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Face Friday: Color Reveal Barbie Inspires Pop Art Popcorn Look!

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Face Friday: Color Reveal Barbie Inspires Pop Art Popcorn Look!

Hello again Champagne Dreamers and welcome to another Face Friday inspired by Color Reveal Barbie.  Did you ever imagine that this site would become a low key doll blog?!

I have really been loving these Color Reveal Barbies; the quality of the dolls themselves isn’t great, but the mystery aspect of it is a lot of fun, the different themes are well thought out, and the matching accessories are just so colorful and cute!

I decided to use another doll in the food series to inspire this week’s look, and I was super excited to see that I got the popcorn doll – I love the primary colors featured in this doll and her outfit.

I included the sheet that came with the doll that shows all of the dolls in this line – the taco doll should look familiar!  If you missed the Face Friday that was inspired by that doll, you can find it HERE.  Looking at these options, the popsicle doll also looks like a fun and colorful doll – we might not be done with Color Reveal Barbie yet!  And of course, pizza always looks good…I think I know what I’m ordering for lunch!

For this doll’s look, I wanted to really focus on the beautiful mix of primary colors, and I loved the white swimsuit with the popcorn on it, so I wanted to make sure that I featured a light, bright white shadow on the lid.  I didn’t have a specific palette that would give me everything I wanted for my eye look, so I actually used 4 different palettes to create the final look…well, one was actually a magnetic palette of singles from Give Me Glow, but you get the idea!  Here’s where we ended up:

I tried a little bit of popcorn art on my cheek.  Y’all – it was a journey!  It didn’t turn out the way that I was hoping, but it’s still cute enough.  This was my second attempt, as you’ll see below, and it came out alright.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s dive into this look!

To start off, I primed my face with this primer from OMFG Cosmetics.  I don’t think it’s available anymore, and I’m not sure if it’s coming back.  It’s not my favorite primer in the world, and I probably wouldn’t repurchase if it were available (I didn’t pick this one – I got it in a mystery box from the brand), but it’s an adequate base to get the job done and I’m trying to use it up to get it out of my drawer!

No surprises here: for my base I went with my Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation in Fair Lady T3C and the Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1.  I’m almost out of the concealer and then I’m going to try a lighter shade of the White Pearl line; I generally like it, but it’s just not light enough to really get the highlighted effect that I want, especially for a look like that that is going to play with those pop art primary colors!

So for my undereye area, I decided to try a different technique and it did not work out for me.  I used the LA Girl Pro Powder HD Setting Powder in Translucent and a small fluffy brush and set the undereye area with the powder.  I didn’t add the layer of extra powder for baking the way that I typically do.  It looks fine at the start, but when I went in later to brush away fallout, there were bald patches, and the powder had darkened the concealer in some areas.  I corrected it as best I could, and I’ll show you that step a little later.

My order of the Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette (review coming soon!) came with a small sample of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original, so I decided to mix things up with my eye primer.  I do like the Urban Decay formula, though I prefer the beige tinted shade Eden over the original.  This does have a small amount of pigment, but it’s mostly transparent so you don’t get as much of an outline of the area.  It’s still a good base.  I have like all of the Primer Potion varieties that I have tried except for the Anti-Aging.  I’m not sure why, but that one feels super greasy on my lids, and I don’t feel like I get the same effect when I use it.  I like anti-aging in theory as much as the next haggard old queen, but not at the expense of my look!

To start off the look, I had such fun playing with the After Dark palette in my last Face Friday post (which you can check out HERE, or read my review of the palette HERE) that I decided to dip into it again for the first two shade in the look.  I started with Frequency, the gorgeous, super opaque matte white, and started at the inner corner and up to the crease, and I sketched out the inner half of the overall shape.  I took the white across almost the entire lid, and up at an angle toward the arch.  Then I took Outrun, a matte sky blue, and completed the arch and wrapped down and around to the outer corner.  I wanted just these two shades to establish the whole shape, and then I knew I was going to add some pops of color on the borders of the white, as well as use some blue shades to give a nice gradient blend to the outer portion of the eye.  I wanted something that had a range of blues like the dolls light blue molded hair and her darker, streaked blue wig.

For my first pop, I used my single shadow Going Bananas from Give Me Glow Cosmetics over the white on the inner corner of the crease, squaring the look off against the line of the nose, and up toward the peak of the arch.  I kept it just above where the white and the blue were applied.  I knew I had to be careful: I didn’t want the colors to all be separate and look like a piant by number grid, but I also didn’t want the blue and the yellow to blend together to create yellow.  To achieve that, I applied the bulk of the shadow in the inner corner, blended into the white, and as I arched up, I used less pressure on the brush and use the lightest of tapping motions anywhere that the yellow was going to come up against the blue.  I also made sure to use a dense, paddle-shapped packing brush, fairly small, to ensure that I had the most control over where I was putting the color.

The BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe palettes were a limited edition collection, and I wish they would bring them back: yes, at $18 each they were pretty expensive for BH palettes, but the quality is absolutely amazing!  I used two of them, Bubble Gum and Cherry On Top, to add some more color and dimension to this look.

First, I used the deeper matte blue shade, Sweetened, to darken the outer corner and create the winged corner of the look.  I also brought it down to the outer third of the lower lash line.  Then I took a lighter matte blue shade, Bubbles, and blended that into the Lethal Cosmetics blue to get more of a gradient of colors and to crisp up the very outside border up to the arch.

I wanted to keep the eye look mostly matte for a change, but since I had used a foiled shadow for the yellow, I decided to add a little more shimmer and help the yellow blend into the white a little better by adding Halo from Give Me Glow.  This is a gorgeous white based yellow shimmer shade, and I blended that at the border between the white and the yellow, starting at the inner corner of the crease and up to the arch, again being careful to just tap it into the edge of the blue so as not to get any green from mixing them too much.

Instead of doing an intense shimmer highlight in the very inner corner, I thought it might be fun to do a pop of color instead, and bring in some of the red from the popcorn box and the doll’s skirt.  I used the Cherry on Top palette from BH Cosmetics.  First, I took the matte shade Wild Cherry and created the red pop in the inner corner.  I liked the way that it looked matte, but I was missing my sparkle, so I went into the shimmer shade Juicy and applied it with setting spray to get a more foiled effect.  I also brought it down to the inner part of the lower lash line.  I felt like I could get the shape to not be messy, but I loved the look and the color!

I finished up the power lash line by adding Bubbles from the Bubble Gum palette, blending it into the darker blue and being careful to just tap into the very edge of the red, just like I did with the yellows on the arch of the eye.  Just like I didn’t want green (a sentence I never thought I would say!), I didn’t want the lash line to end up purple!

Then I had to fix up the problem with the concealer, and blend very carefully up to the lash line.  I laid down more of the Uoma Concealer in the usual place, but I also added a few swipes of the Morphe Fluidity Concealer in C0.00 (Bright White), blending it out.  In retrospect, I probably could have used even more of the Morphe to get even more brightness!

I’ve been feeling he itch to play around with these water activated cake liners from ABH and Glam Vice, so I thought it would be fun to draw a little popcorn kernel onto my face.  Apparently I forgot that I can’t really draw in the best of times, let alone drawing onto my face with liquids, but we gave it a shot.  I used the Norvina Neon Cake Liner in Opaque White and the Glam Vice Retro Liner in Banana Split (because popcorn isn’t really popcorn unless it’s buttered!).

I also wasn’t sure if I’d be able to highlight after without ruining the design, so I put down some of the Give Me Glow shadow in Halo as a highlight base before I started.  This may have contributed to the problem, but I’m not sure it would have been any easier over the concealer.  I think the problems I had were mostly user error…

My first Instinct was to draw the outline of the kernel in white, add a couple of dots of white color inside, and then fill in with the yellow.  Once applied, the white and the yellow looked too similar and it just looked like a weird pastel cloud.  I picked up a sample sized Marc Jacods black liner that has sort of a gel consistency and tried to draw on some outlines but it just got murky and gross, so I wiped the whole thing off, added more concealer and highlighter as a base, and started the process again.

This time I started with the black outline, and that worked a lot better.  Then I filled the whole thing in with shite, and then dotted some yellow around the edge.  I might try this again at some point with a couple of changes: I would add a touch of orange liner to darken in the lower center (representing the spot where you can see what’s left of the kernel that exploded!) and I would use a black felt tip liquid eyeliner instead of the gel liner.  I don’t know why, but I don’t seem to have any black felt tip liners in my makeup stash here in the office, so that needs to be rectified!  But overall, I thought this version of the kernel turned out cute enough.

Next I apparently lost my goddamn mind and forgot that the eyes weren’t done; I started to lay down some contour with the Uoma Beauty Double Take Sculpt + Strobe Duo Stick.  I didn’t want a super harsh contour, so I used the lightest shade, White Pearl.  I blended that on my cheeks.  I tried something a little different based on something I saw in a Trixie Mattel video on YouTube: I drew the contour line from my earlobe to the corner of my mouth and blended up.  I ended up adding more on top of that (as always, and I think I went a little too ham in the later steps that you’ll see, but I did generally like that placement and it helped me finally get my contour lines a little more even!

For lashes I darkened them up with the Bad Gal Bang! mascara from Benefit.  I thought it was alright, but I never completely trust a mascara that has an all rubber wand.  I like bristles on my mascara wand, the way gawd intended.

For the lashes, I knew I wanted something dramatic, but also sort of piece-y and separated, like the kernals of popcorn!  The Double Cheeseburger style of GlamLite Burger Lashes were absolutely perfect for that!  I love they way the dark black sits against this very primary look – and it’s a nod to the doll’s chunky black boots!

For this look, I didn’t want to go over the top and do a colorful brow (I know…me, pulling back?  Who am I?!) so I went to my old standby: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Demolition.  This is my go to brow for most shows, and normally I would just leave it like this and just have a plain brow.  however, I wanted to show a variation on my ombre colorful brow that you can play around with, even if you don’t want to do a full on color.

The technique is the same as I do for my colorful ombre brows – nothing new there! – but just do it with “normal” brow colors!  I decided to use the I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach palette.  I put the shade Freestone over the entire brow using a small detail brush.  Then I took the shade Apricot, starting at the inner part of the brow and blended that out into the darker brow, up towards the arch.  I faded it out right before the arch, and made sure the that outer “tail” of the brow was only the darker shade.   In the larger of the two pictures you can see how doing that still leaves you with a “natural” brow color – I mean, as natural as solid drag brows can be! – while still having more dimension and visual interest than just the solid brow.

By the way, I did a swatching video with the Tasty Peach palette as well as the Tasty Peach Mini!  I’ll include it below so you can check it out – don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for all of my colorful adventures!

Now that the eyes are actually done, I can go back and finish up the cheeks!  This was a little bit more challenging than it should have been, but I think I pulled it together!

Things started off well enough with the Ulta store brand matte bronzer.  I don’t know if this product has ever been available in the store by itself – I got this as part of a gift with purchase that came with a tote and a couple of other things – but they should make it available.  I love this product, even though the packaging is trash and falling apart.  It has a light coconut smell, clearly a ripoff of the Physician’s Formula bronzer, but the color is perfect for blending out that light contour stick from Uoma.  If only I had stopped there…

But I didn’t stop there, now did I?  No.  I had to go and add the KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Blush in Snapdragon.  I wanted to add a reddish tone to the cheeks, to go with the primary colors, but I ended up bringing it too far up and going in too heavy.  Instead of looking fresh, it looked bruise-y.  Not a good look.

To soften it and bring in a little fresh-faced glow, just like Barbie the eternal 19-year-old, I used the Nabla Skin Glazing Powder in Ozone, starting on the apples of my cheeks and working down.  I think it tamed the aggressive red and I was satisfied with it, but I think I was happier with the look of the contour stick and the bronzer and probably could have left well enough alone.  I’m so used to painting for the stage, that sometimes I still struggle with reining things in for close up photos.  These Skin Glazing powders have been such a favorite for me lately, I guess I can’t really complain about the opportunity to use another one in this look!

There was a little too much contrast between the color of Ozone and the Halo highlighter that I put down earlier, so I decided to go into the archives to find a peachy gold highlight that I could use to marry the two together on the cheeks, as well as highlight the nose and cupid’s bow.  I went with the Tarte Skin Twinkle Volume II and the shade Daylight.  I know that I read Tarte to filth for their boring ass eyeshadow palettes – and they deserve it! – but these highlighters are glowing and lovely!  I forget how good these are!  The fours shades in the palette are pretty basic, so no editorial colors, but that’s what we expect from Tarte, and in a highlighter palette, I think that’s just fine.

To finish up the look, I wanted a glossy red lip – bright red, like a popsicle, and very juicy!  I started with an OMFG Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Break The Rules, a very pink-leaning red that was another Mystery Box acquisition, and then topped that with the Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Maraschino Cherry.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series of looks inspired by Color Reveal Barbie.  I’m sad about the situation that lead to her making the video, but I’m glad that NikkieTutorials inspired this idea of using the dolls to inspire makeup looks!  I’ definitely going to be doing this again, and I’m planning to do a Get Ratchet With Me video for my YouTube channel with one of these dolls as well!  There are such fun designs, how can you help but be inspired?!

But the dolls are getting packed up for next week – I’m going to be bringing you another monochromatic look, and this one is also going to have a little bit of commentary along with the makeup!  So definitely be on the lookout for that post, coming next week!

As usual, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way.  I simply provide the links so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel inclined to do so.  Don’t feel like you ever have to have the exact products that I use to recreate or alter this look – or any other look.  Don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!  Makeup should be fun, creative, and not just about spending a ton of money and acquiring every product under the sun.  Enjoy your playtime!


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