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Face Friday…But On A Monday?! Trying Out “Glass Skin” With Revolution Beauty!

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Face Friday…But On A Monday?! Trying Out “Glass Skin” With Revolution Beauty!

The world’s a little bit upside down, so why the hell can’t I have a Face Friday post on a Monday?!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been really up and down with this whole thing.  And the other day was definitely a down day.  The isolation of social distancing when you live and work alone is no small thing to contend with, and everyday stresses can really get to you.  Small things would start to get to me, but then I would feel bad for feeling bad because I recognize that there are so many people who have much worse situations than I am in right now.  The other day one where a lot of the little things started to pile up, so I decided to breathe, reboot, and try to get back to a happy place by playing with some makeup.

I had gotten some of the new “glass skin” trend products from Makeup Revolution London in a recent Ulta order, and since I didn’t have a makeup review post lined up for my upcoming Makeup Monday slot, I thought it might be fun to do a full face of Revolution Beauty brands, try out the glass skin products, and just get creative with makeup!  Review and step by step face, all in one!

Revolution Beauty has a few different brands (I think they might be up to 5 now?) but I stuck to products from Makeup Revolution London and I Heart Revolution.  I have a few things from Makeup Obsessions, but they are in a bin waiting for another post or video.  I haven’t picked up anything from their Revolution Pro line; not sure why, just haven’t found any products that really called to me.  And I can’t remember what the name of their newest brand is, but I don’t think it’s come to Ulta yet so I don’t have anything in my collection.

So let’s dive in and see what this whole “glass skin” trend is all about!

I’m no expert, but my understanding is that glass skin started as a Korean beauty trend that involves a combination of makeup and skincare that produces and clean, smooth finish on the face that has a glasslike shine rather than a more shimmery glow.  The looks that come up when you google this trend all involve minimal makeup, so I was interested to see if I could make this look work for me – this face is an industrial application!  I knew that I would never get that “no makeup makeup” look, but I was hoping that I could still get some of the effortless glow.

*Image from Makeup Revolution’s marketing campaign

Revolution Beauty’s stable of brands are all in the drugstore price range, and they are notorious for duping out products from more expensive brands.  This new collection had it’s own little controversy: the collection included some compacts that look like faceted gems; not only are these compacts the exact same shape/design as the Prism Powder compacts from Manny Mua’s brand Lunar Beauty, but one of the products came in one that even had the exact same opalescent finish.  Of course, because Manny is a drama queen and the beauty space has to talk about product development like 7th grade homework, there were immediate cries of “you copied me!” and Revolution Beauty released a statement stating that they were shown that exact compact design by three manufacturers at a trade show and were unaware of his products.  Out of respect for Manny, they pulled the product that was in the opalescent compact from the collection, though the same compact design was still available in two other products, one with a black component and one with a silver component.

Here are the four products that I picked up from the range: a primer, an illuminator compact, and two setting sprays.

I usually just take my own photos of products, but these were a challenge to photograph using my typical process, and since I wanted them to shine (kind of a spoiler alert – I really liked these products!) I decided to use Makeup Revolution’s promo images so that you could see how simple and elegant the product packaging is.

For the look, I started right in with the first step, and the first product from the glass skin collection: the Glass Skin Primer!

At first, I really did not like this primer: it had a heavy, slick feeling and when I put it on I felt like I had just applied a layer of grease to my skin.  As it dried down, though, that feeling went away and it did give my skin a nice soft glow.  I’m always nervous about products that talk about “dewy finish” but I usually end up looking like fried chicken, but this ended up being a pretty good starting product.  It didn’t cause any problems for the foundation I put over it, so I guess I can live with that initial heaviness.

The smell was a little bit off as well; it starts as a general skincare kind of smell, but there is an oddly sort of plastic element to the smell that did go away after the product started to dry down, but it was sort of unpleasant on initial application.  Of the 4 products from this collection, this is the one that I recommend the least.  It wasn’t terrible, but especially if you are a full coverage freak like me, I’m not sure that it’s really necessary.  Once it dried down it wasn’t a bad experience but the initial application was a little unpleasant.  This is not the kind of primer I would repurchase.

So this look started going a little off the rails from the very beginning.  For foundation, I used the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation in the shade F4.  Even though I have seen this foundation in person at Ulta on multiple occasions, I still ended up with a shade that was too light.  The top picture is one layer of foundation.  It was looking a little too light, but it was also too sheer for what I wanted so I decided to put on a second layer.  That’s the bottom picture, and that’s when I start looking a little corpse-y.  That photo looks like it’s blown out from the studio lighting; it’s not, that’s just how light that foundation is.

On top of the foundation I added some of the Conceal & Define Full Coverage Conceal and Contour in the shade C0.5.  This is the sort of shade I love for a brightening concealer, but because my foundation was already as light as it was, it just ended up blending in with the overall ghost bukkake of the look.  I knew that I could warm things up and get some definition with contour and blush, but looking at my face with this light af combination convinced me that I want to be cremated!  I mean, look at that bottom photo – that’s a dearly departed face that no one should have to look at!

To bake my undereye and jawline, I gave my Coty Airspun powder a rest and went with the I Heart Revolution Coconut Scented Baking Powder.  I really like this powder!  It has a lovely texture: it’s not super finely milled like the Make Up For Ever HD Setting Powder, but it’s soft and smooth, and the coconut fragrance was subtle and very pleasant (it’s rare for me to find a coconut scented product I like – usually they just smell like tanning lotion!).  I have the powder in peach, which has a little bit of a light pigment to it, and I was tempted to use that one all over the face, but I decided to just stick with the coconut.  I applied it under my eyes, on the jawline, and down the center of my face with the Real Techniques Miracle Powder Sponge.  I was a little leery of those velvety feeling microfiber sponges, but I am in love with this for loose powders!  I’m planning a whole post using a bunch of Real Techniques brushes and sponges, but I’ll tell you now that the Miracle Powder Sponge is one of my favorite tools!

For the eye look, I went back and forth between two I Heart Revolution chocolate bar palettes, starting with the shade Tart from the Chocolate Cherry palette.  This is a pale peachy pink shimmer, and I used it lightly in the inner portion of my lid up into the crease.

The other palette was the Sprinkles palette, and I took the shimmer shade Barley Sugar a little further onto the lid and up into the crease area.  This one is a little more bronze-y brown and created a nice gradient with the Tart shade.

I didn’t include the palette with the rest of the images – just know that if the shade name is on a pink background it’s from the Cherry Chocolate palette and if it’s on a beige background it’s from the Sprinkles palette.  M’kay?

I decided to take the look in a springy green direction, so I first took the shade Chocolate Lime and blended it out onto the outer part of the lid and wrapped it around the peach and brown area into the inner corner.  Chocolate Lime is a yellow-toned green, and then I added the slightly deeper and more blue-toned shimmer Sprinkles to the outer corner and rounded out the shape on the outer edge.

Usually I put my brows on last, but I wanted to use a shimmery white to highlight under them and connect it to the eye shape, so I used this Makeup Revolution pencil in the shade Glory to draw the brow shape.  I can’t remember if this was an eye or a lip pencil when I picked it up, but it was soft enough that I think it was probably a lip pencil.  I generally use them interchangeably, and for a lot of brands they really aren’t that different, but if it matters to you, I’m pretty sure this was a lip pencil.  **The packaging looks like the Satin Kiss Lip Liners, but they don’t have this shade currently listed.  But I’ll link them HERE!

First, I took the white shimmery shade Sherbet and highlighted directly under the brow shape.  In the inner part, I connected the shite down into the green and squared off the application by the nose.  Then I followed the brow, leaving a little space in the outer section that I then went in with Peppermint, and even deeper blue-toned green shimmer, making the eye shape bigger and creating a gradient with the other greens shades.  I went back in with all the green shades just trying to make the blend as smooth as possible.  I also wrapped Peppermint into the inner portion of the eye as well to provide additional contrast and definition.

Alright, time to bring this pale face back from the brink of death!  I started with the I Heart Revolution Donut Bronzer in Cinnamon Sugar.  This donut is available in the Donut Tray collection that included 3 face compacts and two eyeshadow compacts.  The I Heart Revolution donut compacts are so stupid cute that I can barely stand it!  This bronzer looks really dark on the pale foundation, but don’t worry – we’re going to soften it out a little in the upcoming steps!  I just needed to get some contour onto this face and bring a little color back!  I also wiped away the bak before starting these steps.

Also from the Donut Tray collection, I used the I Heart Revolution blush duo in Pink Frosting, specifically the lighter, peach shade to blend out the bronzer and create a little bit of an ombre up onto the cheek.  This helped the contour not look as stark, and I liked the light glow.  The pink shade in this duo is cute, but I felt like it would be a little too much of a punch of color for the glowy skin look I wanted to achieve on the face.

Next up was the next product from the glass skin collection: the Glass Skin Illuminator.  This is sort of a highlighter, but it’s not meant to be a blinding, shimmery highlight but rather a pale pinky cream-based highlight that gives a subtle glasslike sheen to the skin.  I went in pretty heavy with this on the cheek, blending up from the top of where I applied the blush into where I generally apply my shimmer highlight.  I also put a little on the tip of my nose, cupid’s bow, and on the sides of the forehead above the arch of each brow.  It’s a subtle sheen, but very impactful, and even though this is a pretty makeup heavy look, I was starting to see some of the glass-like qualities that the trend is known for.

Earlier, I mentioned the drama with Lunar Beauty; that product was the shimmer highlight in the collection that was supposed to intensify the glow and continue the glassy glow.  Since that product was not available, I searched through the other highlighters in the Makeup Revolution range and found this: Highlighter Reloaded in the shade Set The Tone.  It’s a pearly baked highlighter and it gave me a white pearl glow that I think worked perfectly with the look!  I’m not sure how close this was to the original product (I never really saw the glass skin highlighter before it was pulled) but I love the way this combined with the illuminator to create a gorgeous shine and glow!

I really love this highlighter.  There is nothing new in this photo, just more angles of that gorgeous pearly glow!  Ugh, so cute!

I decided to pair the brighter eye with a nude lip and I achieved a fun ombre with three products.  First, I painted all over my lips with the Makeup Revolution Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Vow.  Then I lined the lips with the same Glory pencil that I used to draw on the brows after the lipstick had dried down.  I went pretty heavy with the pencil and brought it up onto the lips because I wanted it to mix with step three!  The final step was the I Heart Revolution I Heart Chocolate Lip Gloss in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  I put this all over the lips, starting in the center and then lightly blending and blotting on the edges of the lip pencil.

Finishing steps included the Blow Out High Volume Mascara from Makeup Revolution, putting the shade Jelly Bean (a bright, tropical blue shimmer) on the outer part of the lower lashline, and adding a pair of Monroe lashes from Lena Lashes.  The Blow Out mascara was not great.  I only use mascara to darken my lashes before I put on falsies, but this was pretty bad.  The black is not very intense and I didn’t get much in terms of lengthening or volumizing.  They were darker, but still whisper thin.  No thanks; there are other mascaras at the same price point that have much better performance!  Also, that oil slick coloring on the tube had a really unpleasant melted plastic smell.  I did a lot – and I mean a LOT – of smell testing to make sure it was the tube and not the product itself before I would even put it on my eyes!  It was gross.

The glass skin collection had two different setting sprays, and because I’m 100% too much I decided to use them both!  First, I sprayed myself down with the Glass Shimmer Iridescent Fixing Spray.  This one has a pink shimmer sheen to it, similar to that setting spray that Too Faced had put out with their Life’s a Festival collection, but there is less shimmer overall and it’s a more subtle shimmer. I really liked this one!  It was great for melting the powder products into a smoother look, and the pink was subtle, but I do think it added a certain something.  I ended it with the second spray, the Glass Glow Fix Ultimate Glow Dewy Fixing Spray.  This one was nice, but I don’t know that I noticed a huge difference between how it looked after the first spray.  I love setting spray and I abuse it hardcare.  If you are only going to go for one, I recommend the Glass Shimmer, because I like what the subtle iridescent pink shimmer does, but they do pair well together.  I didn’t feel overly tacky or heavy using both.  And if you had the Too Faced spray and you are worried because of how intense the shimmer was from that spray, worry not – this one is much less intense than that one!

Overall, I was impressed!  I didn’t know if any part of the glass skin trend would be fore me, given that my looks are full on cakeface clown, but I feel like I was able to get the level of coverage and structure that I usually build into a full face application and still get some of the glowy, shimmery, glass-like effects that are the hallmark of the trend.  I’m never going to be able to fully pull off a “no makeup makeup” look, but this was a perfect blending of what the trend is about and what I do.  I love that Makeup Revolution is taking this trend and making it affordable and easy to do.

What do you think of this sort-of-glass-skin look?  Is this a trend that you are embracing, or are you sticking to your matte and satin finishes?  What did you think of the Makeup Revolution and I Heart Revolution that I used throughout the post?  They are a great affordable group of brands, but the quality can be a little hit or miss (though in this look, we mostly had hits!).  Revolution Beauty is a British company, but both Makeup Revolution and I Heart Revolution as well as Revolution Pro have a pretty wide range of their products available at UIta, and Makeup Obsessions, another of Revolution Beauty’s drugstore-priced brands, recently became available through

I always stress in the Face Friday posts that it’s not about having the exact products that I show, so if you are trying to create this sort of look with other products already in your collection, here are some recommendations:

  • Dewy primers, especially if they are a little thicker in texture, would mimic the MR primer.  I have the NYX Honey Dew Me primer, and I think that is maybe a similar sort of consistency, maybe a little lighter and less greasy feeling, but that sort of thicker liquid primer, as opposed to a gel or cream, would be similar to the Makeup Revolution product.
  • I think what really brought the look together was the Illuminator.  Look for highlighters in your collection that are a bit more subtle and give the skin a wet look, rather than full on shimmer or glitter.  Rather than being white or pearl, I like that this product had a slightly pink tone to it, that worked well with my skin’s undertones.
  • I also think the look was amped up by using a pearl white highlighter as opposed to something with more color.  I also think you will probably get more of the glass look if you go for a highlighter that is more shimmery than glittery, since smoothness is what you’re going for.  Glitter is going to be a little more scattered and not give the smooth, unbroken surface.
  • Finally, I think any sort of setting spray will help achieve this sort of look, as it will help melt and fuse powder products that may be sitting on top of your skin, but if you have any that have a subtle shimmer (again, shimmer, not glitter!) or that are described as dewy, those will probably work the best.  I would stay away from sprays that claim to mattify as this will work against the glassy shine.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing well and keeping yourself going during this wild and crazy time.  Makeup is like therapy for me – probably even more expensive than actual therapy! – and I have enjoyed putting together these quarantine glam looks and I hope that you’ve had fun following along with my antics.  I love you guys!  Stay safe, healthy, and sane!

(Oh, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before – I don’t currently have any affiliate link.  I’m just linking the products – if available – to make them easier to shop and browse.  I don’t make any money off it if you click.  Happy shopping!)

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