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Face Friday: Creating A Summer Body Photo Shoot Look, Feat. Trixie Cosmetics & Devinah!

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Face Friday: Creating A Summer Body Photo Shoot Look, Feat. Trixie Cosmetics & Devinah!

For those of you who have been around the World of Champagne since the beginning, you know that we launched this site with gorgeous images from Miranda Roen of Roen Photography, and I’ve continued to work with Miranda over the years on a number of shoots.  Last year, during the pandamonium, Miranda moved to Michigan on a grand new adventure and we weren’t able to shoot together.  So when Miranda posted on Facebook that she was coming back through Grand Forks and had some openings for photo sessions, I jumped at the chance!  I’m finally opening up the bunker door – SLOWLY! – and I figured that it would be nice to have some new images to show off as I start to get back into the swing of performing and doing shows.

I had the new Bottle Blonde palette from Trixie Cosmetics (review will be up at 11am CST on Monday!) and I love doing a pinky purple look, so I decided to give that one a shot.  That has some gorgeous mattes, but I wanted a little more bang for my buck with the shimmers, so I also brought in some of my singles from Devinah.  Let’s get into how I created the look!

Since this is for a photo shoot, you’re going to see a lot of “tried and true” products.  I don’t like to go too rogue when I’m going to be paying someone to take my picture!  I started off with a double dose of primer, starting with the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Primer to even out my skintone and help with texture, and then added some of the Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Primer in Radiant Nude to add a little bit of glow back in.

Foundation was a no-brainer: the Uoma Say What?! Foundation in Fair Lady T3C.  This is a lovely foundation and I love that the peachy tone was going to subtly complement the champagne tones of my outfit.  I highlighted using the Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer from Benefit in No 1 under my eyes and No 2.5 down the center of my face, blending out with a sponge.

To bake under the eyes, I went with the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake powder in Translucent, and then primed my lids with the Ulta Beauty Matte Eye Primer.  I was thinking about using the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but I like the way this primer dries down working with mattes, and since I was going to be layering a lot of mattes from a palette I hadn’t tried before, this seemed like the best choice.

Most of the shadows used are from the Bottle Blonde palette, so if you see a square pan that’s what I’m using.  If you see a round pan, that’s a single shade from Devinah.  I include all of the names of the singles (well…of all the shades!) so if you are looking for one in particular, you can find it easily.

To start, I took the shade Miss Kim on a fluffy brush and ran that all over the crease area, up to the arch of the look and then about halfway down.  Then I took the neon pink shade “Me” Day and added that on the outer part of the look using the same fluffy brush, blending the two shades together where they meet.

Time to build up some dimension in the outer corners!  I started by making little triangles on the outer corner of the look using the matte black shade Lash Lift.  Then I took Frenemy, a matte berry wine shade, an blended that on top of the black and up into the pink as well as down onto the lower lash line.  I used a dense packing brush for the black and a smaller pencil brush for Frenemy, blending it out with a small, clean fluffy brush.

Devinah has some of my favorite complex shimmer shades!  I added Pixy Stix, a bright coral pink with gold shift, into the inner corner and down onto the lower lash line to meet up with Frenemy.  I took this about 1/3 of the way in on the lid.

Then I took the shade Marshmallow Pillows, a bright blue-toned fuchsia pink with strong purple/blue shift, and blended that in next to Pixy Stix and over into the edge of Frenemy..  Then I took just a little touch of Phoebis, a burgundy gold shifting shimmer, and I blended that into Frenemy and into the very edge of Marshmallow Pillows to help smooth the transition into those darker mattes.  I used a fairly small dense brush for all of this, and did a lot of back and forth blending.

To add a little bit of depth to the inner part of the look along the nose, I darkened it with the Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter in the shade Saturday Stardust – this has a fun deep red base that worked perfectly to deepen the edge while also adding a fun, iridescent sparkle.  I drew on my brow shapes with my fave, Urban Decay’s Demolition liner, and then set the brow with the shade Blowout from Bottle Blonde.

To finish off the eye look, I highlighted under the brow with Polished, a silvery shell pink shimmer, and added the Glamlite Burger lashes in Double Cheeseburger.  I darkened my lashes with my favorite mascara, the Too Faced Better Than Sex.

To start my contour, I used the Uoma Beauty Double Take Sculpt + Strobe Duo Stick in Fair Lady.  I only have maybe one more use left in the contour shade side – hopefully these go on sale again soon, because I love using this as my cream contour…but I don’t love it $40 much!

Adding a little bit of rosy color into the cheeks, the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in the shade Baby Love is the perfect complement to that highlight.  I love blending that in and making the contour a really nice tonal gradient.

It’s photo day, so I wanted a little bit of pink, and I wanted to glow!  To finish off the blush I added the Nabla Skin Glazing powder in Truth a peachy coral sort of pink with a nice shine to it and buffed that from the apples of my cheeks and down into the contour.

For a pearly glow without too much color, what better option than my Ofra highlighter in Glazed Donut?!  This is a great color – I love the way that it shines, but because it’s a nice neutral pearl shade, you can wear it with all kinds of colors and it will emphasize it perfectly.

To add a little bit more of a pink shift to it, as well as some glitter, I topped the Ofra with Jeffree Star Cosmetics Extreme Frost in the shade Lick My Glit.  This has a white base that blended in nicely with the pearl color of Glazed Donut, but it gave some strong pink multichrome vines to the look that I was really digging.

For lips, I started by covering my whole lip with the Give Me Glow liquid lipstick in the shade Brownie Batter.  I let it dry for a about 30 seconds, but not completely, and then went over it with the LA Colors Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Barely There.  Once that lightened up the center of the lip, I went over it with a MAC Bling Thing Liquid Lip Top Coat in the shade Gilt-Ridden.  This gave the lips a nice champagne shimmer to them, but, as per usual, I was hoping for more glitter!

To top it off, since I was already featuring Trixie Cosmetics, I decided to use one of her glitters to top off the look – Marhsmallow!  This is a pretty white based glitter with a golden peachy green iridescence.  My lips were dry as fuck for the shoot, but they looks good.  Beauty before comfort, ladies!

This shoot was exactly what I needed.  As I’m starting to get ready for shows again, I’ve been feeling guilty for how I “let myself go” during quarantine.  Miranda always makes me feel beautiful, and I made a new dress for the shoot as well as got to wear a fun new lingerie robe that I bought during lockdown, and I’m coming to terms with the fact that what I did was let myself be: I let myself be in the middle of a pandemic, I let myself be in the body that I’m in, I let myself be what I am instead of what I feel like I need to be or should be or I’m supposed to be.

I feel so much better after this shoot, and I can’t wait to share the galleries with you.  It’s #HotGirlSummer, bitches!  Summer body?  This summer is going to get whatever damn body I choose to give it.  It can like it, or it can choke.

(A little sneaky peek!)

As usual, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way, I simply provide them so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so desire.  Don’t feel like you have to have these exact products to recreate or alter this or any other makeup tutorial – don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  Makeup should be fun!


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