimmer on the lid, I wanted to play around with some Pat McGrath!  I used this palette in my Karen-torial, but I still haven’t decided how I feel about it.  I had problems with one of the shades just falling out of the palette during the filming of a recent video (I’ll include that HERE in case you didn’t see it!) so I wanted to give it another change to wow me before I write the brand off entirely.  I used the champagne gold shade, Lunar Champagne (CD), all over the inner part of the lid, and then blended that into a pinky-peach duochrome called CosmiK CD).  Funnily enough, CosmiK is actually the shade that broke and had to be re-pressed!  I thought both of these shimmers were absolutely gorgeous.  I used a dry, very dense brush and that worked well for me, tapping it into the base.  I’m not sure how it would work with a drier, set primer base, but I tried a couple of swipes of the gold with a wet brush and it just got soupy, so dry brush over a tacky base definitely seems the way to go to me!

The two Juvia’s Palce palettes have some gorgeous blues, teals, and turquoises, but neither one had the perfect deep true blue that I was looking for, so I decided to bring in my Bubble Gum palette from BH Cosmetics.  Blueberry (BG) is a gorgeous shade and it was absolutely what I anted to represent the blue results in Georgia!  I blended that along the edge of CosmiK and then out into the matte blue.  That transition was nice, but I wanted some more depth lower down on the outer corner, so I used the matte navy shade Single Scoop (BG) to really add some depth.  Such a pretty combo!

The mattes in the crease and the shimmers on the lid looked very separate, and so I wanted to emphasize that separation rather than try to blend it out, so I took the Tattoo Liner from KVD Vegan Beauty in the shade Trooper Black and emphasized the boundary between those two areas.  And since the blending in the crease was patchy, I decided to invoke one of the ancient drag queen “rules of order” – if you fuck it up, put glitter on it!  I started by adding the blue/green glitter Clout (W1) along the black line and covering the blended area between the two mattes, all the way up to the arch.  I liked that, but I felt like the look was getting a little too blue heavy, so I used a cold clitter, Pepper Bodi (W1), to lighten up some of the blue directly above the black liner on the outer portion of the lid.

To help out with the balance even more, I decided to use peachy orange tones for the brows as well!@  I drew the base of the brows in using a random brown pencil I had laying around (I have a ton of them around here, and never pay attention to which one it is – when you’re doing brows like this, literally any brown or black pencil will do!).  Then I used a small detail brush to press a matte brown shade called ASAP (W2) into the whole brow.  Then I used the peachy shimmer shade Periodt to create an ombre flash on the very front of the brow, blending up toward the arch, but making sure it was only over the part of the look with the peach matter.  Then I tapped some of the orange glitter shade 419 (W2) into that to give it more dimension and sparkle!

Lower lash line was easy peasy lemon squeezey: Blueberry (BG) on the outer part of the lash line and taking it in about two thirds of the way across.  Then I went back into CosmiK (CD) to blend the edge of that and then taking it in to the very inner corner to meet up with Lunar Champagne (CD).  I also used a tiny bit of Single Scoop (BG) just to blend the deeper outer corner into the color moving down into the lower lash line.  I added some Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara to darken the lashes (and finished that tube – FINALLY!) and then added the Glamlite Chocolash on top.  I like that this is thick and a little spiky, but it doesn’t overwhelm the look.  The drama is set to medium, and that’s just what I wanted with this look.

The eye look is done, so on to the face!  I took my trusty Uoma Beauty Double Take Strobe + Sculpt Stick in Fair Lady to carve out my cheeks and a little bounced along the hairline with my sponge.  Seriously, what did I do in my life before Uoma Beauty came around?  Their complexion products are absolutely staples for me!  This isn’t my favorite cream contour formula ever, but it’s still pretty good.

New blush, who dis?!  I was super excited to finally get to use my new Trixie Cosmetics Mod About You blush palette (review coming 1/11 at 2pm CST!).  I started with the darker coral orange shade Go-Go Girl – dayum, that has some pigment!  I went a little too ham as I was blending it down into the contour.  I then took the lighter peach shade, Plush Bunny, and blended that down into the contour.  I also put a little bit on the tip of my nose; have I been fully assimilated into that trend?  Who even am I?!  This helped a lot, but it was still a bit more intense than I wanted.  Luckily, I have a solution for that!

If you go a little too hard with your blush, you can soften it by buffing a setting powder over it.  You can use a translucent setting powder, but for extra glow I like to use a luminous setting powder!  I went in with the Jeffree Star Magic Star Luminous Setting Powder in Natural.  I actually wanted to use one of my Jaclyn Hill powders…but I couldn’t find them.  I swear, I need to take a day and just declutter, clean, and organize this studio!  This is a great powder and it toned down the intense blush to a level I was much more comfortable with.  This look is all about the eyes, don’t want the cheeks pulling focus!

For my highlight, I decided to once again dip into the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighting Trio, using the shade Fine Gold 003.  This has a nice soft candlelight glow to it, and while I was able to build up some intensity, it wasn’t quite as wild as I was hoping for.  It’s good, and I love it when I want a more subtle look, but I rarely do subtle.  I will probably end up pairing thiese with other highlighters a lot.

I knew I wanted a nude, peachy lip but I also knew that I can’t do a nude lip without a dark liner (I’m a 90s bitch!) so I started by lining my lips with the Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero.  I usually use Demolition, a dark brown shade, but once again, I seem to have misplaced every goddamn thing in my life.  I swear I need like 15 backups of that pencil because I am always losing it!  Once the lips were lined, I went on with the Glam Vice Vivid Matte liquid lipstick in the shade 80s Soul, which is beautiful but very electric, so I calmed it down a little bit using the Trixie Cosmetics Cream Puff lip gloss.

And that’s the look!  What do we think?  About this look, obviously – we already know that Georgia going blue is utterly fabulous and the Redneck Civil War is shameful bullshit.  I’m personally loving this look, and it captured everything I wanted for this brief moment of celebration as we hold our collective breath and tighten our collective anuses until the inauguration, and then get back to work trying to fix some shit and holding our blue leadership accountable for the promises that they made.

As always, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way; I simply provide them so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Never feel like you have to have the products mentioned in this or any tutorial to recreate a look – don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to let me know here or on my socials what kinds of looks you’d like to see for Face Friday in the future!  I started this series as a way to “paint my way through the apocalypse,” and even though things might start to get back to some version of normal sometime this year, I have really grown fond on this creative project.  I’m still planning to do them every week for the foreseeable future, but I won’t beat myself up if things get crazy and I miss a week here or there.

Cheers, 2021!  Things are weird from the jump, but thanks to Georgia things are starting to look a little brighter!

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