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Face Friday: Becoming A Legendary Creature With Marijuana-Themed Makeup!

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Face Friday: Becoming A Legendary Creature With Marijuana-Themed Makeup!

Whether it’s Puff the magic dragon, or Puff-Puff-Pass bitches, have I got a Face Friday adventure for you!  Plus, this kicks off another group of themed content here on the World of Champagne (and on my YouTube channel): gearing up for 4/20, we’re celebrating marijuana!

This is the look we’re doing today, and while it’s a little bit wild, I was inspired to do something zany and off the wall as I wait for the release of Novympia’s official music video for “Legendary Creature.”  I was nervous when they said that they were releasing a single; the RuGirls have unleashed some truly awful autotuned nightmares on the world over the years, and I like Novympia so I didn’t want them to be responsible for my ears spontaneously bleeding.  Luckily the song is a total banger, and I can’t wait to see the full video – the visuals have been stunning!

Let’s go ahead and dive into the look – and I’ll tell you about all of the other great marijuana-themed content you can expect in the next week or so!

Because I’m a dope and totally forgot that I have the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip primer, which has cannabis seed oil in it, I went with my old standby: started with the I Heart Revolution Strawberry Whip primer to even tone and fill in some texture, and then followed it up with the Too Faced Dew You Luminous primer.  The Tutti Fruitti line has been completely discontinued and I didn’t break down and buy another one of these while they were on sale, so unless some miracle brings a bottle of Radiant Nude to TJ Maxx, my days using this primer are definitely almost over!

For foundation, I decided to use my Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Velvety Matte Foundation in 610 Cebu.  I’ve been doing a lot of the same for the base products, so every now and then I like to mix it up and add something different into the mix.  And I really do love this foundation!  Then I followed that up with the benefit Boi-Ing Concealer in shades No. 1 under my eyes and No. 2.5 down the center of my face.  These are fine, but I don’t know that I would purchase them at full price – I got these two shades in a previous Ulta 21 Days of Beauty, and now I’m just working my way through them while I figure out what concealer I want to try next!

I did some undereye baking with the appropriately named Puff-Puff-Pass Set & Bake Powder from Kim Chi Chic Beauty in the shade Translucent.  There are a few more products that I want to try from the brand, and I already have a bunch that I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet (it’s coming, I swear!), but I’m waiting for another big sale since I’m still a little iffy.  I’ve tried a couple of the products in looks so far, and it’s been really hit and miss.  The concealer is a great product in shitty packaging, this powder is pretty good, and the bronzer is a bit weak.  Anyway, I also primed my eyes with the Kaleidos Makeup Tone Activator Eye Primer.  I’ve mostly been using this for swatches, but I figured I should try it on the eyes a time or two so I could decide if I wanted to order more the next time I place a Kaleidos order.

For this look, I primarily used the Purple Kush palette from Ruby May Cosmetics, but I also used a shade from the OMFG Cosmetics‘ OMFG Kush palette and a shade from the Midas Cosmetics’ High Times palette.  I’ll mark the two shades with (OMFG) and (HIGH) below, but otherwise the shades are all from the Ruby May palette!

I knew I wanted to do something very different, a little wild and outer space-y.  I started by taking High Times, an electric chartreuse, on a fluffy brush and working that along the edge of my nose on the inner part of the crease and a little above.  I wasn’t planning to do brows, so instead I wanted this very blocky shape that was going to be separate from the rest of the look.  To help further define it and make it more square, I used OG, a bright shamrock green,to square it along the lines of my knows and bring the color up to where the brows would be.

For the main look around the eye I wanted a very sleek and rounded almond shape, that curves in at the outer edge, a little different from the blockier, wider shape I typically do.  I did the inner part with the shade Strain, a bright purple, and took that from the inner corner and through the crease in an arc to where I wanted it to stop.  Then I used a deeper purple matte shade, Moon Rock (OMFG), to darken the outer edge and curve back in toward the eye, creating the rounded shape.  I also brought strain down into the inner corner and the very inner edge of the lower lash line.

To add a subtle sheen and some dimension, and to blend those two matte purples together more smoothly, I used the shimmer shade Northern Lights and blended it into the line where the two shadows met and down onto the lid.  Then I used one of the Mama Jane collection glitters from Midas Cosmetics in the shade Purple Berry with some NYX Glitter Primer to add sparkle onto the inner corner and onto the inner half of the lid.

For the lower lash line, I brought in an icy mint shimmer shade called Gelato (HIGH) and blended that into the purples on either end.  Then I coated my sad, tragic lashes in Milk Makeup Kush Mascara and added my new faves, Zombae lashes from Dazzle Me Dead.

Starting on the face, I used the Monoi Bronzer from the Physician’s Formula All Star palette to start bringing some contour to my cheeks and up along my hairline.  This is a soft, subtle shade that isn’t super dark on me, and even though I knew I was going to go full clown with this look, I didn’t want the emphasis to be on this part of the contour!  This look is going to be all about blush draping!

However, I did want just a little more coolness to the contour (that bronzer is very warm!) so I went over it with the Nabla Skin Bronzing powder in Soft Revenge, my favorite shade, and one of my favorite shade names of all time!

I needed to blend away some of the Jabba the Hut situation on my neck, so I went to my tried and true Uoma Beauty Double Take Sculpt + Strobe stick in Fair Lady, blending it out mostly with my fingers, and using my foundation sponge around the jawline to make the border a little more hazy.

I recently reviewed the Back to the Fuchsia palette from Trixie Cosmetics, so I figured why not put it to good use?!  I started with the deep shade, Cyber Babe, and added that on the cheeks, wrapping it up and around the temple.  I am not always great at blush draping, but it’s a technique I love to play with.

Next up, from the same palette, I went into the lavender shade Moon Boots, blending that from the apples of my cheeks and up the cheekbone, and down into the other blush and contour.

This is where things really get wild!  I used the Mary Jane highlighter from Bitch Slap Cosmetics on my cheekbones, on the top of my nose, and cupid’s bow.  This is a pale aqua green/blue, but it also has a strong metallic silvery shine.  I blended it out at first, but I went back later and buffed it back up – alien slut, baby!

Note: It’s not always easy to tell from photos, but it looks like the Mary Jane highlighter offered now might be a different shade now than the one that I got a couple of years ago.  The photo looks much less silver metallic, and more of a grass green base.  Just in case you were thinking of picking it up! XOXO -Miss Jaye

Little Miss Complicated – once again I needed three products to get my lips done!  I started by lining and partially filling in with the Melt Cosmetics liner in the shade 420.  Then I went over the whole lip with the Melt Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Toke.  I liked the green, but it was a bit too dark, too green (I can’t believe I just said that!), and too flat for this particular look.  I decided to once again bring green and purple together and went over it with Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss in the shade Lord Star, from the Blood Lust release.  I don’t hate these glosses, but I don’t love them.  Still, it did something to the lip look that it desperately needed!

And because enough is never, ever enough, I decided to add a little more of the Purple Berry glitter into the curve of the highlight – so much of the glitter was covered up by my gorgeous lashes that I wanted it to be visible somewhere else.  I also added a bit more highlight onto my nose and a bit on the chin, as well as adding a touch more to the very apple of my cheek, just to get that more intense, chrome sort of look.

What do you think?  Obviously this isn’t an everyday, heading to the church picnic kind of look – but then, I’ve never been that kind of girl!  I think that if you wanted to adapr this, you could easily do the purple part of the look, without the green, and maybe do a purple or silver glitter on the lid.  You could also use the same blushes, but not drape them up around the temples.  And of course a berry or bright pink lip would look great with this as well!

As always, nothing in this post is sponsored or affiliated in any way, I simply provide the links to help you browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so desire.  Never feel like you have to have the specific products mentioned in this or any other makeup tutorial.  Never be afraid to shop your own stash!

Now, if you are a marijuana fan, or just want to see what I have cooked up for the week of 4/20, I have a number of content pieces coming to this website and my YouTube channel:

  • Monday, 4/19: Review of the Melt Cosmetics Mary Jane Palette, 2 pm CST
  • Tuesday, 4/20: Video talking about pot-themed makeup products & marijuana legalization (time TBD)
  • Tuesday, 4/20: A very special “Face 420” post with another look using pot-themed makeup, 11 am CST
  • Friday, 4/23: The final marijuana “Face Friday” look, 11 am CST

That’s my plan, and I’m hoping I can get it all done in time!  Things are busy at work right now, and we are filming the video on Sunday, so that’s the one I worry about the most, but I’m going to push to make sure it gets done!  I’m very excited to talk more about all of the many, many reasons that marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use in all 50 states – like, NOW!

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