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Face Friday: Every Rose Has Its Thorn With This Floral Fantasy Look, Feat. Give Me Glow!

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Face Friday: Every Rose Has Its Thorn With This Floral Fantasy Look, Feat. Give Me Glow!

Sometimes, even in the best of times, things go off the rails a bit.  And these are definitely not the best of times!

I had the new Give Me Glow Cosmetics Vintage Rose palettes (which I reviewed HERE) and I thought, “I should do a soft, romantic look inspired by vintage florals!”  You know, something pretty, and striking but in a subtle way.

Here’s where we ended up.


I think my “take it down a notch” gene is missing…or broken.

But even if it’s not what I intended, this fantasy-style “Thorn Queen” look was a lot of fun to create, and I’m here to take you through it, step by step!

I started off with the OMFG Face Primer.  I haven’t used this for a while, and it’s not one of my favorites, but I like it enough to try to use it up.  I used it for a while as a base for eyeshadow swatches when I was out of primers, and it worked well enough for that.  I don’t think it’s available anymore (I’ll find out when I go looking for links for this post!) and they tend to release products and then they disappear, so they don’t have a very consistent lineup, but this was in a Mystery Box I bought and I felt like I got pretty good value for the money I paid.  They are worth checking out – and if you like scented makeup, their highlighters are fabulous and always have a sweet, candy-inspired smell!

No surprises here – I had some redness I wanted to correct, especially around my nose (how you doin’, allergy season?!) so I grabbed my Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in Green.

For foundation, I decided to give my Uoma Beauty foundation a break and instead go for another fabulous black-owned makeup brand, Juvia’s Place.  This is the I Am Magic foundation in the shade Cebu, and although I put it on a little heavy (impossible!) it gave a great finish.  I’ve used this foundation for a previous post (the purple look I did to match my mask from Beautiful Eccentric – if you missed it, you can check it out HERE!) and I generally like their complexion products.

I decided to stick with Juvia’s Place for concealer: this is their I Am Magic Concealer in the shade J21.  I like this one, though I think for highlighting I might want to check in for a slightly lighter shade.  This did some lightening, and I love the finish, but it wasn’t as bright as I might have liked.  That’s a shade match issue, though; the product itself is bomb!

I’ve been using the Give Me Glow Setting & Baking Powder is Sugar Cookie a lot lately, but I decided to give it a break and went back to this Coconut Scented Baking Powder from I Heart Revolution.  I like the consistency, the smell is nice but not overpowering, and I it worked really well with this foundation.  I have used this powder previously, in my post about the I Heart Revolution Glass Skin Collection.  Foreshadowing: the Give Me Glow powder still had it’s moment…but we’ll get to that!

Primed the eyes using my Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer – no surprise there!  I bought the large size, and I like the way it works, so this is probably going to be my go to primer for both these looks and for review swatches for a long time!  I knew I wanted to use the Vintage Rose palette, but since I also had the Christmas Morning palette from Give Me Glow, and since a lot of the colors from both palettes work together, I decided to use them together!  The background of the palette looks similar in the photos below, so even though the shade names kind of give it away, anything from the Vintage Rose palette I’ll denote with (VR) and anything from Christmas Morning I’ll mark (CM).

So in my head, I imagined a green and rose shimmer lid with rose and pink mattes framing it, so I started with Blush Pink (VR) on the inner portion of my crease, followed by Ruse Rose (VR) on the middle and outer part of my crease and arch.  I went back and forth with these two shades to continually reshape and refine throughout the look, so don’t be surprised if you notice this area change in the background of the other steps quite a bit!

For the outer V area and to darken up the look and introduce some green, I used Aged Rose Stem (VR).  This appeared much darker on the skin than it did in the pan.  In photos, it almost looks black or gray, though in person you still get more of the green.  But it was definitely darker and cooler-toned than I expected.

Luckily the Christmas Morning palette had another gorgeous matte green that was a little lighter and brighter!  I blended Under The Tree (CM) into the darker green and up toward the arch and onto the outer third of the lid.  Then I went in with Gifts Galore (CM), a green/brown duochrome that has some red notes and added some shimmer to the out part of the lid and up toward the crease.

Then from the inner corner and blending into the green shimmer, I used Bouquet (VR), a rusty rose shimmer, and blended that up into the pink mattes as well.

The look was feeling a little dark and I wanted a bit more contrast, so I decided to build up the bright Blush Pink (VR) shade in the inner part of the crease, and squared it off (I’m so in love with the very blocky makeup look that Frank-N-Furter had in Rocky Horror Picture Show, so that’s why you’ll see me do that style very often!).  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I did like the square shade and I did like the start of some contrast between the mattes and the shimmers.

While I pondered what else to do with that crease area, I decided to work on the lower lashline and inner corner.  I started by taking Aged Rose Stem (VR) and going from the outer corner to halfway across the lashline and stopping.  Then I used Copper Rose (VR) on a small detail brush with setting spray, and filled in from the inner corner to the middle of the lashline and then brought it up to the water line.  Once the copper shade was on, I went back into Aged Rose Stem (VR) and brought it underneath the copper in toward the inner corner.

For the inner corner, I started with Blossom (VR) and packed that into the inner corner.  Even with setting spray, I wasn’t getting the amount of brightening that I wanted, so I dipped into the lighter and more silvery shade Santa’s Sleigh (CM) with setting spray and went over the inner corner with that as well.

I wanted more contrast and definition to the eye look (what can I say, this shape is sort of my signature!) so I took Aged Rose Stem (VR) and created a clear separation from the pink matte and the shimmers on the lid.  I also took Blush PInk (VR) and made that color more pronounced just above the green, and also added some underneath the green on the outer corner of the look.

I could have walked away and left it like this, but I just wasn’t feeling this look.  It wasn’t the soft, romantic look I had intended, but while it was bold it didn’t feel bold enough!  I decided to take it in a more editorial kind of direction.  Since my inspiration was vintage floral and roses….well, what do roses have?  As Axl Rose explained to us, every rose has its thorn!  I used Aged Rose Stem to bring the green from the inner crease down the side of the nose and then trailed off, creating what I hoped looked like roots or thorns.  Then I decided that anywhere the green touched the bright pink I would add “thorns.”  I did that on the top arch of the look, opting for that instead of adding brows, and also underneath, blending into where the pink was on the lower outer corner.  It was a spur of the moment decision, but I really like how it turned out!  And that’s the lovely thing about nature – asymmetry is delightful, so it doesn’t matter if the thorns aren’t perfect and don’t match from side to side.  This sort of look was made for me!

I used the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Shade Stick in Benin to add some countour to my cheeks and around the hairline (hey, fivehead!), as well as under the chin/neck area.  It’s no Tyra Beauty Sculpt in a Stick, but this shade stick is pretty good for adding contour.

I picked up the Nabla Skin Glazing powder in Adults Only to use as a glowy blush during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty, and I thought it would be perfect with this look.  It’s a lovely powder, and the finish is great…but you can see in my eyes that I am realizing that this might have been a mistake!  The eyes were already darker than I anticipated, and now I was following that up with a really dark, instense cheek color.  Time to bright this up…hopefully?!

I decided to up the glow factor while also hopefully lightening a bit by bringing in the Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo in Strobeberry, from the Tutti Fruitti collection.  I started by mixing the two shades together and blending them down into the darker shades, then I took the brighter pink shade on the right and worked that onto the apples of my cheeks and down into the blush, moving up the cheekbone.  Once again, look at my eyes – things are clearly not going as anticipated!  It’s too much color and the whole look is coming out much darker than I wanted.  Powder to the rescue!

I started with a slightly dense face brush and went into the powder part of the Physician’s Formula Rose’ All Day Set & Glow and went over just the cheeks, starting at the chookbone and moving down (so any luminousity would be focused on the cheekbone and disperse as I went down).  That helped a bit, but then I dipped into my trusty Sugar Cookie powder from Give Me Glow with a fluffier face brush and put that all over the cheeks and over the forehead.  This gave me a nice finish and it toned down the blush enough to make me feel better about my choices in this life.

I love this Killawatt Foil Highlighter Duo in Sand Castle and Mint’d Mojito from Fenty Beauty.  I was tempted to use a little bit of the green side as well to really amp things up, but luckily I was able to pull myself back and just used Sand Castle to highlight the cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, and just a tiny touch on the chin.  It’s a really reflective and almost wet look shade and I think the taupe champagne glow worked really well with these colors.


Y’all know I love a good ombre lip, and I had two berry and pink shades that I thought would be perfection with this look!  I started with Karity Lip Lock lipstick in the shade Lucky.  I let that dry for about 30 seconds, not quite all the way, and then I added some of the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Lip Slick in Pout Off! and blended it in with a small detail brush.  The combination was exactly what I wanted – I really love both of these lip products on their own, and they blended together beautifully!

The look was almost complete, but I still needed lashes and a beauty mark!  I added a coat of They’re Real mascara from Benefit, and added a small beauty mark using the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in Zero.  The mascara wasn’t too impressive, but I knew I was going to use some pretty fluffy lashes, so I only did one coat.  This mascara is pretty decent, but it’s not my favorite high end mascara.  I’m just trying to use this deluxe sample that I got up, and then you’ll start to see other mascaras pop up in these posts!

For the lashes, I went with the trusty Shortcake style lash from the Sweet Treat collection from Peachy Queen.  I’m super sad that they don’t offer these anymore, because I would definitely order some backups!  I am still percolating signing up for their lash subscription box, but I’m worried that I might end up with too many small, wispy styles that just won’t work for the types of looks that I do.  But I’m still percolating…

So that’s the finished look!  It’s a little bit fairytale, a little bit Disney witch, a little bit floral…definitely not what I intended but I kind of like it!  I decided to pair it with the green wig that I used for one of my shoots with Brooklyn at Days of the Dead in Atlanta (that photo set is coming soon, y’all!), and I really like the way that it all came together.

So, what kind of looks of techniques would you like to see in upcoming Face Friday posts?  As always, you can leave your suggestions in the comments below – I’ve got nothing but time and I’m painting my way through the apocalypse, so your idea might inspire my next Face Friday post!

Also, as always, none of the links/products featured in this post are affiliated or sponsored in any way; I simply like to provide the links for you to browse, discover new brands, and do some shopping if you feel so inclined.  And never feel like you need to use the exact products that I include in my posts – don’t be afraid to shop your stash and see what you have in your collection that can help you recreate, or even alter, this look!

If you want a more “everyday” spin on this, you can use pinks and berries with cool-toned greens to get a some, feminine floral kind of look.  I think pink and green together is very 60s and beautiful, and it’s a very feminine combination.  It’s a great way to play with pink that isn’t too “Barbie” and it has a sophistication to it.  I mean, obviously not the way I do it here, but with a lighter hand that understands the meaning of the word “subtle!”

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