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Face Friday: Becoming A (Wanda)Vision In Red, Feat. Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Trixie Cosmetics!

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Face Friday: Becoming A (Wanda)Vision In Red, Feat. Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Trixie Cosmetics!

Full disclosure: this was the look that I planned to post last Friday as a red Valentines Day look, but I just never got motivated; I had other projects I was working on that needed attention, and I took a long weekend and decided to relax.  But I was still interested in doing a mostly monochromatic red look, so I decided to link it to the new Disney+ series WandaVision – is anyone else obsessed with this show?!  I’m absolutely loving it!  Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite X-men/Avengers characters from the comics, and I’m glad that now that Disney owns the X-men rights again we can maybe start to get more of the comic-accurate stories for Wanda!

I did actually start this look once before Valentines Day, and I just couldn’t get it to work out.  My first plan had been to use the BH Cosmetics Garnet palette and the Melt Comsetics x Beetlejuice Waiting Room palette.  I just wasn’t getting the combo of reds that I wanted and the look was sort of muddy and one note.  I decided to come back this week and swapped out the Melt Palette with the Blood Sugar palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  I know that a lot of people aren’t JStar fans, and I try to be respectful of that.  I’ve gone back and forth about the brand myself, and while I am currently shopping from the brand, I try not to feature products on the site whenever possible, if I have an alternative.  That’s the key: when I have an alternative.  The closest match to Blood Sugar was The Waiting Room, and while it’s got some really lovely red shadows (check out my review of that palette HERE!) it just didn’t have the same range and variety that I could get with the Blood Sugar palette.  And since I’m already featuring a Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette, I decided to just feature a number of products from the brand.  I’m always looking to find that delicate balance between not featuring products that people may not be interested in too often with also not contributing to waste and over-consumption by not using and enjoying the products that I buy (especially while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, when almost all of my drag outlets are online).

For the Wanda look, I love her traditional red and pink costume, and I knew I wanted to add some glitter to represent the magic that she uses in the comics and make the look for playful.  I also wanted to try to use as many new products as possible.  I’ve gotten feedback that people like to see the early steps in each post, and I’m happy to provide those, but I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut where I was always showing the same base products.  Since I’ve done a little shopping and picked up a few new things, this seemed like a great opportunity to show them off!

So here is the final look:

I didn’t have a red wig to really make it Wanda-esque, but I thought the wavy brown would look nice with it.  I also used the “cool mom” hair for a few shots, and I’ll show one of those below (or you can always check out more on my Instagram, @JanessaJayeOfficial).  Enough chatter; let’s dive into the look before Wanda’s twins head off to college!

I had two new primers that I wanted to try out, and we know I love a good double prime, so I started with some of the I Heart Revolution Strawberry Whip Pore Blurring Primer.  This has a gorgeous strawberry candy smell, and a tiny amount of peachy beige tint.  This is another great primer from I Heart Revolution for less than $10.  I’m not sure that I get quite as much texture assistance as I get from their peach primer, but it’s still pretty good.  After the first step, I followed it up with Ofra’s Northern Lights Illuminating Primer.  I have used this once before (I had gotten a sample with an Ofra order a while back) and wanted to see how it would combine with the I Heart Revolution primer.  I liked the feel of it, but I have to say that the “after” photo looks a little pale and corpsey – and that’s going to be a bit of a theme for this, so stay tuned, ghost hunters!  I liked the feel, and I do like the lightness of the overall look at the end, so I’m willing to keep playing with it and see how to best utilize it.

Ulta recently had the tarte Face Tape foundation for half off, so I decided to give it a try.  I have never tried Shape Tape concealer, but I know that used to be huge in the beauty space, and I was in the mood for a new foundation – and a new foundation at half price sounded even better.  This step illustrates the dangers of picking out a shade online.  There were some shades that were out of stock, which also contributed to this selection, but I think I also got confused by the fact that there are two shades called Light Beige which both have the same description: “light skin with Pink undertones.”  I ended up getting the lighter of these two, 20B, instead of the slightly darker 22B.  And as I’m looking through the shades now, I probably could go with the next cool-toned shade up, 27B Light-Medium Beige.  If I can CSI this shit for a hot second, I think what happened is that I wanted 27B but it was out of stock.  For me, if a brand is out of my shade of foundation, I prefer to go one step lighter than one step darker, since I find too light easier to correct with other products than too dark.  So when I went for one step down, I selected the wrong Light Beige, 20B instead of 22B, and the end result is very mortician chic!  I like the feel and the finish, but this color was definitely too light for me!  I also decided to do something different with the application and used this Juvia’s Place foundation brush (and that decision had NOTHING to do with the fact that I have a mountain of beauty sponges that all need to be washed).

This might be a good time to pause and talk a little bit about shopping for foundation shades online!  Since Miss Rona has settled in for the long haul, and the rollout of the vaccines could take several more months, you might end up shopping for foundation online.  If you aren’t interested in this, just jump down to the next picture and see the next step in the walkthrough.  Also, this is clearly info about how I shop for shades for my white skin.  Some of these tips may work for other skintones, and if they do I’m very glad, but definitely “shop around” for advice from people who have a skintone closer to your own for more targeted advice!

One of the things that is important is knowing your undertones: are you warm, cool, or neutral?  One test that I’ve heard that I think is interesting is the jewelry test: do you usually prefer how you look in silver jewelry (cool) or gold jewelry (warm)?  If one clearly jumps out to you, that is a good indicator of your undertone.  Remember, this is about which is more complementary to your skin, not just a preference!  If you feel like you look equally stunning in both (you gorgeous thing, you!) then you might be a neutral.  If you tend to have lots of pink or redness in your face and cheeks (PRESENT!), then you are probably a cool.  If you tan very easily or have a golden glow, you are probably a warm.

The next thing that is important is to get a sense of where you fall in a very complete range of shades, and then get used to translating that to ranges that may be more limited.  What do I mean by that?  Some brands have ranges that go from very pale/fair to light to medium to tan to deep to deep dark.  That’s what I call a complete range of shades.  Fenty, Juvia’s Place, and Morphe are all ranges that include that complete run of shade categories (though Morphe is often criticized for the quality of their undertones, especially in their deeper shades, they do have a complete range from pale to deep dark).  I often joke about being pasty and pale, but I am actually a light, and I lean closer to medium than to fair or pale.  So that’s one of the first things I look at in a new foundation: do they have shades that are designated as fair or pale?  If they don’t and the range starts with shades marked light, that suggests that their light shades might be fairer than I want and I look at the low end of their medium shades.  It’s not as common, but if a brand has both pale and fair shades, then I usually stay in the light shades as they usually include any light-to-medium shades there.

The more coverage you want from your foundation, the more important it is that the shade be close to your actual skintone.  That’s why BB creams and tinted moisturizers tend to come in much more limited ranges than foundations.  If you get a foundation that too dark, the easiest way I’ve found to lighten it is to mix in some concealer.  If you use a lighter brightening concealer under the eyes already, you can just blend it out further than you normally would to lighten the foundation, or if you have one that is a good match you can use it at the high points of your face for a more subtle contoured look.  If you get a foundation that is too light, I find it easiest to correct that with powders: some contour, a bronzer, and some blush, and just leave the foundation as is in the areas where you would normally highlight.    There are lots of ways to use different products to help lighten or darken the overall look, so don’t be discouraged if you picked the wrong shade!

I have two new shades of the Jeffree Star Magic Star concealer in my collection; I ordered some of the Supreme Glosses to review (coming soon!) and their February special was a free concealer with any $40 purchase, so I decided to try out shades C1 and C4.  Since the foundation was already super light, I didn’t want to go with the lightest so I opted for the C4 and blended it a little further down and out into my cheeks.  I knew that I was going to do a dramatic blush moment, so I wanted to highlight to have some contrast.  I also used the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder in Translucent to set the undereye and do a very light bake.  I prepped the eyes with the Ulta Matte Eye Primer, and I was ready to go!

For the following steps, it’s pretty easy to tell which palette is which, but I will mark each shade name with (BS) for Blood Sugar and (G) for Garnet.

I started off by placing a bright matte white shade, Glucose (BS), all over the inner corner and up to the crease.  Then I went in with Prick (BS) and blended that into the edge of the white and out toward the arch at an angle from the outer corner of the eye.  This part came out a little messy and uneven, but it’s alright – there are going to be LOTS of shades blended in.  I also brought Prick around the upper edge of Glucose in the crease and down the edge of the nose to help refine the shape.

Then I took the bright true red matte shade Go-Getter (G) and blended that into the edge of Prick up to and around the arch, down to the outer corner, defining the shape of the look, and also brought it down onto the outer third of the lower lash line.  Then I Fresh Meat and blended that into the outer part of the look near the bottom, covering the outer V area and about halfway up toward the arch to give it a bit of depth.

I wanted even more depth in just the outer V, so I used the shade Coma (BS), a deep wine matte to darken that area.  Then Used the shimmer shade Garnet (G) to blend over top of Prick and into the boundary between that and Glucose.  I wanted a little bit of subtle shine on the lids, and I wanted it to soften the edges near the white into a soft pink.

Adding a little bit more shimmer, I blended the shade Blood Sugar (BS) into the outer edge of Garnet and into the depper matte reds, making sure to keep it above where I applied Coma (since I didn’t want to dilute that darkness).  Then I took Productive AF (G) and blended that into the inner corner.  It doesn’t show as well as it could in the picture here, but it gave a nice subtle shimmer and brightening to the inner corner.

Fact: everything is better with glitter.  Yes it gets everywhere and is a bitch to remove, but the work is worth it!  I decided to sparkle up this look with the Russian Doll glitter from Trixie Cosmetics’ Red Scare collection.  I put down some NYX Glitter Primer in the area where I put the Blood Sugar shadow and placed the star glitters.  If there were any spots that looked a little bare after everything was applied, I went back with a little Blood Sugar and worked it in among the glitters.

For lashes, I darkened my own lashes with some Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, and then tried the new Zombae Lashes from Dazzle Me Dead Cosmetics.  These. Are. Ridiculous.  In all the best ways, of course!  They are so long and fluffy, but there is enough space between each clump of lashes that they don’t overwhelm the whole look.  These are absolutely stunning, and I am absolutely going to be ordering some additional pairs as I can see these becoming a favorite, especially for photo shoots.  I mean, look at them!  LOOK AT THEM!  I am in love!

For contour, I knew that wanted something a little bit warmer than I would normally go with, because I wanted to bring some life back into this corpse-face!  I recently picked up the All Star palette from Physician’s Formula, and I used the Matte Monoi Bronzer (I think the shade is Matte Tan Bronzer, but I’m not sure if it’s available as a separate item) to add some contour on my cheeks and along my hairline.  If you are curious about Physician’s Formula but are concerned about their high-for-drugstore prices, I would absolutely recommend this palette as a way to try out several of their powder products at once.  I have a full size of the Butter Bronzer that is 11 grams and my CVS sells it for $15.99.  The Butter Bronzer in this palette is 6 grams, a little bit more than half the size of a full size, and this whole palette was sold at Ulta for $15.  I didn’t do size comparisons of the other products (and some of the products in this palette are listed as limited edition, but it’s not clear if that means the product itself, just the shade, etc.) but it’s a nice range of products to try for only $15.

To add some red into the cheeks, I went with the Clown Blush palette from Likely Makeup.  The shade Circus is a gorgeous deep red and it gave me the tone I want.  It didn’t really blend as nicely as I wanted with the bronzer, so there was a little bit of patchiness, but I figured I could fix that, plus add a little glowiness, with the next product…

I have used the Nabla Skin Glazing powders many times in these looks, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to use this deep red shade, Adults Only!  I used that to blend the line between the Likely Makeup blush and the bronzer, and to add some more red into the cheek.  It really helps smooth things out, and I love the subtle glow that even this dark of a shade carries!

Finally, another new product that I wanted to try: Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder Blush in Pink Power.  I’ve been interested in these blushes for a while, but I’ve always heard that they are terrible, with almost no pigment.  I had a ton of Ulta points banked and decided to treat myself to a mini shopping spree, so I decided to pick up this blush and one of the highlighters.  I wasn’t willing to spend my money on them, but Ulta’s money?  Absolutely!  This isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not the most pigmented blush I’ve ever tried.  To be fair, this is a very pale shade, so too much pigment can take you down Creepy Ass Doll street very quickly.  I liked the finish and the way that it blended with the other cheek products.  Dare I say that I’m curious enough to make try one or two more shades?  Might still wait until I can cash in more points for them though…

Glow time!  I recently reviewed the BH Cosmetics Weekend Vibes Face Palettes, and I knew that the bright pink shade Slushie in the Frose palette would be perfect for this look!  I applied this on the tops of my cheeks and around the curve of the eye, blending down into the pink and red tones of the blush.  I also put a touch on my nose and cupid’s bow.

Pretty, but not enough sparkle!  I added the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Extreme Frost in Lick My Glit and blended it into the BH cosmetics to amp up the pink and give it some glitter.  This has a mostly sheer white base, and it combined so beautifully with the pink BH powder.  This is a killer combo!

I was loving the mostly monochromatic look, but I had a couple of new Glitterally Obsessed glitter gels from ColourPop and I wanted to add some iridescent sparkle.  I took the shade In Your Eyes, a greenish golden yellow iridescent, and applied this along the highlight area.  Also, since I decided not to do brows (there is something about a blocky look like this with no brows that reminds me of a superhero eye mask, and I thought that was appropriate!) I added a little around the upper edge of the eye look and brought it around the curve of the arch.

For lips I’m always a little bit extra, so once again we have three products.  I started by lining the lips in a Morphe Color Pencil in the shade Mina.  I do like their pencil liners; they are soft and pigmented, and give good coverage.  The color was a little more pink-leaning than I wanted, and I think that impacted the lipstick.  After lining, I filled in the lips with the Red Scare lipstick from Trixie Cosmetics.  Not gonna lie: I specifically decided to do an all red look so that I could show off this lipstick!  It definitely took on a more pink tone with the liner underneath, and I wanted a true bright red.  I also wanted to add a bit of shine, so I used the new Supreme Gloss from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (review on 10 shades coming soon!) in the shade Red Affair.  This definitely brought it back to a bright cherry red, and it had a nice shine.

So that is the final look!  Let me know what you thought – are you interested in seeing more monochromatic or mostly monochromatic looks?  What kinds of shades would you like to see interpreted into big drag eyes?  Even though this started as a Valentines inspo, I’m glad that I got to bring in some of my geeky interests to this look.  If there are other characters, toys, shows, whatever that you think would be interesting to see transformed into a look, let me know that as well.  I’m pretty active on all of my socials (except Twitter…I’m barely even a lurker there anymore!) so hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!

As always, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way.  I simply provide the links so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you feel so inclined.  Don’t feel like you have to have the exact products in this or any other tutorial to recreate or alter a makeup look – don’t be afraid to shop your stash!


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