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Face Friday: Full Face of Too Faced Tutti Fruitti Collection – Glam & Gorgeous!

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Face Friday: Full Face of Too Faced Tutti Fruitti Collection – Glam & Gorgeous!

Alright kittens – we’ve got something a little different for you!  I’ve been working feverishly to figure out the technology to FINALLY launch my YouTube community in 2020, and one of the types of videos that I love to watch (and therefore really want to make!) are Full Face/One Brand challenges!  But some brands are better at certain types of color stories or looks than others, and if I’m going to have enough products to do a full face anyway, I want to do it up big!  So my plan is to do three complete looks for each brand: Nearly Naked (a look that utilized neutrals, nudes, and soft pastels), Glam & Gorgeous (a more traditional “evening” sort of look with more sultry eyes and a bold lip), and The Wild Card (a chance to play with brights, neons, vivids, and wild color combos!).  My goal is to eventually show off all three looks in the video, while showing the full application for one of the looks.  I always want to do one of the looks on Facebook live, either on my main page or on a dedicated discussion page (things are still so up in the air!), and one will be posted here in this format: a step by step application showing what products I used, how I applied them, etc.  I might start filming the third look as well for a Patreon post, but that’s a ways down the road…

With each brand that I feature, I’ll mix up and rotate which look is filmed, which is posted here, etc.  And plenty of content related to all three looks will also end up on my Instagram.  This is all still new and I’m open to lots of feedback, so please light up those comments with what you like, what you don’t, and what you might like to see moving forward!  I love all of my various passion projects, and I want them to live and grow with each other!

Anyway, here is the finish Glam & Gorgeous look using (pretty much) all Too Faced Tutti Fruitti collection products:

Buckle up – I’m about to take you step by step through how I created this berry-toned glam look!

A quick note before we get started – we all have our insecurities and this post, although I’m really excited by the idea of it, hits right at the heart of one of mine: I don’t really like photographing or posting my bare face.  Drag is not only my art, it’s also my armor.  So I’m super excited to hear your thoughts on the looks, the products, my techniques, etc. but if you have snarky comments about how I look, you can save them for your favorite sub-reddit.  M’kay?  Kay.

Anyway, here is my bare face with nothing on it except a little bit of Tatcha Dewy Skin cream.  Tatcha is way too rich for my blood, and I’m an oily beast so I would never buy a “dewy” moisturizer anyway, but I had a sample and since the Tutti Fruitti collection is all about dewy, glowy finishes I thought, “What the hell?!” and slathered it on to prep.  Oy, those undereye bags though…

To get things started, I applied a pretty generous layer of the Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer in Radiant Nude.  This is the medium shade in the range, but I was worried that the light shade would be too pearly and might lead to flashback.  I decided to go with the medium shade for both the primer and the setting powder.  I think it looks fine in this look, but when you see the video footage I think it definitely skewed a little darker than my actual skin.

I like the watermelon and cucumber smell of this primer, but…is it just me, or does my face look greasy?  Maybe it’s because I’m naturally oily and I’m always worried about trying to mattify, mattify, mattify, but I can’t decide if this is glowy or greasy – thoughts?  I like the color and the feel of the primer is good – I’ll definitely keep this around for further use.

For base, it was on to the Dew You Full Coverage Fresh Glow Foundation.  Nude is my typical shade in the Born This Way range, and this looks similar but I almost feel like it reads a little darker than what I’m used to.  The Tutti Fruitti line doesn’t have a concealer, but I was able to get the foundation in Snow at TJ Maxx for only $10, so I used that in place of concealer with a small, firm flat brush.  Here’s my face with the Nude foundation applied with a Real Techniques sponge:

I actually don’t mind the look of this foundation.  It’s got a subtle glow, but I don’t think I look oily.  The foundation and primer work well together.  The main problem I had is that it first went on a streaky mess and I had to do a fair amount of work with my sponge to get a smooth, even look.  I tend to avoid dewy foundations so I don’t know if that’s typical or unique to this product, but it was a bit of a pain, especially when I have other foundations that give me just as good or better coverage with less elbow grease.

The foundation as concealer didn’t work as well as I hoped it would, and I didn’t get the kind of coverage and lightening that I like from my undereye concealer.  It went on uneven, just like the base layer, but since it was focused in smaller areas it was harder to work it out and get it even while also maintaining symmetry, keeping it even from left to right, etc.

I apply it under both eyes and a little bit down the center of my face that I blend out.  I applied the left first, so it had started to dry a bit and that’s why it looks less obvious than the right side of my face.  It blended out ok, but it wasn’t as light as I prefer, and I didn’t get the level of coverage on those undereye bags that I like to have.

I wanted to bake under my eyes and have some powder down before I went into the shadows (I knew the Tutti Fruitti palettes were pretty crumbly, so that’s no only brightening, but also protection from fallout!).  The setting powder that I picked up, in Translucent Radiant Nude, is the medium of the three available shades so I was worried that it wouldn’t lighten and might actually cause some weird darkness, so instead I pulled in one of my old ride-or-dies: Coty Airspun powder in Translucent Extra Coverage.

I put it under my eyes, along my jawline, and lightly down the center of my face using a dry Real Techniques powder sponge.  I like the powder sponge with the microfiber texture!  I don’t know that I’m sold on using it for blush and contour and the like, but it’s great for working with loose face powder.

For the eyeshadow, I decided that this look would get a little bit from each of the two 7-pan palettes:

For each step I’ll show a close up of the shade and indicate if it came from the Sparkling Pineapple palette (SP) or the Razzle Dazzle Berry palette (RDB).  Now, as we start going through, you’re going to see that my eyes are two entirely different shapes.  That’s my life – I can’t help but draw my face crooked!  Just let me live – by the time we get to the end, it’s slightly less obvious.

First up is the shade Pineapple Cooler (SP).  This is a cream shade that applies with a champagne shimmer but almost looks a little darker around the edge of where the light hits it.  It’s sort of like the effect of a duochrome, but instead of looking like a different color, it just looks like a darker neutral shade.  I wasn’t expecting that, and I was a little worried that it might mess up the look, but once I started adding other shadows it all blended together nicely.

That is really just the one shadow!  It looks like I have a totally different shade on the outer edge, but that deeper color would move as I turned my head.  It was very strange.

Next up, I the matte shade Passports & Pineapples (SP).

I did this shade through my crease to help establish the overall shape.  This is also where we start to see two distinct shapes emerge.  I’ve always said that eyebrows are sisters, not twins, but maybe the same can be said for eyeshadow looks in general?  If you don’t like it, just never look at me straight-on, and you’ll be fine.

Now to start building in some of that glam: I added the sparkly, glitter shade Bad to the Berry (RDB) to the outer corner of my look.

What I like about this shade is that while it’s clearly purple in the pan, and has some great purple and blue glitter reflect, it can apply like a shimmery black.  If you use it with the other purple shades it brings out more of that color, and can be used to darken up the purple cream shade in the palette, but with neutrals it looks more like a smoky black with colorful glitter (though a lot of the actual glitter blended away).

I wanted to get some more depth and start to build a blend between the dark shade and the lighter beige-y browns, so I brought in the maroon shimmer shade Berried Treasure (RDB).

I originally thought I might mix the berry shade with the more purple tones in the palette, but I really liked this pinkier look, so I started moving in that direction instead, and saved the purples for the Wild Card look.

The demarcation between the maroon and the champagne was too much, so I brought in the pinky cream shade Razzle (RDB) to make them play a little better together.

I worked that onto the outer half of the lid and up into the maroon.

Alright, here’s where we hit the skids a little.  I don’t like liquid shadows, and I especially dislike liquid glitter shadows, and these liquid glitters from Too Faced did nothing to persuade me otherwise.  I started with this pinky silver shade, Strawberries and Champagne, and applied it in the same general area where I applied the Razzle shade.

It sort of muddied up with the cream shadow and the glitter wasn’t as obvious as I would have liked.  Part of my eyelid started to even look a little darker, like a piece of rhinestone jewelry if you get the foil backing wet.  I found that in order to get a decent look I had to tape (NO dragging or swiping or it would mix with the shadow beneath) and had to just try to add more until it was even.  There was no blending happening at all.

I wanted a little more glitter than what I was getting from this, so I took a chance on a second shade: Guava Glitz.

This one has a little more sparkle to it, sort of a silvery champagne with some pops of purple.  It brightened up the look a little, but I still wasn’t getting the full on glitter look that I was hoping for.

For the inner corner, I was hoping that the Vanilla shade from the Hyper-Reflective Highlighting palette would give me what I was looking for.

It was ok, but it wasn’t the “hyper-reflective” inner corner highlight that I was hoping for.  This is a gorgeous highlighting palette, but it’s not very useful for the eyes.

Alright, let’s get this rat face looking a little bit more presentable with some mascara and lashes!  I have Too Faced mascara, but I didn’t have any in the office when I was doing this look so I just went with the tarte Lights Camera Lashes.  If Tutti Fruitti had its own mascara I might have felt a little bad about it, but they just offer a repackaged version of the Better Than Sex mascara (which I do really love, by the way!) with fruit on the tube and I only use mascara to darken my lashes before putting on falsies, so here’s where we are.

I hate, hate, HATE that tarte mascara.  It felt clumpy and weird and just didn’t do much for my wispy lashes.  It’s a sample size I got in something a few months ago, but this was the first time I opened it and I just didn’t care for it at all.  The lashes are ones that are just hanging out after a photo shoot, and I misplaced the box.  I think they are Monroes from Lena Lashes, but I can’t be 100% on that.  I do love the Monroe lash style and I have like a bazillion pairs, so the chances are good.  Anyway, I love these lashes with this look.

Now if I were doing show makeup I would have gotten a black liner to better define my eyes and I would have probably had bottom lashes, but since I’m just doing a basic look I decided to keep it simple.  I love the way bottom lashes look, but for a glam look I thought it might be better to play with the lower lash line and keep it more visible.  I already had some of the champagne shade Pineapple Cooler (SP) on the inner third of my lower lash line, so I just brought Berried Treasure (RDB) to the middle and Bad to the Berry to the outer third to complete the eye look.

I don’t bother doing lower lash mascara, even if I don’t do bottom lashes, because my lower lashes as so stubby and sad that even darkening them a little doesn’t help.  Better to just put on some color and try to forget that they are lurking there like evil spirits, looking sad.

Contour is where I had to get creative.  Since this wasn’t a show look, I didn’t need to apply the same level of chiseling and spackling that I usually do, but the only even somewhat appropriate product that I had was the bronzer half of the Pineapple Paradise Strobing Bronzer in Pineapple Sun.  I applied a light contour to my cheeks and figures I would just try to build out the cheek definition with some of the blush options.  I’m not that good at doing my cheek makeup anyway, so I didn’t mind if this was the weakest link, but I actually don’t mind how it turned out.

Where this collection really excels is in blush options – they launched with four gorgeous Fruit Cocktail blush duos, and have since added three more!  I really like all of the blushes, and I think they are some of my favorites.  Performance and packaging are both on point.  For this look, I decided to bring in two of the duos:

I brightened up the countour with the darker shade from Like My Melons’s and then added the darker shade from Strobeberry to the apples of my cheeks.  That was really intense, so I did a light wash over the whole area with the light, coral peach shade from Like My Melons.

The coral pink highlight really brought it all together, taming the bubblegum pink and really softening the whole look.  I was worried for a hot second, but I actually like the finished blend.

The lip products for this collection are pretty, but you’d better like glosses!  These glosses are almost more of a liquified version of a lipstick, with lots of pigmentation, but they are still sticky and I always manage to get them all over my teeth.  Pretty for a photo, but would never work for show makeup – they would be gone after ten minutes on the mic!

Now for highlight!  In the video for the Nearly Naked, I used the You’re So Jelly highlighter, and for the Wild Card look I used the pressed powders in the Hyper-Reflective palette.  That left the cream stick highlighters for this look!  There are two shades, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Sparkle, but the Strawberry Sparkle shade is a little too dark for a highlight on me (it’s similar in tone to Orgasm by Nars, and I can’t wait to try it out as a glowy cream blush!) so I went with Pink Lemonade.

The highlight on this is pretty, and it has some glitter which I like, but it’s not the sort of blinding, obnoxious highlight I usually like.  For dramatic makeup lovers, this isn’t it, but if you want something that’s a little more subtle, this might be a great option for you to explore.  Also, most of the Tutti Fruitti products have some sort of fragrance to them, but I think these are the best.  It’s all I can do to not twist them up and take a bite!  They smell delicious!

All that’s left to finish off this look is to use the Dew You Fresh Glow Translucent Setting Powder in Radiant Translucent Nude and spray myself down with a generous coating of the Dew You Fresh Glow setting spray.  This is the first spray that they put out with the collection, and I have to say that it’s not my favorite.  Later, they added a watermelon-scented version of their rockstar Hangover Rx setting spray and I much prefer that one.  This one is also the same watermelon and cucumber scent as the complexion products, but the cucumber is heavier in the spray and it smells like spraying your face with salad.  It has a really fine mister like the GlamGlow setting spray, which I know some people love, but I feel like I don’t know how much I’m spraying and I end up putting on too much.

Oh yeah, and I had to do my brows.  I shave off my natural brows and just draw them in, so I never explore brow products in a line.  The Tutti Fruitti collection doesn’t have any brow products, but they also don’t have any brown pencils so I did the next best thing: I grabbed a random black pencil from my kit, drew in the brows lightly, and then colored them in with an eyeshadow: Tutti Cutie (SP).

Finally, throw on a wig and I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

So that’s how I created this Glam & Gorgeous look using only products from the Too Faced Tutti Fruitti collection, available from or Ulta!

Some thoughts:

  • The liquid glitter eyeshadows are trash.  I kind of knew that going in, as I have tried using them in other looks, but they were just really terrible.  If you really want to fuck with liquid glitters, I would suggest trying some of the Stila GLitter and Glow shades, or one of the liquid glitters from Black Moon Cosmetics (but only if you want them to have a dark base pigment).  Don’t waste your money on these.
  • Creating three distinct looks with just the two eyeshadow palettes was a challenge!  They are pretty, and I generally think the shadows are very nice, but the looks are somewhat limited.  I wish I had picked up the Watermelon slice palette; it’s not revolutionary by any means, but it has a few more shades, and the face side would have given me a second bronzer option for contouring.  I like what I did, but it was definitely a challenge!
  • How are people sleeping on these blush duos?  I get that Cover Fx came in with those monochromatic matte/shimmer blush duos and took everyone’s breath away, but these duos are really pretty and I really love the color.  I used the Plumagranate shade for a blush-draped look for the Wild Card, and it was fantastic.  The shade selection is a little weird, and there is room for a few more colors to really round out the options, but I think they are amazing.
  • I don’t think it will ever become a regular thing, but this foundation made me less afraid of dewy foundations.  I look glowy but not greasy.  Fine, I was wrong.  Happy?!

In case you want to see the other two looks I created for this challenge, here is the Nearly Naked look that will be featured in an upcoming video (whenever I get the footage all edited together!).  Yeah, I know, it’s more dramatic than I originally intended and I almost swapped it out with Glam & Gorgeous, but it’s still earthtones and mostly neutrals, so I’m standing behind it.  Plus, it looks more dramatic because of those super fun and totally ridiculous bottom lashes!

The Wild Card look is blues and purple and teal, and I love the way it turned out!  The blush-draping is heavily inspired by Emily Hanhan whose YouTube channel is one of my current favorites.  She’s a plus size queer woman, and I am totally vibing on her energy!

Now it’s your turn – sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about this post!  Do you like the step by step photos so you can see the application and keep up with how the look is evolving?  If you saw a look in a video, would you have any interest in coming over here to see how it was done?  Is there more of something I could be doing with this, or less of something?  What would make you interested enough to visit the site?

I hope you enjoyed this reinvention of Face Friday – it’s the first, but it definitely won’t be the last!


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    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. I totally enjoyed reading the step-by-step with review and how to pics. While the main look was pretty, it appeared the product limited you a bit, and sorry, but I h8ted that orangey lipstick. I think the other two looks came out much better! I would really love to see you do a YouTube makeup tutorial. I think you’d rock that! You’re such a natural talker on video and stage. I think you’d do very well!

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